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It was great
I felt safe
for a moment or two
was shooting for three and four
to love you forevermore
Standing upon the floating rock
The way this world turns us
The volcanoes that burn us
The furnace of inadequacy
The tragedy of living unhappily
How can it be
Her arms wrapped around me
My heart pumping dust storms of dehydrated ****
by my own heart's desire
All I do is aspire
to have Greatness acquired
So I’m tired, of pushing myself past the mirrors edge
The glass shattered
My fingers bled
And I tape them with optimism
The mind can be a prison
Or an oasis
The days like birds just keep flying by
I only have time to think about life when I’m away from it
the irony surrounding all of us
I want to be like the birds and let the gusts be my master
my minds a disaster
Everything I’ve wanted seems no longer to matter
searching what I'm really after
What is inside me when nothing is
begging to be released
I’m just an observer, a thought stirrer
A solid block of stone
Cold, standing tall when the wind blows
I wonder where it’s been though
My psychotic episodes
They seem so at home when I’m rambling all alone
I feel lost when it’s grip has no hold
My eyes a desert
And the world an oasis
I try to break this pattern
I try to find the way
It doesn’t matter
Venus in Scorpio Dec 2018
Tonight the wind gusts called my bluff
Mouth dry from ****
Heart pumped for once
It’s greedy how needy I become
Your voice near me I’m in love
Skin golden like the sun
I’m the one
Your web is spun it’s too late to run
Bound by your rogue curls
Your crystalline eyes turn me to stone if I stare too long
I’m longing to be wherever you are
To feel your warmth to hear that sound
Any signal and it’s going down
My tongue that is in your mouth
She makes me quiver at the sound of an invitation to sit around
Nothing special but I feel now, a bond creating I haven’t found
It’s been a while I try to hide it

Is this how attraction works
You only want her if it hurts
And if she loves you don’t deserve
My words are worthless I know how this ends
My soul in two going crazy over you
A passion that lasted what planet are you on
Venus in Scorpio Dec 2018
It’s a Friday morning and I’m sitting on the train to work
My head hurts of mild pain
The rain is pouring I’m soaked
I feel vulnerable today as I spent all night being tortured by subconscious ghosts
To be in love I hope
But wonder if that’s what I truly want
My heads a web connected from here to mars
And everything in between grabs my soul and pumps my heart
I don't know what I'm after
The joy, companionship, the laughter
My daytime moods a natural disaster
And I’m a feather going any way the weather takes me
Venus in Scorpio Dec 2018
I wonder now
How man goes to sleep sound
With his brothers and sisters gathered around
Homeless shelters shivering under bridges with scraps of fabrics
And he’s wrapped in goose lined blankets tailored to his physique
I know how man doesn’t think he’s related
but what do I do, continue down the same path
Ignoring the horrors of society
When will I take responsibility for it
How long will I keep running
I can’t run fast enough to keep up with the thought of my demise crippled by the misuse of human time
At the end, it’s my decision,
to keep chasing women, ideals, fiction
Instead of giving myself to a cause greater than I

What am I going to do
Save me and you
made the decision to
ignore the laws of reality and now you look back at me like I have something you don’t
A human brain capable of much more than disdain but we’re not taught
we fought before we ought to listen,
your mindset is forgiven and so is mine

I wonder about the future man
I wonder if he can spare the time
To think about such seeming trivialities
And in my heart, I smell tragedy a group of creatures
you and me sir
living a life of fallacy
Venus in Scorpio Nov 2018
The strongest emotions are often the most destructive
Down with psychological structures
Left cold with wind blowing roughly
I must be a fool
To think someone loves me
If god above me
But I’m here all alone
I left her so immaturely
We haven’t spoken, her neck is broken and can’t look at me
Tragedy unfolds as I leave her aura for the last time
My heart explodes and my eyes like pour like a fire hydrant
I want you to know
I drove endlessly for your love and admiration
I carved sculptures out of my marbled personality
I loved you unconditionally like the sun does the moon
and it’s true, I might never see you again
Except in my head
Even then, I’ll still love you
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