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Looking at the window
You come into my room
Cuddling with you
In the dark
As trust begins to bloom

Knocking at my window
I see you crouching there
It's late at night
You slide inside
And gently ****** my hair

Tapping at my window
A pillow in your hand
Soon stained dark red
And damp with tears
You're best in all the land

Food left at my window
You try to apologise
I eat it up
And it's enough
To ignore all our goodbyes

Banging at my window
You think we still belong
You're furious that
I start to know
Something's clearly wrong

Rocks thrown at my window
And once again I'm scared
Your fingers wrap
Around my throat
But I no longer care

Police are near my window
Because I finally gave up hope
No more trying for
A guy who keeps me
Treading slowly on tightrope

Nobody's at the window
But still I feel your eyes
Such a shame
That none of us
Predicted our demise.
Sorry for being inactive, this is the result of 50 failed sonnet attempts that couldn't say what i wanted to say in so few lines
Another me is holding his hand
The park we shared is yours now
The sweets and treats and pleasant things
Disaster, yet you don't see how
Let's hope you survive him

Clouds roll in and rain pours down
And you'll forgive the storm
You'll attack the weatherman
When the reports begin to warn
Lets hope you survive him

Another me inspects the mirror
Full of fear, self-hatred and doubt
Even when the door is wide open
You're too guilt-ridden to get out
Let's hope you survive him

By now, your bedroom is your tomb
His knife has twisted deep
It's over now, his boredom slays
And your soul he claims to keep

And now I hope you're resting sweet
In a grave that's soft and kind
For the memory is no mercy
To a stubborn, struggling mind.
I hope it doesn't reach that point.
Do you still plot your moves?
Meticulously planning your next attack,
Obsessing over the board,
Chasing checkmate after checkmate,
Even though the game is over.

Or is it? Do I understand you now?
Pawns surround a trembling king,
Bringing back information,
About "innocent" steps,
And knights abducted.
The game continues, making mockery
And playing hangman with your ill intent.
Sorry for the long gap in posting.
This idea came to mind after a long writers block. These thoughts have been going through my head for a while, it was nice to finally do something with them.
I'm everything I didn't want to be
I'm everything you hate of me
can I take off this mask
can I let my tears fall
I wonder what's it like to leave you
I wonder what it's like to leave and never come back

I took your hand
thinking we could swim away
paradise ahead
you pulled me down
I'm running out of breath
please let me go
I'm trying to find my surface
I'm drowning
inside me
inside you

we're so cold
we're so cold
we don't love each other enough
to save ourselves
I can't achieve anything
while she brings me down
this place brings me down
I bring myself down

If you love me
I hate you

even if I leave
I'll always come back
Virgil Matheson Nov 2018
Everyone has an urge
They usually don't admit
Some are worse than others
Some play around with it

The difference between us monsters
Is lack of self control
You gave in to your urge
And now I have no soul
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Virgil Matheson Nov 2018
I don't mind that you thought he was kind.
I'm learning his techniques, and they upset my insides.
I'm learning the ways to get under your skin.
I can open you up, and slither right in.
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