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Feb 21 · 1.1k
Love till numb
Violet Feb 21
Pain and shatter,
Feels like thunderstorm and rain.
Raging wars in the heart,
To either leave behind or stay.

But how can I leave?
I've dived in so deep.
Given so much,
Half of me exists in him.

There is no explanation,
No reason as of why it burns,
Like cigar in my heart,
Falling apart into ashes.

So, I might just stay,
Till my emotions turn gray,
Till I feel numb.
To nothingness I succumb.
-Loving hurts.
Violet Feb 20
Sun goes down the littoral,
Painting shadows on the sky.
If skies could tell stories,
Tonight it's telling mine.

The orange molds memories,
Language of love,
Beautiful stories,
But swiftly slithering to mauve.

The vast blue says torment,
Rivers I've cried,
Sleepless nights,
Tears that have dried.

But when the blue will turn black,
It'll scream pain.
As the memories erase,
Loving I'll forsake.
Long time no see :)
Jun 2021 · 661
Violet Jun 2021
Im a dew drop on dahlia,
My fate says to "unite with the soil",

I'll return to my home under the moon,
To glitter with my companions,
ah! the stars.

I'll watch the ocean roar, city lights wink, and places of my dreams.

You may grieve as I depart but don't you worry,
For, my path is adorned.
So,  I walk through the scented flowers and star dust,
As I leave behind my memories, towards the "better place",
All evening the softest sound- drifting to the eternity....
-For a friend who's gone too soon
Jun 2021 · 415
Violet Jun 2021
It was today when I realized. .  . I "actually" realized, how unpredictable life is. How you could leave behind your loved ones, incomplete dreams and life that someone dreams of, in the fist of life and step in the darkness of death.  
Death petrifies me. Because, while the people who dearly love you and the people who are expecting to be saved by you, suffer with unbearable pain of your loss, you will feel nothing; no sadness, no happiness, just numb. That just feels self-centered even if it is not one's fault.
Perhaps, death is not as dark as we say it is.
What if, death is tranquil. A place were you can't feel anything, but peaceful. Away from you happiness and worries, cradling in serenity...
When a person, who has so much left to live and achieve, faces death, it is not reasonable to me. It'll never be. Some people say that it's life, death happens. But Idk I can't cope with that. :)
Jul 2020 · 156
Life of Green
Violet Jul 2020
A modeled body,
beautifully curved,
Her ballerina pose,
reaching for the stars.

Her branches,
oh! so poise,
swirls with the breeze.
A breeze carrying-
Dreams of a slumberer,
desires of a lover,
grief of a melancholic
and words of a poet.

She takes it all in with a whiff.

Through her veins,
these stories find their way to ravine of leaves,
to bloom like a coryphée.
Until thunder of senility hits her,
And she melts into her home;
merges with the soil.
Crazy how mind works sometimes
Jul 2020 · 158
Violet Jul 2020
Some dreamy like starry skies,
Some shiny like fire flies,
Some visionary like poetry,
Some breathe aggressively.

Memories, that's what they say,
They are footprints of yesterday.
Wrote this for someone :)

— The End —