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A May 2020
Couldn't tell you what's on my mind
Don't know where its been
Every time I look up
It's 4:30AM
Dead end
A May 2020
You're not wandering
You're lost
You're not thinking right
You're stressed
You don't blame the world
You just hate yourself
You're not that strong
If you keep losing control
You're holding on
But you wanna let go
You were gonna jump
So why'd you let yourself fall?
Irrational feelings
A Apr 2020
Stay alive
Just survive
Whatever that it takes
Please don't die
Not until it's time
Don't give up
Cause so will I
The drugs ain't working
You already high
Believe me when I say
I'm here to help
I'll never leave
By your side
Is where I'll stay
You got this
I promise
I know it's hard
You feel alone
Lately your touch is cold
Trying to cry
Just can't no more
So many tears shed
So many years spent
Depressed and miserable
Isolated and independent
You're so strong though
You made it this far
What's another more few falls?
Bounce back up and reclaim your throne
If not for me for your own
A Mar 2020
I'm like a messy poem
You're the rhyme
I'm the blank pages
You're the words I can't find
I do the bruising
You do the scarring
I'm the pain while you're the damage
Like a thunderstorm
I'm the pouring rain
You're the lightning bolt
If I was the sun rising
You'd be the song of the birds singing
I'm like the drug
You're the addiction
I'm the lungs and you're the oxygen
We're both toxic
We're the same poison
Although, if you ask me
It's actually incredibly quite lovely.
& on & on & on we go
A Mar 2020
Sometimes the cigarette doesnt hit harsh enough and the music ain't go loud enough.
Sometimes the words I write just ain't satisfying and I lose my mind staring at blank paper.
Disappointed in myself I lost all inspiration.
A Feb 2020
It's just something about you
You're like hard drugs, toxic and poison
Yet also the antidote, medicine and cure
Its annoying
I wanna hate you
But let's be honest
I find you irresistible my love for you is
I can live without you just don't want to
Can't imagine if I never met you
It's a blessing and a curse
All the memories are cherished
Cant forget what's remembered
Like being addicted to something discontinued
Goodbye for now
If not ever
Til we meet again
Love you
Always and forever
A Aug 2019
Living in tension with you
Still feels better
Better than I've ever known
As long as I'm next to you
I'll feel at home
With you I hurt, without you I'm numb.
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