Do not fall in love
With the wind

You can feel its air
But you can't touch

You can laugh and cry
But it won't hear you

You can try hard and hard
But it won't look at you

So yes
Do not fall... For the wind that blows
By Veronica Orina
Written on Sat/17/02/2018
Oh rain!
Fall on my riddles
Where i go i see no path bain
Getting far away from me are my life's tiddles

Oh rain!
My soul dies with bitterness everyday
And it is me who feeels the pain
Wash it so tranquility may find space to stay someday

Oh rain
Chase my fog away and find me a way
To undress and blow my sorrows so they wind around any chain
To let me fly so i may even in May

Oh rain! Gather your drops
To join my broken then cease to allure sunshine to befall on my crops.
By Veronicah Orina
So what are you enraged at?
Do you not know the secret of pacify?
Stay mirthful like a kitten relying on a mother cat
Enhance the bounty of art and upon smiles magnify

Write, read, recite poems
Dance to end your moves with a feathered heart
Ignore life's vexing potholes they are just bumbs
Never heap your gloom for that only does hurt

Sing loudest if it will suppress your pain
Make sighs, go for a walk, swim
Draw what makes you sad and love your art for that is main
Run fast for laughs and store your medals to the brim

Play the ball, tennis, chess and then chase victory with your art
Tell stories but above all aim with burdens part!
by Veronicah Orina
She troubles my mind
Her body is installed in my brain
I try to put her behind
But none of my thoughts seem to trickle or drain

She has rendered me restless
And she does not want me calm
She is white her heart needs me not helpless
And she is sorry destiny chose not to stay in her palm

The promises of my ancestor's adage
That i should work hard to find seems like a fad
Since till now i have not found someone of her gauge
The way she is confined by the magic of her lover makes me mad

...I have come across many buoyant and classy
Although i still envy her partner because she is more sassy
By Veronicah Orina
I am the pretty one
She feels my head with irk
Being his pet she has to learn
I am sure she will blunder when she tries to mimic

For i am she who taught him love's fantasy
And you vanished while i covered his flaws
Even when his voice was never bassy
Even when he was still staggering to make acquaintance with life's laws

I stood by his throne of tin and became his queen
Till now i make his chest vibrate
His love for me does not have to be instigated by how we have been
You can go away flattering yourself and upon my sight hate

I am glad for within him i have nurtured my home
So i can smile because i know his second will be just but a mome
By Veronicah Orina
I did not know i was the thorn
To prick my laughter mates to bleed
I did not know i was the stone
To heave burdens on their shoulders never meant to be their deed

Not even aware of my spikes
Which pierce their skins to tears
Ignorant to know that me was the somebody they sought for with mikes
Yet so near for all those years

I did not know i was the scissors
Cutting and perforating their hearts to feel with desire
Having no righteousness next to Jesus
But being granted the loyalty of a mayor

When i become binded no longer free like a bird in a hurry
Is when i know the demon in me but all i say is sorry
By Veronicah Orina
Be not good at loosing hope
Everyone preaches that for our tomorrow
That is the anchor with storms to cope
That we must possess not borrow

Whom do we leave it for?
If that is the bird we have at hand?
Strife is part and parcel of our lives therefore
Like lyric is part of band

Beliefs that make normal our abnormalities
Yet inside filled with physical and mental disease
Where grows past, present and future's uncertainties
But despite all bestowing an optimism that never wants to cease

Hope is a sinew for every daily suffering
And energy's fadedness always colouring
By Veronicah Orina
Written on Saturday/11/11/2017
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