4h M

1) They're strangers in my head

2. Jumping on my brain like a bed

3. Hopping, hopping over moons

4. Can't you see the stains of red

5. We walk the ground for fun

6. Sipping blue tears from the dumb

7. This scene, scene will get prettier

8. We will only get mentally crazier

1-8. No one can or will take our pla-a-ace

1-8. Try, but we will prepare your gra-a-ave

1-8. Can you smile without your fa-a-ace

1-8. We love how we feel so insane

1. I'm nuts, but aren't you glad

2. The craziest friend, that you ever had

3. You think I'm psycho, maybe your wrong

4. Tell the bystander to put down the phone

5. Mind broken, losing my marbles

6. You'll like me best when craziness sparkles

7. I have a secret, I am unarmed

8. We all have some crazy, being sane is hard

1-8.  All the best people are cra-zy. All the best people are...

This is lyrics I created based on Melanie Martinez's song, "Mad Hatter". This was made as a recommendation from a friend on here! Thanks for reading.
M 1d

I'm not crazy

Let me go

I need air

You have to know.

I'm not crazy

I promise

I need rest

Don't you do this!

Fog my mind

Hugging the clouds

Lose the time

Distorting sound.

I'm not crazy

Can't you see


I am happy.

Let me talk

with all my friends

All of them

are in my head.

I'm so crazy

I give up

I don't care

I had enough.

  2d M

I can smile, even when I want to die.

                                         All I want is for someone to give me a try.

  2d M

I am unfortunately desperate for love and giving it.

I was told that MY FAMILY is the reason for this shit.

Neglected yet strictly controlled. I've become obedient and somewhat cold.

M 3d

I am at peace...

When the wind kisses me, and the sun holds me captive,

the warmth and the cool tingles I sheerly exhaust,

I find that peace is what I have, what I found after I lost.

When the grass dances beneath me and the flowers fragrantly swoon with the breeze,

When the ocean from afar whispers a melody and as the animals harmonize at ease,

I realize, once again, that I am at peace.

Oh, what a joy I now have,

I am bliss, no longer mad,

I begin to forgive, I cease the bitterness,

Fell into the night and awoke with the wind's kiss.

As the light of the day brings me from my casket,

I grow a warm smile, and I cannot mask it,

Oh, what a pleasant revelation of peace:

I have slain a strong internal beast~

Hate no longer, for you must move on and lend your heart and mind peace. Cease the hate and grow!
  4d M

Killed them with kindness, and held them by fear
Cutting them all dead, hoped you would not hear
Did you not get it, or am I not clear
I am so brutal, Grinning ear to ear

Dead and relentless, as cold as the snow
Blood in the moonlight, so red with a glow
Pennywise here so let's put on a show
I want the screamers, soon all they will know

Beg me to stop and then maybe I will
Callous grinning as I soon start to kill
Ask me for mercy, well how does it feel
Met with the Devil, we sure had a deal

Give him my will and I get here this night
I get to fight in this gruesome cruel fright
Kill em with kindness and maybe they'll go
Falling together all dead in a row

Inspired by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kihMplCdwjA&list=PLvAI3WMK437gLqdOkumi7evV6bUzUKY8t&index=5
♡ ~('▽^人)
M 5d

/        \


Fate's harsh words led me to fall down a well into a body of hate. I feel ice that won't shake, for your sake, hope that I drown. You better not doubt. With the rage I feel, I could eat a heart out.
Timebomb without time, I will snap, like my mind. My grip on malice, my fury's a crime. Your pain, my pleasure; I am not fine.
I'm falling in hate with you. You could care less...
An incorrect choice to test me
This is a choice you'd regret.
The effort to love, a simple task.
To be played with is not something I asked.
Now It's time to collect your grave.
This hate I feel is something you paved.

:) SmILe when YOU want to FroWn :(
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