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 Feb 2019 Viktoria
Bijan Rabiee
Forsake me not Love
For I need your flame
When desire dims wisdom
And conscience yields candle rays
Forsake me not
For I need your fuel
When my blood wilts to climb
The precipice of salvation
Forsake me not
When I stray off your path
I'm just a lowly creature
Amused by the woods
Forsake me not
When pride gets the better of me
I need your cloak of kindness
To ward off evil attire.

You are a mystic night
Impeding sweep of disaster
Keep me nigh and let me linger
In the magic of your trust.
I keep feeling like I'm sombody else,
every time I reflect on myself.
I know I stay true to my inner being,
but I'm always
compelled to be a better me.
While never losing
what I've learned before,
I keep it similar to what ones adore.
Is this what I want and even more?
Or is it a facade I tend to abhor?
Am I completly there?
Am I even me?
That's what people think
it's not what I see.
I've loved
and lived
this life gone by,
but now i have the need to actually try.
To become the way,
I knew that I would,
while staying true,
to doing good.
I create my day
and tend to say,
that I live life,
in most interesting ways.
Staying spontaneous,
keeping unique.
By realizing that,
I'm merely one of the meek.
Is there any life I'd rather seek?
Or is my existence completely freak?
Am I all that one's made out to be?
Or am I blind to what others see?
No reason to care,
for they matter not.
For most lose themselves,
their true self forgot...
 Jan 2019 Viktoria
 Jan 2019 Viktoria
I don't know to
what am I scared of,
Is it on the pain after
this last cry,
or on the no-more 'hello'
after this 'goodbye'?
 Jan 2019 Viktoria
Pink and blue
was the night's hue
that you looked at me
and I fell for you.

Brilliant stars
surrounding Mars
light us up
in this home of ours.

Temperate air
emits your care
and the lovely strings
that form your hair.

Lovely hand
that mine demands
no more time
can I withstand.
 Jan 2019 Viktoria
sanjana goel
Yes she was fragile.
Yes she had a fake smile.

People conjectured her life was a dream come true
Did anyone ever come to ask her out of the blue?

No, her life wasn’t a fairy tale.
For every time she tried to stay happy, she failed
They may call it a castle but it was definitely a jail

Who knew behind the smile was craving,
Inside she was asking for one saving.  

Han, you got it right he was just another stud
Trying to take off the petals from the bud      The situation was just like a prisoned bird.  

As tears rolled down her red cheeks
She wondered what she seeks.

This was not how she wanted it to happen.
For life was even more darkened.

She knew she wasn’t happy,
But she didn’t want to make her life more shabby.

She kept trying to fight that grudge,
And started to live on that chocolate fudge.

This was not what her heart was wanting
Every time she closed her eyes her brain was shouting.

Maybe he wasn’t bad after all
Maybe he didn’t want her to fall.

But it was too late to decide,
Lying in her bed she just wanted to hide.

Life had left her with no option
Maybe it was time for another love adoption.

Yes, she was fragile
Yes she had a fake smile.

She tried! She tried to build that spark,
But she couldn’t, maybe because they had different hearts.
 Jan 2019 Viktoria
 Jan 2019 Viktoria
a little liquid courage
and foreign places
i dabbled in the art
of being flirtatious
slip on my sun dress
and smile wide
friendly introductions
and darting eyes
this feels like a game
and i'm a tease
but at the end of the night
let's have fun, won't you please

 Jan 2019 Viktoria
Debanjana Saha
I met myself last night after a long time
I buried my face in my blanket
as tears fell off crushing my heart.
I didn't know what to tell
or just be there for myself.

I kept quiet in tender stillness at night
I went across my heart & mind
and asked them how they are?
I know you all are exhausted
but still be with me.
I know its hard, but still
don't leave me apart.

I had a long conversation with each territory within me
longing through all the episodes of my life with me.
I know you all never make a fuss over my each day's agony.
I know its been 12 years long
to keep me alive
and trust me I am trying hard to keep you all up too.

I know you all need to repose
and make your way towards a little more pleasures in life.
Trust me I will yield all of that for you all
As I have only you all within me
so I will caress you all
caving in with love with all of me
mended in smiling pieces of you all with me.
I was with me last night for hours long and things have settled
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