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My parents, both sitting sullenly on our front patio, smoking cigarettes, call me and my siblings out to the front to tell us something. My father speaks "So your mother and I have decided to get a divorce". My reality threatened I abstain from the idea that this can be true, completely blind to the emotional states of my parents. I'm thirteen years old, the eldest of three children. I don't think I feel anything at this moment, I really don't believe it to be true, my parents love each other, they would never break up, sure, they argue a lot, but they work it out. My younger sister runs inside as my parents sat lifelessly, I go run after her. she cries in her room her face burrowed into her pillows and stuffed animals terrified. I tell her, "C'mon they're only joking!" she cries to me "no they're not they were serious!" My father walks into her room as we sit there, he confirms it once again, it hits me, I feel overwhelmingly lost, and he comes to console us, the three of us crying now, all lost together.
You must question
The stunning forces behind Attraction
Like rocket science
The unfathomable knowledge that is our universe is easily attainable these days
But I can't search the Internet for the right way to describe the worlds of emotion I journey though when our eyes meet
So clear and profound my ideas are
Yet at the same time your effect on me is no different from a vast puzzle encoded with layers of information spanning throughout eons of time
And this renders me hopeful yet unfaithful
Of the outcome
You cannot tread uncharted waters with confidence however you can look up at the stars for guidance
And the ghosts imprisoned in the night sky will always lead you to the home in your mind
The girl of my dreams
could I let her know
could I let her see
everything inside of me
meteors striking my homeland
used to be, inviting
turned upside down
out of my mind
will I find
in this chaos

all this destruction might payoff
or is it just a narrative
comparative essay
I say, prepare to be written
I don’t know how to feel when I’m without you
all these wounds open up with every step I take
the seasoned winds of the world gust against me
and I have nothing to tape them together
you however, are a surgeon
blindfolded, and still
precision with the stitches you weave into me
that know how much flour I like in my pancakes
How I was never taught my needs mattered
That’s why I hold this mosaic’d vase
Shattered ever time I lost the grip on my sanity
Chasing after you
What it means to relate to someone/ to see the world through their lense/ to truly understand/ to unite under the umbrella of compassion/ I wonder/ how hard it must be to accomplish/ not very/ we do it as kids and it’s sinple/ as we grow older we become more concerned with values and ideas/ about how we should behave/ and how it’s superior to others/ we go/ our whole lives telling ourselves this/ for what exactly? To be right/ does it really matter? In some cases/ but wholly/ it might only/ divide us
I want to know
Everything about you
keep the world from me
Wonder why
I’m this way
It’s clear as day
You don’t want
or desire me
Time spent
Admiring, as I do
Craving you
Like the drought-stricken animals
Awaiting rainfall
You know
you destroy me with your silence

all the love that I give

but that’s fine with
me because

my love is like the sea

wrapping around
your weathered edges

your deserted fields

bring your ears
to the sound of my

I’ll hang out tonight

float your worries away

all the pressure that I can take

and you need not wait
A single moment before diving in

I’m going no where
Without your skin

submerged in
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