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Unfamiliar Sep 16
This is a place
A place called Hell
Everyone get whipped
At the sound of the bell
It does not matter
If you are black, white, or red
Because if you’re here
You’re already dead
No one cares what you wear
Way down here is all despair  
Down in hell we are all the same
If you can’t see this you’re to blame
Soon I will see you down in hell
And we'll all get whipped
At the sound of the bell
Unfamiliar Sep 14
My head is overflowing with blues and greys
I look up
The clouds become a foreign land
The sky becomes an endless sea of compulsion
Ever tranquil for some
For others
A devastating realization of life
What once was
May not be
What may be
May not always be forever
As the wind blows
The land changes
Nothing will ever be the same
Unfamiliar Sep 10
Happy birthday to you
The beer sits on the table
Across from no one
What have you done to deserve this
47 only comes once
What have you done
Why does no one care
Unfamiliar Sep 1
Dreams are a passion
That no one will ever meet
Late at night we live the lives
That were never meant to be
With the sunlight
Comes the reality
Of another depressing day.
Unfamiliar Aug 31
Space brings an emptiness
Larger than the sky
Less power to make love
More power to say goodbye
First steps moving forward
Learning to walk again
Reaching for the future
A past left far behind
Unfamiliar Aug 29
I see myself when I gaze into your shimmering face.
I feel your warmth when I touch your surface.  
Climbing in, shivers run down my spine.
My mood is complete joy being surrounded by you.
Every inch of my body enveloped in your heat.
My heart pounding, my breath getting heavy.
The heat becomes to much, you are too warm.
I have to get out.
I’m left standing, cold.
Water, dripping from my face.
Unfamiliar Aug 26
Darkness passes on and remains darkness.
Ripped from happiness and set on repeat.
New choices
Same results
The only choice, is the absence of choice.
Far gone ideals
Set in the solid reality that
We cannot forget.
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