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Uun B 11h
He was holding my favorite flowers, Asters,
Yellow for happiness, Red for faith, Orange for love.
His hazel eyes were shining,
His smile came slowly.
He was the person I knew by heart,
The one person I’d been made for.

We stood there for a few more precious moments.
Everything was passing, yet eternal.

Is this real?

Uun B.
Uun B 3d
I  wrote this poem in hopes that people would instill the “WE DON’T JUDGE” concept in their minds. 

“Once upon a time,

Before the people judged us

There was only “us”.
We were similar,

We had the same tastes:

A taste in music

A taste in movies

A taste in literature

Most importantly,

A taste in chocolates.

We laughed, cried,
 listened, understood, 

and loved

Through the clash of religious beliefs,

Through the ire of people

We Cherished our dreams;

We Encouraged our passion;

We Tried in every way
to be worthy of our zephyr-like love.
We treasured our 
Beliefs and values,

Dreams and hopes, 
Strengths and weaknesses.
We loved through all hardship, darkness
and dolour;

We were to reach our joys, 

Our hopes.

There was only “us”.

Always love,
Your Uun, no.

Uun B. is more appropriate
Uun B 5d
I am a collector of experiences,
Experiencing everything in life
Free from any fear
I have built inside myself,
Free from the plague of self-doubt and judgement.

Through all of these experiences,
I have found the courage to confront my fears, and
To understand the story on how to be happy with my own journey.

The failures, the hard days, the heartbreaks,
The fears and the lies,
A skip of the heart beat and the silent tears,
Total success and a ton of fun,
Happiness, connection and adventure
Run deep inside my mind and my body
Like the lyrics of Frank Ocean.

--- Maybe, no one is right and no one is wrong ---

All I know is I am free and
That is all I need to be alive.

Cheers to all people who conquered their fears!

Uun B.
Uun B 6d
I was running, running,
Until I met you,
The Summer.

You were my June,
June that would go on and on
Until every person
Would feel like me

You were my July,
July that had the connection with me
July that thought about me somewhere in this world
July that knew I was thinking about you,
At the same time.

You were my August,
August that smiled through my soul
August that wants to help every single soul
August that scatters happiness in sad hearts.

You were my summer,
The summer I went to
When I searched for piece.

Uun B.
Uun B 6d
At dawn, bare-footed.
Breeze was playing our favorite song
The moon lay above us
Hmm.. the stars,
Splendid and bottomless.

She gazed deeply into his eyes
His eyes … so mesmerizing,
For those she could die.

--- She breathed deeply to remember this time ---

Have you ever imagined us together?
Another life or another universe?
She asked him, looking at the calm sea shore.
He kissed her eyes.

White sand, yum food, cold beers,
Lively conversation, salty air and him.
A single word need not be said
All is in, these little moments with him.

July, 2017
Urantseren B.

— The End —