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e a l Mar 21
deep as the ocean
soft and warm like mornings

sweet tones like chocolate
wrap me up and pull me in

these tones and octaves
how beautiful, these sounds

im in love with your voice
e a l Mar 21
i sip this peppermint tea
and i remember yours lips

warm and minty
making me feel soft and tingly

a feeling i wish would never end
feeling so lovely with the time that we spend

i sip this peppermint tea and i remember you
its gone cold now
e a l Mar 19
my poems
they weren't enough
to make you stay

it's fine, you'll come back
your feelings will boomerang

maybe not now
but perhaps someday
e a l Mar 19
my insides are rotting
my teeth have fallen out
my head is balding
im ugly, no one would love me

yet theres always that one person
who thinks your beautiful
despite being so flawed
be that person to someone

and both of you might find love
Beauty love find rot ugly flaws
e a l Mar 16
im free
im free from your chains and demands

but why do i feel hallow
what did you do to me?

everyone is a blur
and my mind works mechanically like clockwork

i end up reading our messages
i end up conjuring your scent

my mind draws places we've been on sketchpads
and my eyes look for the shade of your eyes

i wake up to the illusion of your arms around mine
and my lips tickle from lips that aren't there anymore

my mind is racing because there's no one to talk to
there's no one as interesting as you

what have you done to me?
why do i want to be your victim again?
e a l Mar 16
come take my hand
lets try this again

i cant dance this waltz without you
who knows maybe its worth a try?

we were young and rushed things
can we have a re-do?

can you let me stare into those obsidian eyes
and you stare back at mine

can we have those late night talks
and sip those drinks at the cafè we always go to?

can we try and reconnect our souls
put the spark back to where it left?

even if its just tonight
can we fall in love again?

can we?
e a l Mar 16
inhale the deadly dark purple fumes
that make my head spin

lure with those chocolate eyes
the very ones i love looking in

plant a kiss on my lips
the very ones that make that sly grin

you make me plunge into your twisted sludge
your deadly concotions cause me to sin

im dancing with the devil
but i love the moves too much to cease

i am dazed by your deadly loveliness
this is making me sick

i should stop
but i dont

give me your toxic
the sweet spell you have me under
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