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NA Jun 2015
If they saw your soul
Saw through your plastic smile,
You'd be left alone.

If I saved your soul
Erased everything you've done,
You'd  just have more slaves to ****.

So what should I do?
They say it's not my problem
But someone has to.

So who will save them?
You really have to me stopped.
It is my problem!
NA May 2015
You think that a mirror shows your being? you depend on looks to hypnotize your bootlickers. There is more to a person than just looks, and you don't seem to know that. You have a soul, a damaged one. But it has some parts untouched by evil. And see, the thing is, you aren't mean to me, but I've seen the way you treat people, and that is what bothers me most about you. I don't hate you, but I hate what you have done to other people. People who's souls are untouched by evils and are oblivious to your faults. Oblivious to the truth. I know that deep down I there, that you have a good heart, and care for at least one being on this planet, but some people can't see through the makeup and plastic smile. And they need to wake up, wake up from the lies so they can live and love freely.
NA Mar 2015
Words are magic. You can make dreams come to be. You can fight with Knights dragons, while drinking a cup of tea. But in all the books, and as much as you look, a charicters legacy, will always live on, and never be gone, if you only stop to dream.
NA Mar 2015
The paint is dripping slooooowly down the wall.

Skipping, dripping, I watch it fall.

Playing silent games

Tag! You're it! They seem to say

But then it dries, people pass by, but no one really sees. that paint is not just paint, but a can of possibilities.
NA Mar 2015
Everyone is a genius, but some pass our talents by. Like How can a bird that is born in a cage, be expected to stand up and fly?
NA Mar 2015
A person is not injured, by just a gentle poke, But words can hurt, like whips and chains, and scars they may evoke.
NA Mar 2015
What's a shark without its teeth, a bee without its sting?it seems that It's only the small details, that make us afraid of things.

— The End —