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Feb 27 · 325
Plastic Mirror
EmperorMoth Feb 27
Will you be my friend
Asking for a friend
Tell me you want to
So it can be the end
I'm begging for a breath
But you wouldn't believe me
I just want an answer
To resolve this cancer oh
Will you
just be my

Standing beside our room
I keep on seeing you
I feel like I'm high on a dream
A nightmare that's coming true
It's like it was all just a plan
A plan that I'm just drowning in oh
why won't
just won't you
come on just
become my

Plastic wrapped, silver fabricate,
Pretending i'm alright, but fearing
So much I can't take
Losing my oh my mind
h e l p me
I feel that I just might die
Isn't that l o v e l y...

Why won't you
Just will you
Come on i can't breathe
I'm losing
It's harder to see
These games I
Fading mind
Oh lord why why I
if you don't
then i won't
so will you
be my
Feb 12 · 101
To Those Who Ponder
EmperorMoth Feb 12
To those who ponder,

Tell me, is it for your own satisfaction?
Unraveling a neverending clip of thoughts and processing,
Revealing the clarity and full picture of a puzzle never-ceasing?
Or are you simply pretentious?

Locked behind this image,
Playing Solomon; I only wave my tongue to those I deem "deep",
Is this how you pay your attention?
Or do you simply catch on to those YOU relate to?

Sometimes it's easier to tell who is more deserving and who you would rather lend your voice to.

You see, I am not a poet. I don't consider myself such. I am a ponderer who expresses myself best through text, somehow.

So, to those who ponder,

What is your intention?
Do you care to mention?
Feb 10 · 44
Make Me Believe
EmperorMoth Feb 10
I'll fall backward off of a cliff...
As I do it, the lucid light of the warm and welcoming sun will reach down to grab me,
It'll attempt to save me...
But it can only make me cry.
As I fall, as the wind surrounds my body, making way for my rest...
As I do this, within the ethereal plane, there is something that tries to push me back up,
It'll attempt to keep me up high...
But it can only make me smile.
As I flourish in my faith...that something will make me believe...that all of it was worth something
That I didn't waste my tears...
my smiles...
my care...
my hope...
That it wasn't all meaningless...
Something finally does it...
As I fell down waiting to hit the ground, I heard a sound that shook my soul and made me feel something truly profound.
A colossal energy more powerful than a witches fury sent the life around me in a hurry...and caused the world to save me.
A light knocked on my eyes and caused me to cry, because I couldn't figure out why the hell would anything try to bring me back to life...
When I was able to find my way to see, I couldn't believe everything I was able to see and I could finally breathe....
As though none of that ever happened
I was back on the cliff
I was brought back...
Feb 10 · 37
Moon and Son
EmperorMoth Feb 10
I'm just a boy in a sea full of stars
Wishing that I could share what spans wide and so far
In this litten abyss going farther than mars
It's a wonder-lit-land that's where our spirits are

And you're just a boy, just like little ole me
Wanting something so close, full of love but believe
That this story will stream farther than we can see,
Cause it's you and it's me and my love, we're a team

That goes on and on
Like the universe
We go further, stronger when we are immersed
This is our union, united in love
We're ourselves with each other
Formed from two into one

Yes, I'm just a boy who was once one before
Who had no one to hold, I was me, just a bore
Then I found me my star still living in my heart
Came to life now you're here, caused a new beat to start

As I fill up again sharing life hand-in-hand with you
Holding me closely cause that is the plan
Where you build me on up and I same on to you
Come transformed and better, a journey for us two.
Feb 9 · 37
Sleep Paralysis
EmperorMoth Feb 9
If I held my breath every time I thought of you, I wonder if I'd die,
Set in pause, held there forever in my subconscious, lingering,
You're not what I fear.

I've lost my words to play the right song,
So instead I smile and I play along,
If for every time I wanted to scream, erasing you from my dreams...,
Would I drone in the background, neverending?

What's this that I cannot wipe away, ash and shadows, symbols of decay,
Ghosted by hope, I hope to one day forget all of you that lingers,

Because unless you come to me as a polar opposite of the one that broke me...
I'll never be able to remove the grip of your fingers.
Jan 23 · 53
I forgive You
EmperorMoth Jan 23
Bruised and disheveled
But I still stand with open arms
Not waiting
But willing
Because someone did it for me
When I didn't realize i needed it.
Jan 23 · 33
EmperorMoth Jan 23
I'm looking for a peace of mind, but you must go so that I find
And with your leave, it lifts a weight so I shall write something to

A tap of time stretched till this day
I pause your mind to live okay
I visit yours now taste the same
A kind of mad that leaves you gray

Open doors til' they come off so I can walk through without a lost
These words I use encrypted too, please leave my mind, you just have to

For me and for you, you just have to...
Or make a move or I will have to.
Tap into yours and visit you and see your world so you will too, then you will know why I am here asking for you to care.
Jan 22 · 44
EmperorMoth Jan 22
Potency pours into passion the moment one feels hope or threat.
The dead produces wisdom from the trails their lives left.
Even the wisest man must die, and all that die leave a trail to continue from.
To make a new trail is to open up opportunity, but to wander upon the same steps of the previous trail is to repeat history.
Jan 21 · 44
EmperorMoth Jan 21
There's a story to be told
One with hidden treasure and gold
All you need as the keys to receive
Are some patience and humility...

There was a foundation set in motion to walk upon
Broken by the chains of a destructive bond
An insecure one and a soul as black as soot
Both broken and bruised by the world's cold heavy boot.

Once in a time, the two had met, a week in and war was set
They both saw it coming
But only one intended to leave it with something.

Fallen they were when the smoke finally fled
Soul shattered, the insecure, nearly dead
The darkened one made way with the fallen heart
For to ****** away hearts was how this dark being was fed.

Could it have been avoided, yes
But hope and desperation was what set this fight into motion
Many nights and many days have passed
But the insecure one's mind is frantic with commotion

One day the insecure grew into a new self,
One so much stronger and abundant in mental wealth
A heart that could forgive such a tragedy,
On a search to willingly promote that dark soul's better health.

Wherever this tale may venture to,
Hopefully, it's somewhere good and healthy too,
For if it prospers so too will a reason to hope,
As a heart with some form of hope, it is a soul, in any state, that can cope.
Jan 6 · 95
Lean on my lesson
EmperorMoth Jan 6
Sometimes i let the weight of the world crush me,
But i don't even have to hold it...

i've been in hell, have came back, and couldn't tell the difference,
but what i've learned, and what i've endured prepared me for the blessing i was going to inevitably have.

All I had to do was not give up.

So...don't give up. A blessing is on it's way.
Let's do this together.
Dec 2019 · 80
EmperorMoth Dec 2019
Open your eyes, love
Remove the debris from the corners
The sun is always up above
Get out of the fantasy
Erase those borders.

Be more selfless
More loving
More caring
More of what you wish was there when you felt your worse...

Because adding to fire won't save the forest.
And without the trees, we all suffocate.
Restrict the fire and even if we save one tree, we've won.
Just because you don't save as much as you would like
It doesn't mean that saving any less is pointless.

It's a matter of perspective.
Change the world,
But to do that, you'll have to open YOUR mind
One tree can bring many
And many trees can disappear by one flame

One will leave you empty
One will fill you with life
EmperorMoth Dec 2019
Anxiety climbing up my back as we cling and latch on,
Pulling, gripping, 'til we're up, up, up, and on top,
Peering out at the world, gawking and gazing,
Vision reformed into the lens of a fishbowl,
Sweat racing down our faces as our hearts patter more paces,
Yanked by the Earth, like lightning from the sky,
Why, oh, why, we yell with no tears to cry,
Exciting as it may be, terrifying, we fall, fall, fall,
An ending to the torment, so close but so far from our fingertips,
Spun around and tossed, like a pinball to a jester, tricked, fooled,
A little under the weather, we're getting kind of queasy,
Hoarse from all the screaming, some are kind of Weezy,
At the end of the rollercoaster, shock, pause, disheveled,
What a journey it is, what a wonder, fun, scary, hard, emotional,
Dec 2019 · 88
EmperorMoth Dec 2019
It's a thrill
A rush
A feel
Down the tunnel
Touch the soul
Textured landslide
Coated novocaine
Crashing faster
Living loosely
Chaos baby
Bold and tested
Here I come
Make you numb
Dec 2019 · 37
A Prince's Demise
EmperorMoth Dec 2019
Royalty, oh royalty, listen to my speech
Tell me how it feels to be so high up in your seat
Blessed with your beauty, though so empty from within
How'd you beat a game that only you would never win
Such a pretty prince placed so neatly on the board
A treasure piece, i hate to say, that I did once adore
So lost in your desire to control the perfect life
You'd break the other pawns, but to them, it was just the rife
I'd hate to have to tell you, but oh prince, woe, woe to you
Your reign of sorrow, so much demise, i am afraid, is due
Your soul has left you with a shell that won't have much to gain
Karma bites back, even you, my love, will drench under the rain.
You've taken a part of my heart...
And that means you can't truly lose...
But because I have heart left, it beats,
But i'll always know how I was used.
Dec 2019 · 42
EmperorMoth Dec 2019
I can't get you out of my mind...
And yet I've already left yours...
I just want to be someone a good and mutual love could find
But i always get dropped like your unwanted chores...

Can't you see my smile, behind all of my bleeding
No wonder you find it wild, that it's tears that I am seeping
I've cause my own destruction, though I knew feelings were fatal

and now i'm here dying slowly
in a world so ******* hateful

I didn't ask to like you, no
I wanted to forget you, but instead, now i know

all these little unnecessities that I don't need to, so

here i am dying...alive...heart becoming hollow

Slowly withering, like a plant, gone by the tiniest winds blow
EmperorMoth Dec 2019
Ever since i met this world
I always found myself in trouble
stumbling over the bodies of the empty
and influenced by poison, seeing double
Someone wants to see my fall
And I find that some type of funny
Because I don't see that as a loss at all
Cause i'm the bee and I make the honey
See, I control what they can see
And I maneuver what they will not
I can play the game too
But I simply choose not to, no one's at fault
Dec 2019 · 57
I can see myself winning
EmperorMoth Dec 2019
I haven't always been this lost
Playing cat and mouse in an amazon maze
Peeking through the leaves and all the moss
For a path outside of this confusion game
Holding gems and such to say i'm safe
From a broken heart and feeling disgraced
Cast a spell or two to mend my faith
Bending illusions to clean the waste
I can see myself winning tonight
And that kind of builds my confidence
No more smiles, i'm not a fool, alright,
Sudden transformation in an instance,
I can be victorious without a clue
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
Did someone crank up the gravity?
It's getting harder to smile...
Like my lips are being held down by weights.
Feeling as though I am being pressed into the Earth.
Crushed by this neverending game over...
It's becoming harder to smile.

Let alone, breathe.
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
Life began to feel like a game
the moment I realized the unending cycle
I'm born
I develop a passion
I adventure to fulfill it
I fail, no matter the path
I crumble
My heart dies
I'm revived
I'm reborn
I adventure to fulfill it...

there soon becomes a weight made of my record, losses piling up till i sink deep into the abyss...

A game in which you cannot win.

Hopefully, there is a twist.

A twist in which I learn that I don't win
That I am found, and fought for
That I am rescued and that a new adventure starts

A game in which my passion is to adventure not alone, but as a duo
Nov 2019 · 105
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
I've tripped on a pebble colored by the rain,
I've stumbled and fallen, but little there pain,
Continued my journey, not much thought I've gained,
Just caution is key, nothing really to blame,

Go walking and walking along the paved path,
Hope this time I won't trip and fall on my ***,
No trouble there was for me to form a laugh,
Sometimes a tumble can be more good than bad,

So Life, a game, where struggles will double through,
Though winning is simple, surprisingly true,
Just value the memories, let out your laughs,
Cause once the games over that will be your last,

Life, life, oh what a grand game,
Where knowing something and winning aren't the same,
Life, life, the tales it entrusts,
Be wary, or you might end up in the dust,

So now that you know a little about it,
I hope you have fun, or at least just a bit,
Cause no matter what, you are here, you must play,
And no one fully knows what's after either way.
what a's been.
Nov 2019 · 59
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
When the sugar hits my mind
I lose the sense to make sense
Complicated caffeinated composure
Crafted by this new exposure
Is it me that I am seeing
Running so fast through the hour
Elevated so high up
On this rush-built tower
But then there is a crash
And when it crashes it crumbles
And I fall as fast as I flew
What a rollercoaster sugar is
Nov 2019 · 54
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
Brought from Heaven
Made from a spell
Summon an angel
Ring the honey-bell
Fall from the sky
Wish upon the star
Here I come, my love
I'm closer than I am far
See that shimmering
Reach out to grasp it
Cause it's me smiling
Something you won't resist
Bring out a miracle
Enjoy the fortune
Feel the serenity
Let me sing you a love tune
Nov 2019 · 90
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
I'll put my heart in the freezer,
Turn my brain onto autopilot,
Go on a cruise starting this winter,
And finally, mingle solo where it's dark and quiet
I'll become so gray, that I look less like a human,
And I'll lose that life I was so full of,
Hollow out like a pumpkin,
Become one with this pitiful world lacking love.
I'll blend right in, no need to be me,
Close these eyes that let me see so well,
The ones that led me to feel so crazy,
And I'll finally have that switch to be who I'm fated to be,
I'll be just as dead on the outside as my heart feels from my inside,
No hope, color, and any of that stuff I used to have; no more glee.
Nov 2019 · 48
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
Sometimes pain can be really funny,
Especially when you saw it coming,
You had the chance to dodge the gun, but stood like a deer, shot dead
But what's the funniest is that you never really die,
Stuck on an endless repeat of the same journey,
But it becomes less than surprising,
And you wonder if you can ever really beat it,
But that's why it's so funny,
You have the knowledge, but that's the theme of fate,
No matter how much you know, you'll never really win,
All you can do is accept that you're out of control,
And then maybe, maybe it'll end.
Nov 2019 · 50
Star Witch
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
Nobody can be who you are,

So continue to be the one and only you, star

Elevating magic through your presence, amazing

Go so far, graze the sky, lift up hopes, fly so high

It's no game for a champion, my, my

Keep your light shining bright
Nov 2019 · 156
Rainbow Shoelaces
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
We had something that never happened
Lost, uncertain, no control
Kids on a playground, ring-o-round,
Livid souls, trying to run but are trapped in

Suited like a shadow with multiple resting faces
Soul sunken into my shoes in my rainbow shoelaces

Apple in my throat, choking on my emotions
Anxious, paranoid, the same typical symptoms
I feel a little crazy, but at least it's kind of fun
It's a scary day when the depression comes

Captivate my flickering,
This hearts a costume, playing daydream
I'm tired of running the same old mazes
Time to tie up my rainbow shoelaces
Nov 2019 · 71
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
I'm trying to capture these feelings and set them free
Sending them away with notes of mind
Opening my relic of emotions to unwind
But I come to realize that I'm SOOOO
e m o t i o n a l
And I'm overwhelmed with not enough room to let them fly
It's getting hard to breathe
Typing this, I feel trapped, clogged
Something swelling my soul with too much
I'm disappointed, but not surprised
I'm happy and thankful, but I also want to cry
When did we start to casually want to die
Why do I ponder why do I try
Yet I also feel content
I could spend time at home or stay here with my friends
I like a boy who's too far ahead to see me
And when I could have set him free

i'm emotional
unstable is an understatement
i feel like the embodiment of chaos
yet i also feel like order
somehow i am like a painting that is a beautiful catastrophe
i don't know how to express myself
i feel like i'm in a game where the point is to simply accept that you can only lose
but i don't only lose, not all the time
i lose and win and lose at acknowledge my winning
i'm never satisfied because the one win i want i continue to lose at
i just want that and it's like a carrot dangled in my face

how do i feel so constrained in such a spacious room
why do i feel so enclosed in a world so big
enslaved behind a glass peering into a room labeled free

why am i so emotional
Nov 2019 · 112
Imp Boy
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
Imp boy
What big brown eyes you have
How I wonder what they've seen
What they have passed
So small, so somber
Your aura, I ponder
You simmer in silence
You observe your table
I see that tension, cumber
Built behind your gable
Am I concerned
I'm just in awe
I'm a snow moth attracted
To a dark imp boy, of all...
Nov 2019 · 36
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
There are no walls,
No protection,
Built for tragedy,
Built to be hollow
Cometh the storm, blow down the doors,
But built, it is, to always reform,
A heart so fragile,
A heart so committable,
What a sentence,
A misery,
Stuck in submission,
A life without serenity.

Not all bad, not all good,
A heart,
Built to forgive,
Built to love,
Built to empathize,
Built sturdy,
What a gift,
But built-in an environment that rejects it,
This is its sentence,
Too good for this world...
Sold to the forgotten,
A valuable pearl.
Nov 2019 · 176
The Moon, He's my Friend
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
The moon, he's my friend,
Watching me wander cluelessly,
Sometimes, I tell him my worries,
Often, they get testy,
But he never leaves me abandoned,
He's always there, glowing, somberly,
And he smiles at me because he can see my future,
Even when the sun shines, he's there, watching me, hopeful for me,
I sing to him, he listens to me,
I wish I could hug him sometimes,
Because he affects me, like the tides in the endless blue sea.
The moon, he's my friend,
and I, am grateful, and he reminds me to be happy.
Nov 2019 · 35
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
A poet compiling a story from chaos crafted by reality
Sharing his mind and hoping it'll bring him sanity
Begging for a solution to a story riddled with ash and snow
Blinded and reaching out to a boy hidden in shadows
Bound by memory, lost in the moments before
How sad a story that has to do with a poet like this; a bore.
He didn't grab his attention, left to a lack of chemistry
Hoping to be a good boy, good friend...with whatever that is

We will see how this story unfolds.
Nov 2019 · 42
Heart: Snow & Ash
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
It desires to bind two that corrupt their natures
Pounding at its door, hoping to leap out into a new story
Pained, it complains, as it should
How unfair, how expected.

So complex and simple, ice formed art created from the tears of the sky, cast collectively, crafted by the pain the world shivers...
Hoping to coat the world, maybe then will it feel peace.
Sharing many forms, wet, dry, sticky...I wonder, what you want...
that answer is simple; the heart

Seeping somberly from the remains of the forgotten
Sad yet beautiful in your own way, complex yet so ordinary, compiled of the tears of destruction. Why do you glow so confusingly? How I wish you'd glow forever...because you want to be beautiful, but you leave stains on the heart

This is a sad love story, but it has a chance to change
Nov 2019 · 88
Snow and Ash
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
Falling gracefully down this path that I don't know
He follows me down, so similar, so different
Falling so complex
We fall

It's a thing to wonder, how I ponder
What does this mean
Is it what it seems
Nov 2019 · 51
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
In the silence, coated in reservation
Bleak and desolate the dark blue soul,
Unaware of the concluding conspiracy,
A ponderance gifted from a being of coal
Contrasting confliction comprised of confused conceptions,
Crafted chaotically by the mind a tot contracted
Fated curiously, forested and forlorn
My muse, how i hope the best will happen.
Nov 2019 · 58
Red is a Warning
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
Red is a warning that comes in many wonders...



Red, what an interesting color.

Hearts, Anger, Passion, Danger...

Just a wonder, a color.
Nov 2019 · 39
i want it
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
i'm in danger
hoping a hopeless desire
wishing on a dead star
what a dumpster fire
life keeps getting stranger
compelling annoying things
a wonder the world is
listen to it as it sings
A darkened light
It's what i'm beginning to want
My foolish sight
The light just loves to taunt
And now i'm here
alone and silent
confused, quiet
i want it
Nov 2019 · 70
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
In the snow, peppered with ponderance,
I catch a glimpse of a boy.
Silently shuffling, inhaling the frosty air in motion.
I notice his raven black hair, salted with snow, embraced by a scarf settled warmly over his shoulders.
Such a small man.
Locked into himself to lock in warmth, unaware of my curious observations, he surprises me.


As he continues to shuffle in the cold, his eyes meet mine, and I'm unable to keep my gaze. I look away, but then I find myself back.
Back in my previous position, curiously gazing at a snow-ridden boy.
Poisoned by this intrigue, I find it painful. But even so, I continue.
His eyes meet mine again, but I'm frost-bitten, I cannot look away.
His eyes captivated me, unlike any I've seen before.
In awe, I've become a statue.
What a beautiful boy.
His gaze fails him, his tint changes ever so lightly, painted by the atmospheres around him.
He's challenged my gaze...again...


Silent, no longer shuffling, lost in the moment...
Where did the time go?
He smiles, modestly, bashfully, curiously...
My gaze fails me...

How unordinary...
The temperature confuses me.
He's not so small, gradually.
My heart starts dancing frantically.
What's happening...
I challenge him, and he accepts it willingly.

Who would have known?
In a moment, that's where it'd go.
Slowly but surely, something unexpected is being brewed.

Truly Unordinary.
An experience for me that's new.
Nov 2019 · 88
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
The order shifted into chaos the moment I met you...

and now I'm falling gracefully...

curious, I wonder, what do you ponder...

Like a pool piled of puzzles...

You surprise me, and then you don't...not that it hurts me to be so...

What do you see when you look at me...
Nov 2019 · 27
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
Those eyes of yours, big, brown, full of sadness.
I've wondered why, but I've seen a bit of your soul.
You wander in darkness, you're all alone, you claim that you like it,
But I can see that that's wrong.
You want something much better, but you're stubborn, like me.

You're no ordinary boy, and that, I can see.
But you do ordinary things, and it's because you think you should.
You think you're the one in control, but has that done you any good?
When we take control, we fall in our tracks.
And the harder our fall, the bigger the cracks.

You claim that you're evil, I think that you're sad.
You want so much power, but you'll just go mad.
I want so much better for you, I really do.
But you have to see why it concerns me, the things that you pursue.

What are your intentions, unordinary man?
I hope you'll decide to be good because I know that you can.
Oct 2019 · 120
EmperorMoth Oct 2019
Words clot in my throat
My brain can't remember what it wrote
My heart is on its last leg
My soul lost its will to beg.

What a lesson that I did learn
Everyone is an angel until it's their turn
A way is a wall when the waves break the ground
Life is a lesson where your way up is down

Picked potently poisoned
A chosen way to be sentenced
Sweet mercy, where'd you ever go
learned for a point for dependence.
Dependence ≠ weak
Independence ≠ strong

Too much of anything and be used wrong.
Oct 2019 · 28
EmperorMoth Oct 2019
It's a game we all play,
Dressing up and playing hideaway
It might as well be Halloween every day
Cause people become actors, pretending to be okay

Ghosts come lurking every night,
First, they're there, then out of sight
Attached to some, now that's a fright
A typical day for some of us to fight

Not every rainbow road is a perfect passage
Some won't last, beautifully tragic
Not an uncommon life, it's not that shocking
A typical day for those who lost their hoping
Sep 2019 · 246
EmperorMoth Sep 2019
I speak it into existence...
I will be fine,
and happy.

Though the fall is coming, the winter shadows it.
And through that shadow, gloom lurks.

There will be a crooked reality,
and for some, joy.
But even after that, it lingers.

Not this time. Let it be crooked.
Let it be corrupted.
But I refuse to let it prosper this year.

I will win.
I will shine.
I will be warming,

I will love, care, and share my joy, gracefully.

Everything has a flaw, but everything isn't beautiful.
This winter, beautiful depravity, will be beautifully crooked.
I speak it into existence.
Sep 2019 · 87
Wishful Thinking
EmperorMoth Sep 2019
Life is a warzone;
yet here I am, calmly continuing forward.

Beautiful tragedy, the scene around me;
where the trees and birds sing together, but not everyone can see.

Opened by the will above;
I hold a force unlike the common.

I am no better, no worse, or etcetera;
I come as a messenger with an omen.

There comes hope in the eye of the sky;
Forces greater than you and i.

But with them will be a document listing lives;
Did you take the one request that came from the hope in the sky?

Open your hearts, for it comes stealthily;
I am not here to frighten you.

I'm expecting you not to trust my words;
but you also have the choice to.

Maybe it's wishful thinking, to hope that you'll understand;
I understand you, a child of Man.

But I am merely a messenger, a poet with an omen;
Surely you'll ponder this, hopeful because you can.
Sep 2019 · 42
Sun Kissed
EmperorMoth Sep 2019
Grip the will
around the ropes
Lock the seal
And cling to hope
Let it beat
The heart of love
Take your seat
The throne above
Hold your soul
And hug your mind
Mental road
One of a kind.
Sep 2019 · 121
And in An Instance
EmperorMoth Sep 2019
"We've got this"

"Yeah, we're all going to get through this"

"I'm not even scared, just don't forget to remember me on your way out"

They all glanced forward...and in an instance, they all felt the same painful explosion of emotions.

"I won't forget you guys"

"Shh, you're going to make me cry. Don't talk like that"

"Shut up, you heard me, just remember me when you get back"

Before them, lied the door into their next journey. Had they known what was in stored, maybe they would've reacted differently...

"Remember...when we used to come here, and couldn't wait to do this..."

"Yeah. And we used to say that Taylor wasn't coming"

"Those were good times"


"Is this...really it"

"I don't want to go anymore"

"Let's just stay here"


"We can't"

"Even if we wanted to."


"If I don't see you guys after this...i just want you to much i love all of you."

"Yeah, me too. Especially you, Johnny. I'm going to miss hearing your weird laughs"

"***, and Tamera"

"Her voice is everything"
"I know right, please keep singing"

"Guys, now i'm going to cry"

Staring forward, into the endless abyss behind the door...hesitation began to build like tension.

"I wish we could stay forever"

"Yeah, never look back..."

"But now we're here"


"Yeah...we're here now"

"And we can't go back"

And like that, one by one, the pool of memories gradually declined in size as they gradually disappeared into the abyss.

"No more goodbyes"

"No more tears and fears"

"And in an instance"

"All of that disappears"

Inspired by the tune of this sound:
Sep 2019 · 46
EmperorMoth Sep 2019
Gunning down the image
Something, you will see it
Believe it
Conceive it
I need you to read it
Desire the solution
The need to know
To hold on to answers
The things I can show
Please ponder my heart
And ponder your own
Do I love you
Do I love you
Can I want to...


my entirety.
Sep 2019 · 222
Somehow, I felt relieved.
EmperorMoth Sep 2019
I didn't want to let go...
of all of our memories
of the long lost nights talking
of the dreams we'd share to one another
of the interest that was once mutual.

I didn't want it to change...
at least not into this
i liked you so much
i couldn't tell you what this feeling is.

But you let me go, and I fell on your shallow ground...
i wasn't the prettiest, so you didn't want me
i wasn't the funniest, not entertaining
i'm not the most colorful, so you didn't see me
but you used to...what happened?

Yet, after I told you that I couldn't watch you disappear...
and although you didn't seem to care
somehow, i felt relieved.

Because it wasn't you that I was going to lose...
but just another part of me.
i saved my self, and i got away.
i truly cared for you
after all the things telling me not to...
and you let me get away.
thank you
Aug 2019 · 143
A peek into Etheria
EmperorMoth Aug 2019
Sometimes I peek into Etheria,
Because I ponder where my soul lives,
Casually gliding in the ethereal area,
Trembling cascading chaotic abyss,
Casual sensations indulging in the journey sought.

It's overwhelming, what the power of thought can do;
Place you in realities broad and new,
A contented choke up on surprises, unexpected,
Setting a foundation for limitation is rejected.

What I found in the realm of wonder, Etheria,
From the glimpse, the journey, into an endless inside,
A song, sung so deeply and profoundly,
That only when I touched my face from hysteria,
Had I discovered my very soul, and from that, I cried.
Aug 2019 · 189
EmperorMoth Aug 2019
I'm happily wandering into a new reflection,
The conception that I might feel succession.
Temptations will come, and potentially regression,
but it'll never sting like my previous impression.

As blunt as a bat, as hollow as a vase,
As cold as the dark, as complex as a face,
It comes and it goes, sometimes it reappears,
The dance in my mind, the past, memories trailed with tears.

A leveling adventure, a hike through the jungle,
It's captivating, for sure, all is falling through a funnel,
Grip out at the light, seizing every opportunity,
I may fall, I might, but if I get back up...

This reflection can be revolutionary.
Aug 2019 · 89
Hollow, be Thy Name
EmperorMoth Aug 2019
This sorrow, unforgiven, Hollow, be thy name.

The screams, they come, the pain has won, as cursed and filled with aggression.

Give me today some mercy instead, and forgive me my debt, and I might just feel better.

And please change this sensation, and make hope believable.
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