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eyes like supernovas and just as stellar
your eyes were my favorite constellations
your pupils orbit your view of the world
slightly dilating when you see someone you love
I hope they dilate when you see me
I never owned a telescope but looking into your eyes
was the closest thing
galaxies kissed your lips and wanted to stay
so they painted themself in your mind,
keeping vibrant and brilliant forms of stars
each thought connecting the dots, forming orion’s belt
and your fingertips traced euphoria in the form of the big dipper
and the little dipper was the curve of your arms
where I would rest my head sometime soon
and soon I will look into those bright eyes
and I will feel at home in saturns rings
which were outlined in your irises
and you’ll look into mine
and our sets of planet-like pupils
will expand into blackholes
  Sep 18 Pragya Ranjan
Danny Wolf
This is bigger than oceans and destinies. Bigger than Universes, bigger than pain and bigger than love. How to put freedom into words? How do you watch the bird that escapes its cage and not shed a tear for humanity and those with broken hearts? This feels like the shadow of the Universe while the Sun is preparing to implode on itself and shutter the world into black. He does not even contemplate the greatest Death we will ever know. This is fate - beyond His temporary duty, beyond the importance to sustain life. I am neither a speck nor a wave - not nearly a body. Yet, I feel this tearing in my lungs - this desire to gasp for yet another breath. Please, let me hold on to the infinitesimal space I occupy for just a little bit longer. I become so fragile and raw when I look up at the sky. I see those stars and think about how they've never yearned for another - how they've known their place in this infinity since the beginning of time. If I stood on a star would I even be contemplating the way the Universe works? Would the question “why?” even cross my mind? And would I even think to try and put words to the mystery occurring in front of me? If I were a galaxy, my stars would span across forever - expand out into the omnipresent blackness and fall upon the head of every being each night to remind them of their divinity. Just by the glow of the Moon I should know I am safe and accounted for in this life. She looks down upon us, providing the holy light of lovers when she is full. The rivers of life within my body wax and wane with her, yet I question my roll in the divine? Her holy union with the Sun, so commendable. To never touch the one you love the most – to be light years apart, yet to still work in the perfect cosmic alliance. That is a union I admire.
Too much noise, too much misery;
    Fake beauty, false flattery;
Feigned tears, faint hearts;
    Mock presents, dainty pasts.
Too much singing, too much song;
    Far too empty, too wrong.

Too regular, too feminine;
    Too much constancy seen.
Too insincere, too blind;
    Too raucous to one’s mind.
Unhearing, unloving;
    Unknowing, unseeing.

Inconsistent, ravaged, savage;
    Not aware of youth and age.
Not knowing sins are fatal;
    Not knowing worlds call chaos.
Not seeing lives are mortal;
    Not seeing value, nor loss.

Too defined, too thin, too fair;
    No curious touch nor flair;
Not jubilant, nor merciful;
    Not knowing arts are plentiful.
Not voice, nor titles, nor vice;
    Not pictures, nor pride, nor lies.

Too soothing, too tedious;
    Too apparent, too obvious;
Too gracious, too grainless;
    Not an emblem of happiness;
Not distinctive, nor charming;
    Not distinguished, nor loving.

Too engaged, too dim, too forgetful;
    Too separate, too disgraceful;
Too priceless, too sensuous;
    No realness is to them, wondrous;
Too unbecoming, too wishful;
    Too known, too gay, too sinful.

Too delighted, but evil to me;
    Those boasting beauties of thee;
I am not part, nor flesh of thine;
    I live with the voice in my mind;
I love in silence, in seclusion;
    Only mirth salves my delusion;

Too sparkling, but mean still;
   Unknowing towards those I feel;
I cannot be, nor shall I be;
   I shall not place my soul in thee;
Thy voice remaineth loved still;
   But to love thee, I never will.
  Feb 19 Pragya Ranjan
i heard a girl once say,
if i could
i would drown
in poetry.
i would throw myself
into a sea of verses
and sink in splendor.

oh, no, i thought -

no you wouldn't.

if there was a sea of poetry
the coasts would be ringed with barbed-wire
and electric fences,
and signs that yelled warning
keep out

and swim on risk of death -
the beach would be littered with broken glass
from all the drunks that took their last drink
on the edge of a stanza.
the water would be turbulent
and *****
and cold,
and you might admire it one twilight,
when the sun is drowning and turning the sea
and you'd say, oh
that's beautiful.

and you'd take a photo of yourself
grinning with the sunset at your back
and leave.

i heard a boy once say,
if i could
i would drown in your poetry.

oh, no, i thought.
no you wouldn't.
why is drowning such a common theme
in the minds
of readers of poetry?
i imagine it seems
in some twisted morbid way -
but i think seeing a bloated corpse
pallid with seawater
missing a limb
or two
would put these delusions to rest.
i imagine seeing
the corpse of a poet
missing a heart
or mind
would put these delusions to rest.

you don't want to drown in poetry.

you want to watch me drown.

i heard a boy once say
if i could
i would drown in your poetry.

so says the boy who calls himself an artist
because he can play
'hey soul sister'
on guitar
and will prove it every chance he gets.
you don't want to drown in my poetry,
and even if you did
i doubt you could -
if poetry was bodies of water
you would throw yourself into a hotel swimming pool
miles away from the polluted lake
where i wash in stagnant water.
if poetry was bodies of water
you'd have someone build a koi pond in your backyard
and call yourself a poet.
if i could
i would drown in your poetry,

he said
and i told him to prove it.

if i could
i would drown in poetry,

she said.

the only people who say
they want to drown in poetry
are the people who don't know what it means.

the only people who drown in poetry
are the people who have no choice.
Iss eid pe tujh ko main kya bhejoon,
koi jugnuu,
koi taara,
koi sapnaa bhejoon ?

Koi phool bhejoon ad’khilaa se,
koi umeed,
koi aas,
koi nazaara bhejoon ?

Chaand bhejoon tujhe is eid pr
ik khushbuu,
ik rang ka istaara bhejoon ?

Aye mere dost !
roshni ki rang ki muskaan bhejoon ?
ya apni likhi koi shayari  bhejoon ?

Apni aankh ka koi moti teri nazar karoon,
Ya hathon se maangi koi dua bhejoon ?

Phoolon se koi titlii ki mohabbat bhejoon,
kisi bhanwre ki lagan,
us ka tarrana bhejoon !

Kisi shamma ka jalta hua daaman bhejoon,
Ya baarish ki hasti hui boondain bhejoon ?

Mere hathon main ik aas, umeed aur dua hai,
iss eid pe main tujh ko bass itna keh doon,

ke tum jo chaho
Woh sitaara mil jaye,

Tujh ko iss eid pe
Koi tumhara mil jaye..
Eid **___** !!!!!!
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