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Violet Sea Nov 2019
Three times
The mice have followed me

Into the woods
Deep into the forest
Where they deny me any more sanity

Because three times
They have followed me
Into darkness
Violet Sea Nov 2019
Through reluctant times
I am traveling

The unknown is not so mysterious
For I can now see it

Yet the reason why I still travel
Is unclear

And eating at my skin
Violet Sea May 2019
Why can't they just treat me like a human
And not some fascinating machine
That can provide great mystery and
Something to ease the loneliness

I exist and I exist with a heart
One that can be hurt more than
It already is

Why can't God stop trying to reach out
And teach me lessons
With all the people who do this to me

Why can't I be left alone
And experience something I'd like
Something new
And something that won't arise my
Terribly uncomfortable
Violet Sea May 2019
When I leave myself to be
The silence consumes me
And all my fears
Turn into dust
That can fill my lungs
At any moment

When I don't say a word
The loudness becomes absurd
And all my fears
Devour the moment
That is meant to be cherished
Each and every time
Violet Sea May 2019
it would be beautifully tragic
to share a moment
so intense
so cinematic
and so open
with someone
you will never talk to again
and for that it would be tragic
but knowing them
and them knowing you
after your inner thoughts
you could never tell yourself
has been spoken
would be even more tragic
Violet Sea May 2019
sometimes people make me sick
because they expect so much
and do so little for themselves
to stay and see that life can be beautiful
with people who are interesting
Violet Sea Apr 2019
You stumble into a disaster
waiting to happen
you know it will
and you know it does
feel good only for the moment
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