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She was emotionally emotionless
I was hoping you would be my self destruction
You.                       A.                          Mess.

              Are.                     Decent.
French rose Feb 8
Why was I
Without my
Edit: i'm not complaining its just a thought that came to mind i am thankful for my life and God knows my purpose in life or i wouldnt be here at all also ( it was suppose to be funny but i guess some poeple didnt understand the joke but i just wanted to clear the misunderstanding)
French rose Jan 27
This. Is. As. Poetic. As. I. Can. Be.

Are you inspired yet
French rose Jan 27
She was beautiful because she shined brighter than the galaxies combined
French rose Jan 27
Did they tell you
You were not good enough

Well they were talking to your split ends

Because you will never ever be less than good enough
Because you are enough
I thought of this while scrolling through the internet
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