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French rose Oct 6
The   S i l e n c e   is  so  LOUD.
From the singer au/ra panic room
French rose Oct 6
It pains me love. Knowing that you are out there hurting, crying out pain. I'm sorry I can't be there to hold you in my arms, ease your aching hearts. Sing melodies of ecstasy to your tainted soul. You're going to be okay I'll sacrifice everything to protect you from your demons. Shh love listen, it's the sound of rain. Think of my lips caressing yours, our body in sync. Think of me lying in your bed whispering naughty secrets. Do you here that; sounds like love, our love. This is our epilogue baby we can say anything.......
To be continued I think I cant sleep so I decided to write something hope you enjoyed a lot of rambled thoughts out together
French rose Sep 17
Today I woke up with a void in my heart. It hurt strangely because I felt empty inside. I can't quite explain the feeling, just know it was painful enough for me to call out to God.
French rose Sep 11
Till death do us part is a vow I hum to myself
                                                                                -yours truly
  B r o k e n  s o u l
French rose Sep 9
Sorry I'm dead.
I just could not handle the pain.
Some of you cared just not enough.
Couldn't you tell by the blood that gushed from my wrist.

My sunken eyes from sleepless night.
Could you not tell by the thorns that constantly pricked my tongue when I said I'm fine.

I cried help in silent.
I was scared you wouldn't understand.
My heart rhythm slowed.
I guess I just decided to give up.

The decision wasn't mutual but it's part of me,formed who I am.
Should I've asked for help come to my grave and let me know.
I regret it I shouldn't have let go.
I'm scared the ground that I am buried in is cold there is no warmth.

Death was painfully perpetual, tragically silent.
I finally let go.
I died alone just like I was born alone.

I feel no pain at least not my own.
I can feel my mother and father aching heart
I can hear the tempo of their heart cry out pain
My friends are constantly blaming themselves

My siblings are scarred for life
I'm sorry for being selfish
I chose abyss over love
How impulsive was i

I shouldn't have let go
This is for anyone who's hurt don't give up don't let go of hope your family care I care and its hard I can't quite say I understand but talk to someone anyone everyone have different kinds of pain I pray that yours end and you found happiness just promise you won't let go don't give up it really have a massive effect on family and friends
French rose Sep 3
Secrets we all keep them. I conceal the secret memories of my dead friend, can you tell by the accent of lies that drips from my lips. I drown so deep in the lullabies of the drunken night.The tranquility of the wind cries slowly sings the tunes of my melancholic mind. Secrets cuts deep wounds, that's why the Nile river once ran red . From ancient tragedies of broken truths  Roman wars and Jerusalem fued. Secrets we all have them it runs in the blood of men a facade disguised. Secrets they come in different forms from affairs to betrayal-tempting sins.
I haven't wrote in awhile so I decided to write this poem is not the best I am aware there is also a short narrow span I quickly wrote it in class hope you enjoyed
French rose Aug 23
I thought you weren't afraid of me or my tarnished heart
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