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French rose Jun 2020
Why is ending racism so controversial
Why can't we just accept each others differences that's what makes us unique if we were all the same I'm sure it would be boring like imagine if we all looked the same from head to toe same hair same eyes etc I am speaking for myself but I know I would die of boredom if not at least yearn for difference I thank my parents for not raising me with hate but with love and acceptance of every race gender religion and uniqueness
French rose Jan 2020
So our epilogue continues
Late but happy New year
French rose Jan 2020
I hope you understand that you hurt me I cried for days because I constantly blamed my self for the pain you afflicted onto me why is it that I blame myself for your misdeeds and I continuously forgive you even though you hate me you say you love me but that's only a facade you create in order to get inbetween my legs you're taking advantages of the fact that I love you so much and that I can't stop loving you why do you hurt me? what kind of release do you get from hurting me? I don't see you gaining anything except for my escalating hatred for you at least that's what I tell myself a reassurance that I don't love you even though I do.
This is just some thoughts I wrote whatever came to mind.
French rose Jan 2020
I can't write and I am trying so hard to think of something meaningful something so palpable my heart confesses any adoration towards how I feel about you I want to write something so deep it cuts through your solemn soul as it bleeds all the pain onto paper in words that can be cherished a memoir of once broken pieces renewed I want to write something so profound that it stays engraved in your heart so that even though we will never meet you will remember the words because they will be engraved in your heart and it will be poetry intimate words that my lips could not release instead they will drip from your lips
I haven't been inspired to write anything anytime I try it's not good enough this is the best I got
French rose Oct 2019
I am in the depths of despair.
                                                               - teenage mind
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