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Nought Feb 2
i guess i just got used to having sugar
so much so that even just drinking water
tasted bitter
but given time it'll be okay
Nought Mar 2021
You were the fire,
A beautiful, glowing light,
And I was the oxygen.

You said,
You could not function without me,
But all that meant was,
You were using me,
Consuming me,
To glow forever brighter.
- Nought
Nought Mar 2021
The price of life is death.
The price of death is life.
Which are we buying?
- Nought
  Mar 2021 Nought
Io ti raggiungo
E cerca di nasconderti nella tua luce
Ma tu appassisci al mio tocco
E svanisco nell'oscurità
~Per il mio amico~
Nought Mar 2021
You were the sun;
Bright, warm,
Destined to destroy the Earth.
And that, I suppose, just happened to be me
- Nought
Nought Mar 2021
Friends are like a house of cards;
The moment you take one out, they all fall apart.
But that's just life
- Nought
Nought Mar 2021
People tell me all the time,
That personal poetry is the best,
But I'm sorry to disagree.
Personal poetry should be the best,
But I'm afraid it's not with me.

Personal poetry is hardly as clean,
Emotions spilling off the page,
It's really rather messy.
Feelings too raw, too much, to express,
And not a single thought can be conveyed,
It just seems like a waste of energy...
So sorry if my poetry isn't the best...
- Nought
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