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Sep 2017 · 395
12° Below
Muyi Sep 2017
The cold and dismal darkness of the night is comforting to one such as i

The silence gives clarity to my otherwise blistering hot spirit

The elevation adds a sense of perspective to my thinking

The glistening and every shining light of the moon brings focus to my turbulent and dark soul

The absence of people feels pleasant despite the sensation of loneliness and alienation

I come to the catharsis and or epiphany that I am going to be alone forever and no matter how much I wish to live...I am already long dead

Is there anyone out there to share this abyss of a heart with?

Is this black and eternal flame only meant to serve as a joke or punishment for evil deeds unknown?

Or is it simply a reminder of the life and peace I once knew?

I have not the answers and soon, and as surly as the day shall return, I will lose interest in knowing...

I embrace death not only as a friend but as a piece of myself, for death is neutral, indifferent, and true, and though it may be cold and unemotional it is mine

I wish you as well as so many others before and after you were mine, but as a sly fox escaping a hunter's trap or a silent and deadly spider that disappears before anyone can swat it, my just dues eludes me

Can you feel my sorrow?

Can you ******* pain?

Have you gazed drunkenly into the darkness looking for a sign of deliverance or damnation?

Will you be the one to save me?

No you cannot...but the gesture would be most appreciated...

My spirit is broken, my mind is twisted, my soul is dead, and my body is soon to follow

All I have is this black fire, but nothing last forever...

I am in great pain, please help me...or the moment I don't not care
Death is forever
Muyi Jul 2017
Sometimes I'm happy
Sometimes I'm sad
Sometimes I'm angry
Sometimes I'm glad
At times I'm up
At times  I'm down
Sometimes I smile
But mostly...I frown
Help me I am in great pain
Jun 2017 · 408
Loss of Love...L.O.L
Muyi Jun 2017
Tried 2 connect wit u but u don't even hear--me--
I went thru hell 4 u but u still won't get near--me--
Won't b long--now--
Care 2 c--?
On my own-- now--
Lucky me--
I know- -
The ba-stard--son--
I can--not b-- the on--ly one--
I love-- your touch--
It sick--ens me--
I hold-- u close-- so u-- can't leave--
But you all--ways-- find-- a way--
U were all--ways-- miles-- away--
My cousin died n she worrying  me about her X.....Im dead inside. ..finally
Jun 2017 · 3.2k
Train of thought pt .2
Muyi Jun 2017
I love ****** girls wit no rubber n robbing ******
These ******* aint on nothing
Can't rock wit the flagging ******
Im riding inna steamer
Im focused
Im watching ******
Them bullets hit yo femur
Them shells a be dropping ******

I hop out
Stand over buddy and letem have
U stupid ****
Swear I done told u about the static
His soul rise
Frozen n still as his cold eyes
His bros cry
Begging n pleading like don't die

Its funny 2 me
****** is sweeter than honey 2 me
My homie quarterbacking
Im thirsty
So run it 2 me
U ******* tryna stick me
Im witty
U dummy 2 me
U selling ***** d but Im pottie
U bummy 2 me

The beef I tried 2 squash it

But shorty said **** me

U blood related 2 me count yo blessings
Boy u lucky

Tryna war wit me

It could get ugly

****** in the field coming at u like its rugby

Deuce deuce make the biggest killer turn *****

School a hard knocks
Man u ****** playing hooky

How u tryna flex like u talking 2 a rookie

Stove on my waist
Chip a ***** like sum cookies

Caught a ***** slipping but my lawyer knock the case off
Nana clip
Peel his mufuckin face off
Snub nose
Take a mufucka face off
****** in the field
They just tryna get the base off--

I never really gave a ****
What's the point?
Lifes a gamble
Never crapping
Rolling 6
That's a point
Bro can serve u
What u need?
Gram a piff
That's a point
I aint joking leave u smoking off the rip like a joint
Awh man--

Tell me getem
N I gotem

****** missionary
N I think I hit the bottom

Bugging *** ***** on my **** so I swatem

Travel round the globe
No flex but I trottem

Double teaming hoes
We the tag team champions

Lucki Eck$ playing in the back Cuz its ambient

Going in her front
Fam coming thru the back

Fiend 4 the D
Yeah she craving 4 the sack

**** laced wit coke

Molly n a acid tab

Homie u is trash
We should throw u inna plastic bag
Homie u is *** n ***** so u gotta rash
Blowing money fast
Take a stash then I do the dash--

Poison in my veins
Baby I am so insane

Better watch the fangs
Shorty this is not a game

Devil on my shoulder
Angel scared 2 show his face
I would let u in my head but u can't relate
When Im high I think weird
Muyi Jun 2017
Ask yoself what you mean 2 me
Im dying 2 know
I gotta secret 2 tell u n im dying 2 show
Ladies first
Spill yo heart yo spirit n pain
Tell me first
Im not tryna be lonely in shame
U say the life means nothing  when its absent of me
U say the night seems longer n the mornings are brief
U say that cutting yo body helps 2 lessen the pain
U say that moments without me are like sleeping in rain
U think of me as a blessing
U can't breathe when I leave
U wanna know that you're needed
U want people 2 grieve
U wanna know that im dedicated
U want the proof
U wanna know that im genuine
U craving the truth
The only fear u have is living n dying alone
Scrambling 2 rectify yo sins
U be tryna atone
U not affected by the thought of u Goin 2 hell
As long as Mr. Right is witchu n sharing the cell
Try but u fail
Nothing 2 tell
U shopping 4 better options but there's nothing 2 sale
Follow the trails
Follow yo heart
If u don't feel it n the end then u dead from the start
Love is a arc
Life is the  flood
Pain is a lesson
N 2 u I am more of a drug
Feeling the buzz
Imma fool 4 yah love
Don't even need 2 penetrate cuz im cool wit a hug
And after hearing all of that I only have 2 say
You don't know what u mean 2 me...
Love is crazy
Muyi May 2017
The girl say she love me
I go silent then reply
I say cool
She say what?
Loves refreshing but Im dry
U can't blame me 4 my lack feelings
Rarely was I loved
Imma addict in recovery n love is like a drug
I wanna feel the type a love that's on my television
But its a battle staying  happy not a exhibition
As a youngin I remember having premonitions
Imma pass away alone n Im not superstitious
If u love me cut yo palm n let me taste the fluids
People say that they in love but its so diluted
And if loves a battlefield well then Im undisputed
Loves a game amongst the worthy but u not included
Im the type 2 lead u on n promise u the world
I make love 2 u n tell you u the only girl
I'll abandon u n act as if it never happened
Leave u crying in yo pillow n hysteric laughing
Girls r just as ****** up as boys
All in all people have issues
Love hate. Girls boys
Apr 2017 · 1.1k
I hurt u because I love u
Muyi Apr 2017
I just wanna be loved
I just wanna feel needed
I just wanna be close 2 u
All my life was mistreated

U gave me hell when I was broke
Its only fair 2 give it back
U give me love because im rich
U gave me love
I didn't ask
I was nice in the beginning
U was rotten from the start
I just wanna break yo spirit
I don't wanna hold yo heart

And If suffering is beautiful then pain is like a art
I wanna hear you cry n scream like a blade is in yo heart
{(Ugh+)*2nd repeat only }
love you
I hurt you
I use you
I lose you
I leave you
Deceive u
U die
I mourn
{Repeat until it fades out}
I don't want u 2 die I just want u 2 suffer...then I wanna love u 4ever
Muyi Apr 2017
Latia come with me--
I'll set you free--
I wanna feel your flames--
All over me--
I might love her--

The sun is gone--
Your fast asleep--
I only want-- to hold you near me--

As long as you- are mine--
My life is- fine--
In love there- is no time--
Fear is a crime--
Do I love her?--

Now all I feel is pain--
Cold in the rain--
She says I've gone insane--
I can't complain--
I might love her--

Across a endless sea--
My mind runs free--
My heart is stuck in flames--
So hard to breathe--
I can't love her--

The moon is red--
Blood on my sheets--
Before you die-- I hold you dearly--

The room is void of light--
The rope is tight--
No trace of fear in sight--
Tears in my eyes--
And i loved her--
I don't know what's real...
Muyi Mar 2017
For give me mothers if I take another son away
The ***** shouldn't a tested if my ****** wouldn't spray the K
2 the face
2 the point
Hollows in yo temple *****
Leave 2 dents in yo face like some dimples *****
The devil told me that I'm coldblooded
Semi stoic look on my face n these hoes love it
Ain't got it on me when they shoot imma road run it
Never put trust n no ***** cuz these hoes covet
Im like the black mclovin
Wit a wrap sheet 4 days
Tell yo mans cuz he shovin
N if low keep pushing imma have 2 start bussin
'Nother dumb ***** dead in the streets over nothing
My mama say that idk about the struggle but she don't know half if the **** a ***** toggle wit
She only know about a 5th of the **** I did
N if she knew me she would call me the apocalypse
Cuz I done did mo dirt then a Lil bit
N if this rapping don't crack imma cop a brick
These ****** say they were its at but the fulla ****
Cuz we the only mfs really taking risk
When I was 17 I ****** a ***** n she was 30
They call it statutory **** but I was hella flirty
I know some ****** out south that'll do u *****
Razor blade 2 yo face like that ***** birdie
I gotcho sis on my lap
N yo fix in a sack
Text books on my back
Imma lowlife pirate I ain't even gotta act
N my ****** on attack
Lowlife just relax

N I mean that ****
I was blind 2 it all now I c that ****
Imma show u mufuckaz that u can get rich
If yo friends turn 2 opps n yo main chick flip
I think Im in love wit this girl I just  met really outta nowhere  but Im crazy so idk. I want her so ****** bad but I gotta wait. .....
Mar 2017 · 333
Yea baby(×3) Yea!
Muyi Mar 2017
Yea +
I rob ****** 4 they shoes

(Me n joey got the juice
Yea +)×2

Greedy Gangsters
Imma drug addict

Imma devil
Imma spirit
U don't want no static

Selling molly pills n bags
'Ziner on my ***

Joey crack a beat his *** over petty cash

Stole some heron
I can't use it so I knock it off

U been selling shirts 4ever shorty knock it off

I got 2 ****** doing 40yrs a piece

Mr reaper (×2)
U not scaring me

My ***** got hair like just like rogue from the x man

Rob u blind n sell yo product 2 the next man

She a pirate
She a siren
She a winters dream

Low nem grave, he playing *****, get the summers eve

Jimmy Hopkins wit a pistol
Hang u like some stensils

Low nem drawing on reaction, in not talking pencils

Shorty stealing science scales cuz she loves me

U ain't hear me call u fam so plz don't trust me

Money man(×2)
Im the son of Sam

Burnt my soul, I can't ever c the sun again

All my family drug dealers
**** ******

N Im always looking down cuz Im above ******

Were da dope (×2)
Were da plug *****

45 kicker
**** that pistol fit so snug *****

I know shooters (×2)
Just like hot sauce

Were Im from couple bills a get u knocked off
Greedy Gang Lowlife or No life *****
Mar 2017 · 594
Dont u know u got me...
Muyi Mar 2017
I wonder if she feel the fire when she close 2 me
I try 2 keep 2 the shadows so they don't notice me
We always texting n chatting but she don't go wit Me
She still in love wit that *****, so she don't notice me
Like baby who do u hit up whenever yo rage is pent up
I say n u should get rid of the old, forget that *** *****
But he yo 1st so I get it, he own yo soul so I face it
I gotta buy u from buddy or let my burner cremate'em

I hope in time u will c
How much n love we can b
Maybe if I get mo famous
Maybe if I got mo cheese
Maybe if I got u jewelry my love a enter yo soul
Baby wit u Imma sona, without im 'deslant n cold

I think I'll never ever make this right
Cuz cupid gave me bad advice
He told me she will love u back but all she do is fake n fight
He told me id c heaven's gates n all I saw was vacant eyes
Would hurt her if it helped me cope but that means nothing in my life
(I ran outta **** 2 say, but I love u girl. Stop ****** around n let me have u.....heh heh.......)
My love is an inextinguishable black fire...
Mar 2017 · 314
Tragedy on Bourbon street
Muyi Mar 2017
Its the tragedy on bourbon street
God watch over Angelique
Now miss Laveaus gone crazy
Cuz animals took her baby
Now I didn't use 2 pray but on this day im on my knees 2 say
Can u pass 4th forgiveness
Cuz I need some penance
She died because she loved me.
I killed a angel
I killed the only thing I loved
The only thing that loves me
I should've died
The bullet was mine
Im so sorry
I wanna die n b wit u but u believe in hell so I guess I do 2
I love u baby
Save me a spot in the sky
Mar 2017 · 509
Recollection of a monster
Muyi Mar 2017
Burn yo castle 2 the ground
When u hear my ****** coming don't u make a sound
Snitches get stitches but these suckers get fouled
Ah wow
Get down
If u don't
Lay down
Plenty cake

If u try 2 go 2 war then we don't conversate

****** been ****** ******* while y'all *******

Break a swisher
Make her lick it
Blow it in yo face

Smoking haters out the box

Summertime come around
****** acting wild

Cpd hit the block
Sneakers shake the ground

Winter time
Icy roads painted wit the blood

****** wit my Lil ******
Meet up wit my snub

Meet up wit my snub
Naw meet up wit yo maker

Buddha Satan
Hera hermes shiva me?
On they
But they ain't praying tho

U ain't even gotta mic so what u speaking 4

U ain't even gotta high so what u fiendin 4

U ain't even gotta lie
Who u sleeping on?

If he ain't getting money don't speak 4 me

If he getting out his body he can't blow 4 free

If a ***** get loud makeem rest in peace

Deuce deuce at yo chest like double Ds

I squeeze them thangs 2 make them squirt
If a ***** acting childish get his just desserts
No Häagen-Dazs *****
We don't **** wit lames
Pockets got diabetes cuz we stuffing cake

N that's on me
Remember when the boys n blue tried 2 cuff a g
Remember times got hard
We was hungry
N now the fam eating good no gluttony
So go 2 sleep

Lil ***** go 2 sleep

That's what my cousin use 2 always tell me
Cuz when id wake dollar bills is what id c

On me now we living outta dream

Yea now we living outta dream

Yea now we living outta dream n errthing ain't always what it seem
So don't sleep mf don't sleep
1st time I saw crack was at 7 in my mama business
Mar 2017 · 719
Muyi Mar 2017
It was a cold day running from the cops in the rain.
Gotta get my hands ***** if I wanna buy a chain
If I do make it out imma prolly go insane
If I do get rich then its prolly off a stain

Hands all ****** as im hopping on the bus
Air so cold that my blood turned to slush
Growing 2 fast like **** what's the rush
Get rich or die trying
There is nothing 2 discuss
Rip Tony
Mar 2017 · 244
Devil in my blood
Muyi Mar 2017
I swear I thought I saw the devil in my father's eyes
N if the devil is my father
Well than who am I
I have 2 keep a sad face when im in the streets
My life's a sullen sunken song that is on repeat
My ***** mani died n vain cuz I never changed
I gotta pocket fulla change
I became deranged
I seen a lot of people die n get forgotten
Race card, who remember picking cotton
Rip acacia
Mar 2017 · 243
Train of thought
Muyi Mar 2017
If i play my part in time I think I'll make it out the hood.
I shouldn't off my cousin now
But then again I prolly should
Because a pound is on the line and i ain't got too much a time
My mama future on the line
So im resorted 2 the crime

Let him breathe
Let him take in all the air
Im like a lion in a cage and u can c it in my stare
Im feeling troubled n deranged n u can c it if u stare
She tryna stay inside my heart n till this day she's never there

Time money n madness
Im fulla sadness
My family believe in magic
And honestly it is tragic

My pockets can b the fattest
My mistress can b the baddest
They tell me 2 show them love but really I never had it

Yeah +
Dead bodies n bullets is all im after
Yo crying fueling my laughter
They murdered him on the crapper
N really all that I wanted was solace n mild seclusion The thought merely illusion
A happy ending is stupid

Wah +
Do u love me thru the blood n the tears
Would u sacrifice yoself if I had sharpened the shears
Love is fairly new 2 me cuz ive been suffering 4 years
I don't want u 2 respond will u just lend me yo ears

Cuz angels won't come if u drowning in the sea
Im the only one who loves u.
Im yo personal disease
Im the voice inside yo head
Fill void inside of me
U ain't in the coffin wit me how im pose 2 rest in peace
Free Big G
Mar 2017 · 302
Zero Exposure
Muyi Mar 2017
I wanna love u but im smart enough 2 runaway
Affection is a shackle that I've gotta find a way break
Pain is power n baby I got a lot
Samson got his power taken 4 laying up wit a opp
Its better 2 never have it then have 2 lose it

So really tryna get u 2 love me is ****** stupid

U ever wonder y god never had gotten married

Cuz cupid is a ***** n commitment is ****** scary
Love is freedom
Mar 2017 · 282
Real $hit
Muyi Mar 2017
When I was working on robotics certain ******* wouldn't touch me
Started rapping over beats n now these ******* wanna **** me.
****** use 2 try 2 jump me
Throw they bullets
Try 2 rush me
So i gotta couple pistols
Let a ***** try 2 touch me agh.

Im not the problem im the product n the answer
All this hate is so contagious
Its malignant as some cancer
****** putting on a show
Might as well go b a dancer
I remember being happy wit Doritos n a Fanta
I love 2 **** wit quiet girls n gangster *******
Loves a double bladed sword
N my heart is fulla stitches
Get rich or die trying
Mar 2017 · 1.0k
I wish i was selfish
Muyi Mar 2017
I'm in love with you n that's the reason why I runaway
I know it hurts u but I know that it'll **** u if I stay
So turn my back on everything n hope its for the best
All this love is from a kiss
Imagine if we added ***

Its a burden being right
Cuz the love we had was left
Know u crying 4 attention but my ears have fallen deaf
If I knew this was yo fate I would never speak a word
I ain't reap what I had sown
I ain't get what I deserve

Love ain't pose hurt
Souls ain't pose 2 bleed
U ain't pose 2 cry
I'm not pose 2 leave
I'm not pose 2 die
U not pose 2 grieve
I'm not spose 2 lie
U not spose 2 plead
They say that dreams r 4 the children n the truth is 4 the grown
I don't need u 2 b sad
I can wallow on my own
I can do just fine without u
Please don't try 2 call my phone
I don't need u 2 say sorry
I don't need u 2 atone

Curse the day I saw an angel in the rain
That's the day I learned the true meaning of pain
I cant help it if I sound a bit insane
Beg yo pardon
While I'm dying in the rain
I will always love Star Carpenter
Mar 2017 · 289
Forgetful Niggaz
Muyi Mar 2017
I find it funny how they c me n forget about  the past

Like u was never was around when I was struggling on my last

U ain't love me unconditional when problems had me sad

U ain't think that I would make it
U was judging what I had

I was grinding
I was reaching
I was crying
I was weeping
U was tryna get my money
U was lying
U was preaching

I admit that I had took a couple Ls b4 I caught it
U was selling fairytales
N I was childish so I bought it
Free King Droski
Mar 2017 · 211
Slave 2 Love
Muyi Mar 2017
When im deep inside her she look in my eyes n start 2 cry
Idk if I b tweaking then again that's just a lie
When im deep inside her I know all there is is her n I
When I get all deep inside her I can tell her soul is mine
Imma Devil n I feel like U
Mar 2017 · 361
Muyi Mar 2017
Ever scar is a story
Ever ***** has a name
Ever devil has a heart
All I ever knew was pain

N im dressing like a only child
Dressing like a salad *****
Tell if u can relate
Welcome 2 the ballet *****
I use 2 wonder if a dream was just a cloud a smoke

Wonder if religion n belief was just some kinda joke
Tryna make it but my spirits running kinda low

Never did I wanna have 2 post up at the corner stow
Man **** it
Its life n I gotta live it
They never offered me nothing so I decided 2 steal it

N if u ever would wonder
My ***** I am the realest
These others prolly is sick but ***** I am the illest
Ma im sorry I couldn't b what u needed
U wanted me wit a future
But I was tweaking n fiending
The city made me a monster
U tried 2 make me a genius
I guess I ain't get the message
Im sorry mama
I mean it
I'm in pain, please
Mar 2017 · 385
Urban Gothic
Muyi Mar 2017
By. Muyi

I wanna let u know
That u got the keys 2 my soul.
Take the wheel 4 I lose control
Loves a gamble but i don't fold
How u 'spect me 2 treat u right
When u do not indulge yoself
Always putting in yo 2 cents
Why u think that I need yo help?
I just wanna love u better )×4

Blood fire n love the same
All yo poison inside my brain
Loves a virus I can't contain
Cuz of u I have gone insane

Loves a wall that I cannot phase  
Heart 2 heavy
I cannot raise
Telling u about private thangs
Then u throw'em back in my face
I can't shine the rain won't let up)×4
Star im so sorry

— The End —