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Randolph Napoles Aug 2018
I look at you and get mesmerized of how accommodating your eyes are,
But as I continue to stare I find myself drowning in the deepness that they bear.
It contains a vast complicatedly simple emotions that words can’t explain,
Every blink that you do arouses my emotional curiosity, I am getting insane.

Never have I ever felt inadequate in expressing my intentions through words,
May it through poems, letters, or songs, i use it as to comfort or if needed as a sword.
Yet being with you makes me feel insignificant, you are the universe,
I am this brightly shining star yet still incomparable to you, you are beautiful and fierce.

Atlas may hold the earth in his shoulders but he can’t be compared to me,
I carry you, my universe, you are safely kept in my heart, everbody soon will see.
This heavy responsibility everyday makes or breaks my being,
The thought of losing you makes me feel like I am only existing than living.

Everyday passes by, and I can’t think any other ways that I could do to please you my dear,
I have read all the books and watch all the videos about love all it gives me are tears.
Tears coming deep inside my very being, tears of sadness? NO it is of great joy.
Since all the books and videos only reminds me of how lucky i am, this feeling i truly enjoy.

With every smile and laugh that you make, it colors my monotonous days,
The sound of your laughter is the brush that paints my world, your smile is the suns rays.
Now my world is colorful and comfortably warm,
What did I ever do to deserve you? You have always been my charm.

All my prayers have been heard, all my wishes came true ever since we have been together,
If someone asked me, what are you willing to give up, well everything except her.
I don’t need to have a genius level intellect to know that you are the best for me,
My love for you is close to infinity, a bit less than forever, however a lifetime it will be.
Randolph Napoles Aug 2018
Rain heavily pours in this sky that’s getting darker,
The clouds above cursing us with the roaring thunder.
Missing the summer heat, time really changes too fast,
Yesterday the sun blinds these eyes and dries this land so vast.

These cold mornings that gets me too comfortable in my bed,
Makes me wonder would it be better to lengthen the rainy season instead?
Yet the downside is the flooding roads and beaches that cant be enjoyed,
Wet and wild may be the theme, but during this times emotions are being toyed.

Yesterday I am energetic and up tempo with a very ecstatic vibe,
Yet now I feel gloomy, lazy with this irritating sense of depression inside.
Well not everyone though, shout out to those that’s feeling their couples warmth,
To those alone in their beds, calm your mind this is a good time to think of art.

A sudden thunder jolts my sense of poetry, trying so hard to write,
Thinking hard, so hard to think of someone, as this pen I bite.
I thought of something, opened this window and began to listen to the wind,
It whispered things, about the difference of the warmness of sun and the heaviness of rain.

Unexpectedly you enterd this empty mind, that I tried to fill,
Fill with things like nonsense stuff that seems important and real.
Well now since you are there, you gave this nonsense things their meaning,
Well to be fair with how perfect you are, everything will gradually start shining.

I am starting to like now these cold and rainy days because of you,
Since every coffee I sip, I can’t stop but think of thos beautiful view.
Where both you and me under the pouring sky, letting ourselves get wet,
Me holding your hand and looking at you, embrace you, make you feel my heat.

Boom, Suddenly this thunder woke me up from my daydreaming,
Now I am back again in reality, I urge myself to stop overthinking.
I placed this pen down, prepare to rest and put my self asleep,
This will allow me to dream of you, and i hope that I won’t fall for you too deep.
Randolph Napoles Aug 2018
I usually wake up very early during mondays,
Open my window and wait for the sun’s rays.
Smell the morning dew and feel the breeze,
These things calms my mind, puts my anxiety at ease.

During this cold rainy months,
All I need is your warmth.
Coming deep inside your heart,
And this day will have a good start.

You know what’s good early in the morning,
A hot coffee that smells great after brewing.
But what’s better? Drinking it with you,
I guess I need to learn to make coffee for two.

I look into the sky the sun is not up yet,
But with you beside me, and when our eyes met.
It feels like this yet dark sky that fills my day,
Suddenly becomes less gloomy, when you smile at me.

And there, and then did i truly realize,
That it’s really the simple things in life.
That matters most and we should treasure,
Since in this world these things can’t be measured.
Randolph Napoles Jul 2018
Is it your eyes that caught my heart?
Or is it the way that you smile, when our conversation starts?
Is it the way that you move and sway?
Or is it the moments where you complete my day?

Is it your childish mind, that losts tract of time?
Or is it my urge to want you to be mine?
Is it the way how your face says Hi?
Through adversity, that look never dies.

There are many things that i remember,
From the unexplainable thing to these minute details.
From how you flip your gorgeous hair,
Or how you love to connect to life with stories to share.

I am humbled to be in your presence,
You give meaning to things that does not make sense.
Like how you made sense to my nonsense being,
Oh, I am so glad for all the things that you are doing.

Times pass by, yet it seems too slow,
We have known each other not too long ago.
Yet it feels like we are old friends,
And you know what this will not end.

I remember you in every morning, with each sun rays,
And these moments I will keep, until that very day.
Where you and I will meet again,
Because in my future you will forever remain.
Randolph Napoles Jun 2018
Some unknowingly is wasting you,
Some keenly treasures you.
But to me you are my nemesis, my enemy,
If I am waiting you seem like forever,
When I am happy, did you stay? I can’t remember.
I try to keep you in my hands,
But you always slip like fine sand,
I try to hoard you for the future,
But you always get away, is that your nature?
How can I ever get more of you?
Shall I sacrifice this lifetime, so I can say more I love you?
Shall I lock myself in a dark cold chamber?
So that I will never know what time is it, I won’t wonder.
But you know what hurts the most,
It’s you leaving, I feel like dying, almost.
Knowing I can never get back to you again,
Whatever I do, time lost will never be regained.
So what I treasure now is the present, since it’s a gift,
For me to do the things to prevent me to just drift,
In this lifetime I want to leave a mark,
Especially to someone’s stone hard heart.
Randolph Napoles Jun 2018
" Appreciation "

Oh, How do i start to flatter you my dear?
Should i start with those pretty eyes that you bear?
Or that beautifully curvy smile that you have,
Which never fails to make me fall in love.

Wait! Flaterry is a sin for me to do!
I am not writing this to flatter you.
This is a poem of my appreciation,
To the things is see in you, that surpasses my imagination.

So let me start with your very core,
Your ever so positive spirit that I adore.
So positive that it influences me in so many ways,
Taught me to see things with a smile always.

Then we go to your generosity and understanding,
I am a beggar but instantly i became rich as your friend.
You always do the things that makes me happy,
This woman is not only a thing of beauty and for that I thank thee.

Up we go to how great you care,
Like a mother? A friend? Or a lover? No! You are the care i need when i despair.
You bring the light that flickers in my darkest night,
The hope that always wants me to stay alive.

Now the cutest thing is your innocense,
Coupled with those puppy eyes, it just doesn't make sense.
You can just get away everything because of this,
I get mad at you, but in the end this brings us peace.

Now, now, this is the best part, it is how you love,
Let me make this one longer, this is what i wanted you to have.
The feeling that you give is something that is so plain,
But Alas! Plain is what i always wanted and was praying.
I do not want a love that is savage and fierce like thing,
Because that will exhaust a and drain all of our being.
I just want the love that you are giving me,
Simple, honest, respectfull and as true as you can be.
The love that continuesly pours, not forceful, but gently falls like the morning dew,
This may not last for eternity, but what i am asking is only a lifetime with you.
Randolph Napoles Jun 2018
Horizon, where the sea meets the sky,
Where the sun kisses the shore.
Where the white mixes with blue.
Standing here watching the horizon, waiting for the changing of the seasons, missing that very person, that keeps this heart beating for a reason.

I am missing you everyday but the horizon always reminds me, even how far you can be in the horizon our hearts always meets.
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