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Undefined Aug 6
You was the girl who
      loved too soon

I was a boy who
      loved too late

But no matter what
      mistakes we made

We'll be each other's
      one that got away
Undefined Jul 16
I longed for real silence
the one you can find
but stumble upon
in some cabin
on the lake without a moon,
where youhear the cigarette burn
and the candles flicker
and your mind dances alive
to the symphonies in the black
Undefined Jul 14
sometimes you run
out of words
silence takes
over silent
until your breath
and heartbeat
becomes the voice
you need no words
you need no words
and then
and only then
you're at peace
Undefined Jul 13
i might not have the prettiest smile
or the biggest muscles
or the warmest heart
or anything

i have nothing
Undefined Jul 12
Roses are lame
Love is fake
Weddings are basically
Funerals with cake
Undefined Jul 11
You're my summer breeze
I brush across your cheek
I have always been
And I will always be
I can hear you blow
Although I don't know
Where you're coming from
Or where you go
It's you when I catch the fragrance of spring
When tall trees sway
It's you in the cold winter sting
In the alleyway
I am the sigh
While all creation groans and waits
Undefined Jul 9
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