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Vespa Woman Mar 20
Oh, Baby let me sing you french lullabies. I swear I can make them come out in clouds of lilac smoke.

because darling I love you and I'll hide it if your scared, just please remember that I'm always right here by your side, forever waiting for you to be alright.

my jolie fleur I'll always care so just know that a thousand suicides will never drive me from your side.

And lovely I will sit mute for you on this floor,

with open or closed door I don't care I'll never tell you that I want more. but sweetness if I could speak I'd tell you that I want to hold you Kate. your my universe tho so I'm down to give you space. now I'll leave you alone, I wont see you, hug you, kiss you, love you, not for a week or forever if that what you really want. and **** I know I've been selfish when your going through a lot, yet it spills from my head when your gone, like blood on the white carpet you left me to stain. how on earth did I do this without you here to make me laugh?

you're not laughing anymore

now it's only ticking, ticking do you miss me? because i really ******* miss you. I don't even know what I'm supposed to do, with these thoughts spilling from my mouth on to a page staining it like you stained my ******* hands when you touched me.


please come back to me.

these thoughts are eating echother like lowly leaves on a thinking tree and it just keeps on thinking, thinking, why won't you speak to me?

im sitting right here outside the door we built together. and I listen to you scream those french lullabies we used to sing.

and if you let me dear, we can scream together.

so baby.

let me scream you french lullabies, I swear I can make them come out in clouds of lilac smoke.
i wrote this poem after a hard breakup, it took me a long time to finally relese it to other people, i geuss its sentemental.anyway tell me what yall think in the comments
Vespa Woman Feb 25
If passion was injectable would you stay in this purple stuck cavern without saints or pain, left alone with only feeling together you and I, and as apache tears fall and cut my knees, will you take my hands and let me taint your skin with golden spikes? To run away with blinded lovers and gouged out eyes, will you silently yell my pure white lies like a pope to his god?
Don't be afraid, I won't let you leave. Not until i die in every breath you breathe
After all, all’s never fair in love and war
Vespa Woman Feb 25
Let's go into the forest and play together in the end
A subterranean Wonderland to race afar to land
We’ll walk right past the gates, the signs and pleading in my head
And run right into the forest and dance without a flow,
Alone in all obscurity without our head and weave a twisting garland to hang upon our neck
Let's sing about non fiction words we play, I want to tear your hair out and prance around the trees.
Let's go into the forest with oil and a match,
let's sing a song so silent that everyone will hear, they think that we’re in pearl, chase us around the forest but you'll never catch me.
Let's write our songs on paper and blow them far away
and shudder on the pavement with oil in our hair. And oil slickens skin and it tastes like hay and statics round our tongue until there's nothing we can't say
Let's go into the forest, play hide and seek. I can't really hide from what's inside of me.
Lets dance and sing and fiddle and pull apart our ears until we hear the shanty everyone will hear.
And when it's dark  and cold let's strike a single match and whali about the colors as we watch our fingers catch.
Let's sing about the boiling bubbling on our skalp, and when the skin it cracks then you'll finally let me out.
Let's sing of all the birds that are trying to escape, racing from the forest out to seal our fate.
Let's sing about the smell of burning fur and oil and whatever's left of what I hurt looking for my morals,
Let's dance and fit around and try to listen to the glow, a miracle that creeps about your face and sharply trickles nettles that craze amongst your skin.
Lets **** about and croon out and feel my pretty eyes burst apart like a firework and even when they shush us never will we stop.
Let's sing about the simmer we feel upon our skin and about my hair as it burns oh so thin,
And all can hear the fissures that blaze along our neck.
Let's sing about the scars that render down to black and blaze and hop and boil like a bunny's pelt.
And even as our body shakes and jumps about we will still be buzzing until the fires out.
Let's sing about our heart as it ruptures with the flame, and as it withers up I will cry in joy and pain.
With the tears that never come, we can sing our song but when your eyes are melting and your cheeks are cracked that last thing left to warble is a joyous song.
And even when the heat folds and cracks apart our voice, we will keep on singing loud enough to hear the noise, and by the time they douse me with the holy water my song will be too low to reach the son and father.
Let's go into the forest and lie awake and think of the thinking things to do and the thinking things to make, and even if you miss me, I know that it's nor fair. I love you friend and even when you helped I never cared, please walk away alone and afraid and find someone who never wills to go away. And I will stay in the forest fighting through the night lying on my back and hoping you won't cry.  
Im sorry.
intrusive thoghts be finna realistic tho
Vespa Woman Dec 2020
yes i know theyre older messagas that im crying so hard to veiw but im not down to jump to preasant cuz it ***** but thank you?
i miss all those mushroom pancakes we named online but thats fine you need a break from all the sugar intake that i seem to give, and ill live without you for now or forever i geuss, if living makes you happy that thats what ill do?
i miss you
Vespa Woman Dec 2020
floaters in my eyes move and groove to the sound of my speeding heartbeat
until they form into the form of my perfect nightmare although, i really dont care.
and the lover of all life just learned to hate death.
so i will stare at the red and yellow colors hugging cracks in my cealing, what is this feeling?
i dont want to wake up and leave my light fairlylight tree.
ringing phones call me from every side.
but i wont rise from the sleep that ive worked so hard to disign.
not until static ***** my ears and froces me to cry.
putting on that polyester mask that they all call my pretty smile.
walking through the lions den i call home.
i feel like ****
Vespa Woman Dec 2020
sleeping sad and looking back at those 1 pictures of you and i, wondering where you learned to smile like that. I remember takeing that picture, you touched my hand and my blood ******* fluttered. you let it go and my skin broke like glass.

what the hell had happened to us? I miss you like a bottle misses wine.

finding and figuring just what I meant I really wish I could make myself understand why.

and that there are people you just can't trust who say they wont lie, that everyone suffers from a broken heart from here to their, and not even rain can forget all those times when you made me laugh and you took my hand the notes the feeling ill never feel that again. I miss you

you're not coming back, and I know that I should just let you go and leave on break, break up break my heart like a vinyl record when you first touch it, everyone gets yelled at when they first touch a vinyl

that's something you said, words of yours tend to do loops in my head, but you never did yell.

whats that really good or bad because i cant really tell you never seemed to cry.
Heres a stuipd ******* break up poem thats just like all the others, i hope everyone on this site has a nice day and remembers that being cliche is ok
Vespa Woman Dec 2020
Everyones all alone, silent for all but the sound of families hearing bad news.
Those are the real screams, the screams that ruin the joy you feel on the rollercoaster with but a memory, the screams that stop films with worry for someone no one worries for.
The screams that all def men fear, and the hearing will never truly hear. those screams, I pity those who have to hear almost as much as I pity the rain, the family, the winter.
I walk alone tip tapping through these drained white halls, with cold floors, closer doors and frigid screams sending chills through my mind.
And there she lies, alone on a bed that might as well be a wet floor,
It's so ***** with the bleached out stains of the lives it lost and the ones it took for more.
Those consistent beeps, all that's left of her voice that grows colder and colder, a cold ******* sholder And winter Winter grows closer, like a rabbit to its end.
A string with a single beep on a screen,all that she left was thoselong red streams of strings now they falter my wrists.
And oh, those screams.
Made by the rich yet poor, left in winter alone without a coat and they keep screaming and screaming until they run out of air. And even then when they cough up their lungs and they don't know what to do. They still scream a sound that only the blind can hear, all alone in the cold it grows closer to frost. And yet they make the sound that chases off autumn and frosts out the dents left behind by the maggots and hope that their sound will escape soon from winter.
i dont know how i feel about this one feedback is always welcome
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