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  Dec 2020 Victoria garnsey
pretty girl,
the boys are out to get you
they'll take away your flower
they want what's only yours

pretty girl,
blossom slowly,
stay in your cocoon for now
for summer can only last so long
and soon it will be over
  Dec 2020 Victoria garnsey
The sky seems darker since then
And Jokes a little less funny.
I can only see colour
Smiling at times long since decayed.
There isn't sadness, not really.
I wish;
Just a haze, a great fog that hangs
Like leaves teasing the ground in autumn
Slowly browning and casting a shadow
Upon the cracked pavement
Long since tired of footsteps
That just chip away at me
And move on.

Soon All
Will be

Soon All
Will be
  Dec 2020 Victoria garnsey
you call me creative
but my mind is the place
dreams go to die

they embark on a quest to impart me with
gold stained teeth that smile with some kind of weight

but they drown soaked in the ash
of too many stale apologies and
late night '*******'s screamed at the sky
so hollow they ring on their own

i'm so tired of pretending my words have meaning
but the only things bouncing in my skull are the nightmares
that survived me

so i don't go to sleep
**** this. **** me. i hATE me, bruh. lmaoo.
Victoria garnsey Dec 2020
I'm running on a treadmill sweat is dripping down my face I'm running on a treadmill can I keep up with the pace I'm running like I'm being chased. I'm running to a place that doesn't exist. I'm running running running waiting for someone to assist me. I'm learning more about myself but also watching everyone flee from me, I'm running towards something that I'm not sure was meant to be I'm running and my ears are starting ring ring RING! Its starting to sting I'm running away from something thats attached I'm running to catch something that wasn't meant to be catched
Victoria garnsey Dec 2020
Isn't it funny how being thicc with 2 c's is all that matters because its all that flatters don't dare be the flat girl with a little morals your weight goals should be all you care about because they will stare at you. If you have a little fluff you should huff and puff doing a plank cuz you wanna be hot stuff right? You should know being the town ***** is kinda cool she's got all the boys mouths dripping drool, she's a goddess how dare anyone be modest.

— The End —