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Vda Jul 22
She's the one who listens, the one you go to
She isn't the passive silent type,
No, she feels everything for you too.
She is the one who will answer at two in the morning
And actively participate like she wasn't just yawning.
She is also the one who fights her demons at night
Who feels that everyone is too preoccupied to question her might.
She is the one whose sheets are ice cold
Because she has no one to hold.
She is the one who never has a missed call
Because she isn't someone's missing heartstring
No one at all.
No goodmorning text or where should we go next
No one to bother or to get vex.
She is the one who mediates invisibly and shows you a different angle
Who tries to save what she may never know
But like Olivia Pope she will help you handle.
She is the one who will replace you at the edge of a tower
And talk to you nonstop for hours.
She is the one who will push you until your head is full
Yet she is the one you trust when you are entangled.
Vda Jul 21
The sound of your voice kisses the crevices of my soul
Like a sheet of silk woven with the the embers of a crimson sunset.
That deep baritone caresses the shards of my heart that disintegrated when we were pulled apart.
The essence of your words hugs the very core of my being
And envelopes all the letters that my heart should be sending
But here I stand with my only company that tiny gold cufflink.
Vda Jul 20
The echoes of the distant sea gulls float gracefully to my ears
As the memory of the shoreline kissing my feet takes me to the tranquility there.
The pearly sand sifts through my unclothed feet
And the salty breeze brushes against my cheeks.
The yearning for a place I've never been.

My silhouette owns piece of the blanketed sand,
A frozen daiquiri cools in my hand.
Polarized Cat-eyed sunglasses hide my awe-struck gaze
Of this place that I've only seen
In my dreams on particularly bleak days.

An Adonis glazed in dark caramel
Glides towards the water, unaware that I'm staring I could tell.
His chiseled abs like ornaments below his broad chest,
My head drops as I envision laying there for a rest.
The shadow of a man I've never seen.

But I can't deny this feeling,
This persistent tabanca
For a place I've never been and a man known only in my dreams.
Vda Jun 25
The beauty of the morning sun
set a beautiful scene for my morning run.
Two seconds away from recording my best time
What the f%?k is with that pain in my side?
I watch you watching over my body carefully
Panicked that you caused this lifeless body.

I had my whole life ahead of me,
Fast cars, nice girls and the Brevis my dad promised me
Then to settle and be a husband to who ever my wife would be.
But I'll never get to see my fishes look like replicas of me
Or beat my last record because you stole it from me
For an "lol" to a meme on an unknown story.
Too many lives lost because if texting and driving. Too many limbs broken  and traumatized victims and loved ones because someone couldn't  pull over to hit the like button.
Vda Jun 20
I've listened to her,
I see her try,
Sometimes I think that she will build herself a coffin with the tears she cries.
In the moment, it clutches me
And I cling to her side
Reassuring her that we will forever be Bonnie and Clyde.
As soon as I've got her
Gooey and soothed,
I find myself looking at my options to choose.
I never want to hurt her,
I don't want to,
It's true.
But I know she will forgive me,
She doesn't know how not to.
So when I've missed a date, I already know my fate,
She will cry and I'll soothe
Because I know I'll be forgiven despite her shoulda, woulda, coulda.
Vda Jun 17
Liberty of Convenience

Some of us saw the world from the tiny circles of our prisons
As the guards navigated through the waters that took us further away from our homes and outdoor kitchens.
We were stolen on the premise of a better life
But we quickly learnt that the shackles of poverty was far more luxurious
To the fetters that locked us like sardines to the deck's floors day and night

We were hoodwinked with the idea of freedom
And made to believe that we now could dream
But the con artists were masters
and so we were outfoxed with treaties and promises not to be mean.
We were released to be hunted
And our women to be bedroom antics.
We were released to be house slaves and kept in our places
Forever the users of "Madam"and "Sir".
Abolishment they said,
So we danced and sang, began to wear shoes and created our own
Only to be placed in backs of buses
And denounced by oppressors in closets
When they realized how strong their purchases have grown.

Fast forward to centuries of a modern time
When all men are equal
And we can break bread and all colours together can dine.
But the masters weren't happy
They couldnt believe
That their domestics could try and actually win.
It was too late to take the "freedom" back
So they disguised as protectors with batons and their guns in racks.

It doesn't matter if you kneel or obey
They get to decide when it is your final day.
Euthanized for a crime you didnt commit,
Canines eating your hand in the streets.
Your shoulders now a bench press for their knees
Or you become target practice on your couch where you sleep.
Our talents, our culture, our famous cuisines
They gladly indulge in but want to strip us of our priceless melanin.

From a new deck chromed with new fetters.
Vda Jun 17
"Just the other day"

What was the rubbing of elbows?
After all we had no say in the matter just a week ago.
On the bus, on the train, even when we didn't know
We knocked elbows with strangers as we went with the flow.

A kiss among friends, a handshake at peace time
A greeting of love not just some customary sign
Soon it will all be a memory of a more liberating time
When it was ok to dance in the streets and with friends you could dine.

Some kissed their dogs while touching the roses
And figured hands were clean even after some unwittingly picked their noses.
But now the voices of not just the teachers echo
To remind us to wash those hands from palms to elbows.

Antibacterial soap and water, rubbing alcohol and the endangered sanitizer,
The weapons against this undiscriminating virus called Corona.
One day, we will look back on those things we took for granted
Like touching our faces and that of those we wanted.

We will treasure the memories of those sleepovers and Sunday raves
When the confinement of our homes threaten to breed a new brand of craze.
The services we found every excuse not to attend
Will be part of the list of "when again, oh when?"

So we live in a world where technology now rules
With virtual hugs, dinners and online schools.
Keep the windows open and the back gates locked
Cancel all socials and keep the soap dishes well stocked
As we each guard our doors in the hope that one day Corona won't knock.

By Vda

— The End —