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 Feb 2016 NA
I explain my metaphors with metaphors
I don't know how else to express
My thoughts that sit in clutter drawers
And leave my mind a mess

If you don't understand my comparison
I'll just say it in a different way
My thoughts still shielded by a garrison
Suppressing things I need to say
 Feb 2016 NA
Teenage Poetry
 Feb 2016 NA
all you kids will figure it out
find love
feel free
it hurts now but I swear
one day you'll wake up
and be 43 years old
wishing you were young again
laughing at your past
shutting off your phone at dawn
to sleep an hour more
 Feb 2016 NA
your love is like a drug,
and I am hooked.
you're so good to me but not good for me
 Feb 2016 NA
Strawberry Aster
My sweet Valentine --
loved me wild
and loved me

took my
happy fragile heart;
and held it
really high;

dropped it --
like china;
admiring the glitter of my --
now shattered, scattered heart~
 Oct 2015 NA
dear my unknown love,
the one who witnesses me wilt before anyone else does
the one who blooms before i do
the one who gives but never takes
the one who everyone yearns
the one who regards God every day
the one who fills my heart with joy
the one who tortures my heart
the one who loves another one.
 Oct 2015 NA
Our souls
 Oct 2015 NA
Time passes really quickly and marks will show on our bodies but our souls,

Our timeless souls will stay the same.

They will smile at every nice memory

An remember all the good times but also the dark,

Dark memories that changed us deep inside,

Shook our world and crushed our beautiful hearts.

But they won’t be tamed, because they know

That everything passes and problems will go,

Only leaving some scars that in time might grow,

But the scars are important in our passing life,

They show imperfections and struggles and cries.

They teach you a lesson and show you the way

You have to fallow to have a better day.
 Oct 2015 NA
Tick-tock, Tick-tock

It doesn’t stop, will never stop.

It goes like this for ages

Centuries and eras,

It’s never too eager or too proud

Never too bold or to loud.

Our bare eyes can’t see it through

We just feel it and mirrors will show,

Its signs are visible after a while

But you can’t blame it ’cause it flies.

Yes, it’s the precious time I’m talking about

Which we never have enough, always wanting more

Not really figuring out what for.

We try to hold onto it for longer,

But moments go by, memories linger.

It is either an enemy or a cruel friend

Which doesn’t bother near our end.

It has no limits and can’t be stopped,

By me or you, science or art.

It has its course

It needs to follow,

So we surrender in the hollow

Of the Tick-tock, Tick-tock

That doesn’t stop, will never stop.
 Oct 2015 NA
 Oct 2015 NA
If I stay,
You'll fly away
If I go,
You'll never know.
 Oct 2015 NA
 Oct 2015 NA
he was more of an angel than lucifer
he was more of a thorn than a rose
he was more of a sky than a pair of wings
he was more of a fool than a gold
he was more of a liar than a sinner,

 Sep 2015 NA
Randolph L Wilson
On quiet afternoons in the Fall ,  Oaks and Maple cry , drumming of war heard through the pines , for on this hallowed ground Georgia was  divided , Native Tribes became belligerent , the Northern third of a nation lost , on this very day, late afternoon , by rushing water , voices whisper agony of Chief McIntosh , warring tribes of Cherokee , Creek in battle , brother against brother , bitterly divided over outside aggression , by ****** of pen , broken treaty and deceit ,  forest alive with ghost of man woman and child , the ensuing Trail of Tears and destruction of a once proud Nation ...
Indian Springs State Park in Georgia.
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