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Aug 2019 · 33
My precious baby girl
Radhika Ghimire Aug 2019
In my image you are alive with me
In my mind in my soul
Never be filled you are in my heart
Waiting my precious you will tell me
My mum where you are
Always in my plans ever
when i am shopping
Forever my precious i wish to hold you
On my lap , on my chest
You used to smile to me always
When I leave you for the duty
When I were infront of you
Is live ever till now
When I return to home
Eager to see you but only image remain
It may be true that we are apart
In this world we may not be live
But image is still in front of me

God knows I want to hold you
My precious child my precious child
See you, touch you, hold you
catch your smile listening voice
You used to make saragama
I will again I hope to get you
May not be in this world
But next birth may chance to meet you
To hold you to speak you
Forever eager to see you to touch you
My precious, my precious child.
In dreams you are alive
In my soul there is a hole
But there is a hope together with you
You are alive in my heart in my mind
My child you are precious
Wish to express my grateful
You made me 1st time mum
It was the day the sun shine
1st day of your life in this world
Radhika Ghimire May 2019
From the entire peace can see a power
Brings out a beauty would stock the soul
Highlights the strength with your smiles
sun is spreading lights Seeing your smile
warming the soul to open life enough.
When you have peace from entire enough
Opens the smile for beat of next breath.

When you smile, power me my power smiles
Shows a glimpse into you from entire peace

When your smiles comes from entire
Saves my day, breaks my peace
Nothing is powerful as moon shines
When you smile the stars blink
Unbelievable turns me to your presence
When your smile in your inner express
Speaks me your perfection of peace
Saves my day, tells me to be alive with
Every times smells staring entire
Encourages the sense to beat my breath
shows the beauty of peace in that smile
Wish to lost melting soul within you within this piece

The clicks of your smile makes my night
Gives me the light even in dark night
I can feel the vibrate of your smile
Makes me deeper and deeper and deeper
Closure and closure every time you see
Inspiring to be deep into this smile
Vibrate the heart , paint into spirit
As to make you Murali Madhuri in your smile
Makes me to be a poem watering
The beautiful words to experience perfection from your image
Feels as painter painting your picture In my heart in my soul
When you smile my world regains Its peace and happy I realize why I exist
To remember the happiest of happy.
The peace of entire peace with your beautiful smile.
Feb 2019 · 51
Waiting for you
Radhika Ghimire Feb 2019
No matter how much you feel,
May be so far you are !!
No matter where you are and
how much space between us !
But I was waiting for you ,
with huge love in my heart ,
A lot of hope you have not shown
Unexpectedly incoming call !!!
still lonely search for your soul
Yes, l with miserable eyes
Either you are inclose to me !!!!

I was sure that is better
when I am with you,
Even if you think that is pure
as like your mum,
No condition is growing as nostalgic, feelings of deviance, gentle touch !!!

Waiting for you to hear cute word
Spell me with a sweet smile in front,
Wishing found you on my heart as
A point of happiest scene in your eyes,
No matter when my heart is beating
Tick tick tick tick with a second !!!
Waiting your paddle tucks,
Moving towards me ,
As you hug with a full of emotion ,
joys and happiness!!!!
A lot of hope you have not shown
Even you think that is pure
as like your mum waiting you
Spell me as like your mum.
Spell me as like your mum.
Feb 2019 · 55
Talk to you later
Radhika Ghimire Feb 2019
Always become a precious
Fingers on keyboard
A few words suddenly display
Telling me
I will talk to you later.

Since a long time
I will be waiting for you
Words to heart
Really wishing to say something
Fingers on keyboard.
Writing for your presence
Really you are busy
But presence of your essence
Strike the mind
Comes to be with you
Suddenly you appear and go
Telling me
I will talk to you later

How sweet your vibes
Presence even in busy road
Or in a busy market
Always mean you
Presence in reality
With a hope me with
Take care of you as a shadow

Suddenly you appear
when you feel
Like a thirst is waiting for water
All of your wish telling me
Something good to come from
mean to me how it values.

Love to see those moments
Suddenly you appear and go
Telling me
Talk to you later.
Naturally countless hours
Waiting you are feeling
Good to come in words
Thrill your soul to be on line
Along the road in a busy market

Eager to see something from me
Suddenly you appear and go
With a smile feeling inside out
Eager to say missing you dijju!!

Suddenly you appear and go
Telling me
Talk to you later..
Push away the time
Waiting for good luck..
Feb 2019 · 45
Radhika Ghimire Feb 2019
Thoughts are like organisms.
With a distinct characters
May effect the mood
can be seen in behaviour

Thoughts are like microorganism
May govern mood and behaviour
Need to be in balance
To sustain the true characters

Feelings is autonomy
Tough to know the reality
Belongs to influence life
Have to effort responsible
Wants to control feelings
Back to draw attention
To be stay more strength.
Success is turning point
Have to be clear and specific
Decision may be live, but
Never be unequivocal..

May be similar thought in mind
But ensure a healthy psyche
Positive ideas bring the change
Expansive mind set is result
While trying to be more social
Practice kindness is a power
To realize the truth
May be great philosophy
Emphasizes the importance.

Thought is greatest
teacher of compassion
And kindness in the world
Inspire to all
To extend the attitude
To work and drag life
Towards the positivity
Gain success in each
and every steps of life..

Kindness creates confidence
Kindness is thinking
Profoundness and love
Wants to feel in control
And is natural and autonomy

Choose certain times
What happens in a way.
Influence the efforts

Where truth can be confusing
Thoughts can be challenge
Reinforcing the beliefs
That can provide new insights
For personal development..

Thoughts is essence..
Neither inferior nor superior
Don't try to bend or grounded
Rather follow obsessions mercilessly

Thought is self esteem of truth
True humility out of realization
Arise ego is contradictory
When ego is the same eyes.

Thought is ideas fill with love
Passion and compassion
Esteem and beauty
Joy and goodness
In eyes of fellow
Shown in truth and reality
Respect the help
Kind and care.
Thought is time affair
Filled with love
Compassionate to care
Respect the events
Realize the truth
Creates a power that
You gain the energy
To love a life to get success
In each and every steps of life.
Jan 2019 · 363
You are sensitive
Radhika Ghimire Jan 2019
a lovely person , caring; and sensitive...
I don't even think , wonderful things,
To your eyes blow warm moist.
The tension almost, draw attention,
Drop of eyes with full of tears,
Conveyed the message,
Telling me you are sensitive..

Waiting a way up and down
Flaming lips inside out
Taking long breath with a hope
Used to say, am i good?
Inspire me easing warmth,
Used to say to my soul onto you
I look deeply into your eyes,
into depths, you were unknown,
Taking you, into a knot.
Wish never loose the notion,
Knowingly unknowingly
You consumed me slowly,
With a breath, telling me,
You are sensitive!!

Never break, a slice made,
I am consumed inside you ,
feeling warmth setting me,
ease the length tightening the knot,
Telling me never break ,
Eyes out, tongue sleeps,
you are sensitive!!!!!
You are sensitive!!!!!
Jan 2019 · 66
MyDreams will appear
Radhika Ghimire Jan 2019
When I open the mind
snaps the photo
I saw a lense in your eyes
There is a live picture
Which i can read confidently.
Thinning the membranes
Transparently From the lenses
where I can see your mind
Between alive and asleep
There is a string flow of songs
So sweet and strong,
joy and peace
Opening a bunch of poems
Flying sequential order
With a vibes and lightening
Sparks from each circuit
Trying to connect us!!
Wish to holding hands
Feels the sensation cold and warms
telling me you are sensitive!!!!!

Wish to see with your camera
Wish to love to hold your knee
Your sight to me with your lensce
dreams will appear
no ceiling in our minds
Vibes and sparks
Connecting us from those circuit
in same emotion
with the same Vibes
A conduct of emotion
Telling me,
You are sensitive emotionally.
Walking in same way,
in same direction
Writing a poem, dreams will appear.
Jan 2019 · 75
Radhika Ghimire Jan 2019
Life is meaningful,
when you know,  life,
Relation is ever.

When you look back,
Found the golden time.
When you look for later,
You can see a smile,
With a great happiness..
When from nearest
looks you on you
The feeling is shame,
Relation is ever.

The day for a long,
I wish to love,
From my heart into my soul
let you go I would never
Relation made ever

The relation for so long,
The feelings so strong,
Had no control over.
The relation you gave me,
Wonderful time you spend,
Might be so hard!!
But the relation made ever!!

We enjoying a lot,
The hopes and desire,
May be The life path,
So difference and so deserved.
But you are breathing
in same way,
Walk in the same way ,
within same thoughts.
Made The feelings so strong,
I have no control over!!

The relation what you name,
sweet of songs ,
singing for whom,
show you A great heart
such a feeling Never ever!!
I have no control ever!!

Living with your scene,
Be a part of your life,
Even though
You don't like,
Relation is over!!
Relation made ever!!
I have no control over!!
I have no control ever..!!
Relation wold be ever!!
You would be far never and never!!!

— The End —