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Quinntin Bravo Jun 2018
The sweet taste of salt fills my mouth
Two dried streaks
Of something that never happened
Of something I wanted us to be
But it turns out to be
That you see
Something different
Three simple words
Stinging like a kiss
That I wasn’t able to have
What did your "I love you" really mean?
Quinntin Bravo Jun 2018
the ice cube
melting in my tea.
the condensation
dripping down the side
of the cup.
the sun
casts a pink and orange
against the sky
laying across the land
mimicking me
across my bed.
the sound of my breathing
under my headphones.
the sun
soon becoming too heavy
to keep itself up
below my view
as I
into a
Another more positive poem. Definitely more relaxed than most of my others. Sorry for posting a bunch of garbage poems, but I haven't post what I've previously worked on in a while
Quinntin Bravo Jun 2018
We'll go skydiving together
And not think about the future
Quickly plunging into
A new life

We'll travel together
And see the world
Letting the past
Melt behind us

We'll be us
With no fears of future
With no hauntings of history
I believe my first poem written out of pure happiness, so I definitely want to remember it
Quinntin Bravo Jun 2018
I feel sick to my stomach
I feel like throwing up these words
bottled up inside
but all I do
is gag
on the feeling of fear
leaving a bitter taste in my mouth

I don't want to eat
I just want to eat away the pain
wash away the fear
with bubbly sugars
filling my sensations
overloading myself
with stimulations
it's never enough
Why won't these feelings go away
Quinntin Bravo Jun 2018
I felt the cold wind
wisp past me
leaving just a ghost
nothing but a taste
of your sour feelings
or maybe I
the ghost to you
haunting your life
I know you may have your reasons, but it'd be nice if we could stay friends
Quinntin Bravo Jan 2018
poetry is someone's pure emotion
poured onto the page
beyond what's apparent

poetry is an orchestra of words
playing a symphony
that only certain people can hear

poetry is for yourself
for others
or for no one at all

poetry can be self reflection
or self deprecation
poetry just is
I just started my poetry class this semester, and I was given this question the first day. This poem was my response to it. I'd also love to hear other's responses as well
Quinntin Bravo Jan 2018
sometimes I just feel broken
unable to move
and all I ever want to just do
is just be gone
let it all end
my heart is empty
my mind is empty
I am empty
A feeling that somehow keeps returning to me
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