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  Feb 2016 NA
all you kids will figure it out
find love
feel free
it hurts now but I swear
one day you'll wake up
and be 43 years old
wishing you were young again
laughing at your past
shutting off your phone at dawn
to sleep an hour more
NA Feb 2016
Theres a girl that smiles and waves whenever i see her

Theres a girl that hugs me when we pass

Theres a girl that i can spot from a mile away and i don't even know her name

Theres a girl that i feel like i have known forever when we have never even talked to each other

Theres a girl that had eyes like the stars and a laugh like the ocean

Theres a stranger.
NA Feb 2016
One is a match
Two is a candle
Three is a flame
Four is the wick
Five is the wind
NA Jan 2016
When you left to heaven, we were all afraid. But now you are a  guardian, to whom we all we have preyed, your memory still lingers, and forever it will stay, for in this time of darkness, love will lead the way.
NA Sep 2015
All you ever wanted, was to find a home.

A fortress of security where you could safely roam.

And when i first saw you, the feeling was divine

You may not be human, but your my K9

And through it is unusual, declaring love to fur..

My life is changing quickly, but thats okay cause i have her.
NA Jul 2015
The first time we kissed you tasted like coffee, toothpaste, and happiness.

We were content

The second time you tasted like blueberries, tea, and sadness.

I couldn't believe it

The third time, you tasted like jello, medicine, and worry

How did this happen?

The last time we kissed you tasted like blood, dust, and death.

Goodbye, I loved you
inspired by the bunker podcast episode: crumbly, sugary slivers of hope
NA Jul 2015
No two lives will be the same, everything is timed perfectly.

when you pass someone, even for a second, you become part of their story.

try to imagine the thoughts going through their heads as you pass them.

Look through their eyes

Try to connect everything

does the sound of the car line up with a song stuck in your head?

Or is the number of stars the number of days it took you to get here in time??

Everything happens for a reason, everything is planned

everyone is just part of a symphony called life and the universe dances to our music.
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