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Violet Hooper Jan 2017
and I can;t even write about it anymore
does his love make your head spin
Violet Hooper Nov 2016
In a dream I was buried between mountains
Let go of myself and your friends

I didn't say I was ready
I'm always reading ahead

Can I Quell my elitist tendencies
Not be ruled by dependency
A Perfect personality
Using plagiarized perceptions
We use our actions to gain attention
Violet Hooper Nov 2016
Suppose it is true: occasionally I'd rather be dead
you go on and on about Radiohead
in your car or at the Yuba River
How many nights I would exhaust my lungs or watch as you punished your liver?

Don't you say anything you don't mean?

I look at you with admiration
Words fall from my mouth-
My hair clings to my face-
Between all things I find correlation
Violet Hooper Aug 2016
It's been too long, and for that I am sorry.
The words I had to say
lost importance to me and
truth be told I
didn't think you were even listening anymore.

The long walks we took felt cheated by our shortcuts.
getting lost deep in the woods
just to talk **** and smoke blunts
I want to remember the way my body ached
from passing out on your floor
when it got too late.

We went to the water park
and it was closed.
she muttered "what are we gonna do?"

"what about something crazy? c'mon, you guys dare me???"
So I ended up with a Twin Peaks tattoo
and I know I left without giving it much thought.
but no, I haven't forgot
I'd take you along if you wanted to

I looked at the west coast
and whispered goodbye
as the view of home left my sight
I don't know when I'll be back
-or if even at all
and I might forget to write; but I'll always call.

My number's still the same
but now the bill is in my name
and I swear I'm gonna pay it
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