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Apr 17 · 42
BoringBoy Apr 17
Is it me la
Is it you la
What a world I wish I knew la

l al a lala la lal alallallaaaalllaallalcall

I peep a spy watching for clues
Follow me, am I dying
A want to grin but i'm crying
I feel myself getting so ill

Well what's the point of even trying
Hahaha shun you all
Green to blue to black and all
From pink to green to red to blue to black to clear to weird and fall

I feel like where I go I solo
who wonders what that is that wallows
Apr 17 · 380
BoringBoy Apr 17
I don' like this feeling filling, festering inside of me.
A boiling juice of jaded envy, too much of it to really see.
I've not a home where I exist but call me crazy, you'll insist,
I feel alone in all of this, but when I share, I'm just dismissed.
Black cat in a field of gold, my lore is just a timid gist.
Apr 15 · 38
BoringBoy Apr 15
I had a dream that impending doom was right around the corner.
Waiting to ****** up my mortal life.
And no one would notice I disappeared.

What a world we live in...that I could experience that and not feel shocked.
Apr 8 · 75
BoringBoy Apr 8
The day was going so well until I got smacked in the face by a soccer ball...

And what makes it worse is that I felt it coming.

yeah, that's my life.
Apr 8 · 45
BoringBoy Apr 8
A cascade of moods flush my seemingly eternal slumber,
Reminding me that I am, in fact, alive.
Although, I don't feel very alive, latched to cumber.
A battle where winning is something to strive.
A game of trials where I battle alone.
No amount of pleading will change me my fate.
Something's hunting for my soul until it is gone.
It's hard to walk humbly in a world full of hate.

I'm watched by bystanders who relate but hide.
To make me feel alone, excuse it with pride.
You must have people, so for that, you are wrong.
They tell themselves this 'til I've broke and I've died.
I question their motives, now that I'm a ghost.
How could someone love so **** selfishly cruel?
You love for some people, yet in that, you boast.
They're hypocrites, and I love like a fool.
Apr 7 · 145
Black Sheep.
BoringBoy Apr 7
If I'm deep but raw, i'm not heard at all.
If i'm shallow and disguised, i'm neither loved or despised.
If I'm like everyone else, I don't feel better when I'm my self.
Because I live in a world that rejects me.
I feel like a robot, stuck behind a glass screen.
Apr 6 · 84
Story of Osten
BoringBoy Apr 6
I saw it look at me,
And, then fled,
Something, as scary, as they all said,
So I followed it into the woods,
Cause if you had a brain, you would.

I gently, tip-toed, over the stuff,
A branch, some boulders, some weak, some tough,
Until I saw a shadow nearby,
I knew they would never tell a lie.

They said it would eat me if I am near,
Take me captive so no one would hear,
And they all had a play in all this,
Now here I am in the woods with it.

It noticed me and then it stretched out,
Laid on its stomach, a friend, no doubt,
To let me pet it and without fear,
So that's what I did when I got near.

Now when I visit, I call its name,
"Osten" for ostensible, the same,
My friend, my ally, my companion,
Who would have known it'd be a dragon?
Apr 6 · 44
BoringBoy Apr 6
Silent widow dancing down the street

Lucid weather warmer than the heat

Cheerful mornings gently play like dreams

It's a haunting, scarier than the sea

If stars may fall let them drown us

A light pool of hope and of trust

A story of a wonderful delight

Something we all want to indulge in the night.
BoringBoy Apr 6
Hey over there, with the wild unruly hair.
Do you ever wonder why this world is so very unfair?
Is it's clearness so foggy and it's foundation soggy?
Does your hope make you groggy when the ground feels so boggy?

Listen here, my sweet and fragile dear.
Even a bird of hollow bones can sense that aura of fear.
But it is okay, for this is why you are so sane.
A world that was fair would just ruin this game.

Have you ever felt good, when you conquered a challenge?
When everyone else seemed to have found their allonge?
Yet you had to go further to leap over the hurdle.
And when you leaped out they all soon turned into turtles.

It's a game my dear, but a game of what's there.
When did the game master ever say that this game was fair?
Now put on your shoes, and make this your campaign.
And you will never ever look at the game the same.
Apr 5 · 36
Selfish Ears
BoringBoy Apr 5
You can tell someone
Your whole

And all they heard was the mistakes you made and who was involved in it.

You can tell someone that you loved them, and all they hear is the regrets they feel about their past.
Apr 5 · 35
Judged By Your Title
BoringBoy Apr 5
If you're reading this
It's because of the title
And I wonder if you'll type anything
Or scroll away
And move on
With nothing to say
Because maybe you were looking for something
Something to relate to or make you feel good
Well, maybe this would:

You don't have to be a poet to express yourself
But if it helps, good.
Just remember, some people make poems public
because they notice people care
but the risk is that some people
can make you feel like you were never there
So stay strong
Look in that mirror
At your eyes
And remember
If bad comes, so does good.
Apr 5 · 114
BoringBoy Apr 5
Meet him
Spill your life onto him
Watch his face
He'll say it's okay
Watch him walk away
He's been gone since that day.

Met her
Keep to your self
Here she comes
How are you today
Everything is okay
She'll eventually fade away.

All on your own
You feel the dread in your bones
They don't know what this feeling's like
Triggers and alone, and you want to die
Crying yourself to sleep
Get ready to repeat.
Apr 4 · 113
BoringBoy Apr 4
I just want you to ask me if I'm okay.
But when I tell you my heart, you look away.
Don't get nervous when I try to disappear.
I just don't know what it is that you fear.

If diamonds are in the rough,
Then I guess our connection is full of them.
Our genre is a heartbreak if this was our final film.
It's like we're playing a game to find out what to say.
But if you don't see it, my voice has left me today.

I just want you to help me not to decay.
But you act like i'm a fire to your spray.
As Autumn sheds its leaves that fly through the coast.
I just can't help feeling like i'm a ghost.

I just can't help...feeling like i'm...a ghost.
Apr 3 · 326
BoringBoy Apr 3
They're like the weather.
Not all sunny days are warm.
Not all rainy days are relaxing.
Not all stormy days are intimidating.
Not all warm days are enjoyable.
Not all foggy days are thick.
Not all snowy days are ****.

They can be extremely predictable or not predictable at all.
Apr 3 · 39
Poem 1
BoringBoy Apr 3
Why do we lie
When we panic
Say I love you
Then yell **** it
We choose neglect
And that's tragic
It's a secret
Little habit
Falling so down
Just to wake up
In a limbo
We can't make up
Living a life
Mimic a game
It's deja vu
It's all the same...

In the end
Apr 2 · 139
It Wants Me To Die
BoringBoy Apr 2
There's this weight that numbs my entire body.
I rarely ever feel awake enough to call for someone.
Smiling here and there, winging my existence.
Attempting to attempt to go with the unpredictable flow.
It's stripping the lives I invest in, bankrupting me of any connections.
Isolated by everything but darkness, seeping in, like an infection.
Neglected and forgotten, oh no, there goes my monophobia.
Rapidly repeating this cycle of depravity, what a f*cking tragedy.
My fortune is as fortunate as living but being brain dead.
Instead of ever really feeling here, disconnected, stuck in bed.
Like this evil aura projects a demon over the body of a moth.
I'm being abused by something, blinding me, i'm lost.
I'm no one's friend, no one's love interest, no one's first choice.
Not that I want that, but I only really ever just wanted love.
But the one thing I wanted, when I could have wished for anything,
Is the one thing that constantly gets taken away from me...
I just don't want to feel alone, forgotten, on my own...
There goes my monophobia...anxiety is elevating.
I don't have panic attacks, so where does it all go?
Building up an evil to consume my soul?
Trapped in a life built on feeling like a fool, not too good not so bad.
I want to scream, let my tears stream, but I feel stuck.
In the end, I can't even cry, I just move on...
And it laughs, playing with it's little brittle fingers
Watching me break and mold until I'm cold and too old
Like a moth with it's wings ripped off at birth with the wish to fly.
This evil thing is using me as a sacrifice and it wants me to die.
Apr 1 · 91
World's Tension
BoringBoy Apr 1
There's that lingering tension
Think this restriction's commissioned
Feel that strong impending doom
Coming for us on a mission
Some of us shrug it all off
And other's bulk up and guard
Can't decide what we should do
But we know we cannot charge
Are we to wait for defeat
Will we have some type of chance
Or should we just go retreat
This isn't our type of dance
This feeling doesn't feel right
As if the world might explode
Yet for some reason, I grin
Who knows what the future holds
Apr 1 · 164
BoringBoy Apr 1

am I enough...
Apr 1 · 34
BoringBoy Apr 1
I try not to get tongue-tied when I glare at the obvious wrongs before me...

I cannot continue to constantly cry because I bleed my words out for no inspiring reason.

Wondering why we wake up and try to live our lives surrounded by people who tiptoe on their words, stepping onto those that they think they're superior over, I included...

But beyond myself, will anyone else be bold and brave enough to say what I just said?

Or instead, glance by, unphased until your dazed by the fact that you had a chance and yet you blew it, bombed it, tragic

Sad, yet, longly lost and losing hope in humanity, for the humanity that brings hope seems to be from a different reality

Dead or distant, but both are fiction to the now and the present, attendance is key, but if you're gone, or gone, you can't say that you belong when you and I know that's wrong...

In the end, no one wins, because instead of fighting together for something better, we separate, isolate, and we hate, just because we want to control something...sometimes..

leading to nothing...
Fun things burning behind the masks people love shining
Thinking it's better to be fake than to say fake
Even though lives are at stake...

And yet I bet I'm right.
People don't want meaning anymore that isn't repetitive
for even if it was repetitive, someone would find something to wrong, linking to a sedative

Sleeping soundly, waiting for the world to end
But what will you do if it already is
Pretend to not care and destroy your whole life
Cutting up your story into pieces with lies lining your knife...

In the always restarts again.
No change, so how can we even win?
Mar 31 · 122
Not Your Element.
BoringBoy Mar 31
I am not air.
Don't neglect me, but also acknowledge my presence.
Don't take me for granted, and use me as a way to avoid others.
I am not water.
I am not here to shower you with energy.
I am not here to be polluted with your bs.
I am not dirt nor rock.
Don't assume i'm easy to kick around.
I have my bugs, but that doesn't mean i'm unappealing.
You will not walk over me, damage and destroy me for your own interests.
I am not fire.
Although, I may have a temper, don't assume I'll burn you.
I can be warm, but don't take my warmth for granted.
I am not your element.
But I am your friend.

If you learn to love me as who I am, our bond may never end.
Mar 30 · 205
BoringBoy Mar 30
I'm not a monster
But I can be trouble
So I don't need people
To come and burst my bubble
But who wants to be alone
You monsters love playing games
Can you not wait till I am gone
To start giving me cruel names
From family to "friends" till we start over again
Why does it want me to suffer so
All I wanted to do was try to blend in
But here I am left empty in a one-man show
Often I'm writing, and I'd rather not be
Constantly wondering if this is meant to be reality
Begging for someone something to change this ending
I'd hate for the only love I get to be when someone is sending.
But I can't say that I don't get love and life
It's just I'm not fond of the distant love that's out of sight
So, be blunt and listen to my hone cry for you to come home
Cause I don't want to be here in this darkness all on my own.
Mar 30 · 228
Dreadful Sentence
BoringBoy Mar 30
"I'm seeing someone, but I don't know what to say...can you give me some advice?"

Meanwhile, you've never dated anyone, can't tell if it's you or something that's hidden behind the sun...

Stuff like this is what causes living with people to be not so fun.

And to top that, you've liked this person, but now they come to you...

.A.s. i.f. t.h.e. u.n.i.v.e...r..s.e. .w.a.s. w.a.i.t.i.n.g. .t.o. t..e.ll. .a. .j.o.k.e.. .t.ha.t.. w..o.u.l.d. .e.n.d .w.i.t.h. .b.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. .y.ou. ...........too.
Mar 30 · 39
BoringBoy Mar 30
If you saw the lyrics of the song you listen to before you heard it wonder if you'd care about it as much.
Mar 29 · 32
BoringBoy Mar 29
Dancing alone in a park of roses
A wonder this crazy mentality
Say yes, ok, I'll be alright
And swim in an ocean of tears I seeped

A wonderful somberland full of glumbugs
A ditzy blue fogged tragedy
Prickled the maze of roses galore
I've already hit max capacity

Combustion is safer than coldly lingering
But some of us beg to differ
I wished people could just be brutally honest
Even if it ended with me under a trigger
Mar 28 · 171
BoringBoy Mar 28
Never asked to be popular
But he does want to be heard
Cause he won't like being attended to
Only when he's no longer able to even produce a word

Full of false fortunes
In a world of many lives
Crafted by selfish innuendos
Pretending that in this we thrive

Busted broken fallen towers
Crashing collapses decorating his broken shell
Shame the story of the advocate
Always ends with his casket and not a single tear that fell

But the thriving will say that they did their best
Even though they only felt him detestable
Claim it how you will, they've shunned him
And now this silence has become reciprocal.
Mar 28 · 30
Mote 1
BoringBoy Mar 28
To the wave of emotions
Pulling me onto the bay on a gray and stormy day
Who would have known that the bay would be quicksand
Sinking quickly, of course, but there to save, not a single hand

Woke up, it was a dream
But this reality is much similar on gray days like this, closer than they seem.
Mar 25 · 54
BoringBoy Mar 25
What's the point of speaking
If you're put on mute

Mar 23 · 183
Lean On Me
BoringBoy Mar 23
I want you to talk to me
But you're shutting me out
Like the world does with impending doom

But do you think that it's helping
Cause if you do, I bet you've doubt
You're not the only person in this expanded room

I'm here, waiting, with my arms open wide
When you come to me, and I comforted you, don't be surprised
I only want you to feel love, joy, and cared for

I will never leave you to fight the battle alone
Because I've been living in this world as a ghost all on my own
I am forever your best friend, and I am your ally in this war.
Mar 23 · 65
BoringBoy Mar 23
Some of the best moments in life are done alone.
Don't worry if at this moment you're on your own.
Let that silence be a peace to your beautiful ears.
Cherish this lack of entropy in a world bounded by fear
Mar 22 · 535
BoringBoy Mar 22
Desperately grabbing on to imaginary safety, hoping that maybe
just maybe, they'll save me.

This is no virtual reality, but it's hard to see reality when the fast pacing of ghosts and goblins are racing to neglect you as if you weren't ever here, to begin with...

This endless stress I'm feeling is a confession of my LACK of pity
because I feel like it's fitting for this circular way of ending

Spinning in this pattern
Fending for myself on an endless pasture
Demons and shadows, I call those the normal
Opposing humanity that lacks reality
Blinded by the constant wall we bring together
Formally restraining the legs, because we think it's better

"What's the weather"
A constant concoction of tales and tallies for the repeating day
Like a feather, the weight of these lifeless questions couldn't keep the ocean at bay

"What else is there to say"

It's not about what you say that will matter anyway,
Although the power of words is often underestimated,
Keep in mind whom invests in you and what you say,
For those will be you're biggest assets and liabilities.

But if you insist, say what you value, and value what you say,
Because your actions will amount to what comes from them at the end of the day,

Constantly tiptoeing over words like an *** drunk and stumbling over grass

We value the past, abusing it until we've drained it of any real mass it once had, excusing what we do, based upon the past

Forgetting that the past is so close yet fastly becoming the last player in this race in time,

What kind of journey must we take to pick what we say, what we do, what we feel, what we value,

giving our value to ourselves, excusing someone else's hell and making it about an experience that we still dwell on,

our experience

forgetting the rotating reality around us never really rotated around us, but it around it, around it, which we are apart of, silently sending chaos into its sight as we see fit

fright...we should feel because this multiple concoction of words is really a riddle, hidden message, pleading for safety, which may never come, fiddling my thumbs as I write this passage,

Paving a plea that may one day be seen and actually pondered...
Or maybe left, neglected, as expected, not graced even lightly with another soul's wonder.
Mar 19 · 24
Music Musing
BoringBoy Mar 19
Yes, Katy, I've felt like a plastic bag, drifting in the wind, wishing to start again.

Being a firework sounds great, but sounds kind of...temporary, ya know?

I felt like a ghost, drifting every coast, wishing the solitary would end.

I'd rather fade the light of the sun in the sky and show my shine, you'd recognize that I'm a starry sky

Bigger than the view in your eyes
I'm always here, but I don't always shine
Mar 18 · 35
Solo Campaign
BoringBoy Mar 18
Sometimes the shadow behind me is larger than me, but i guess, go figure
Seemingly empty, I stare in the mirror, I want to feel like a winner
Trying to go back in time in my head causing mental butterfly effects
Like falling dominos, I get knocked over, over and over again
Building a picture from past mistakes, wisdom crafted like it is glass
As I ******* freedom and then I pay with my life, I feel as though my life is always moving way too fast

Sitting somberly wondering if anyone can see me
Seen and forgotten, lost and already rotten
Questioning my value over some **** that I salue
And chilled over by the journey of the lone

Don't call it to pity to acknowledge that I've always journeyed on my own
A solo campaign is the only life I was pretty much only shown.
Mar 18 · 28
BoringBoy Mar 18
Have you ever felt unheard
But felt that you were being watched
Cause that's how I'm feeling right now
My mood is colors that are splotched
I'm not saying oh woe is me
But I hate no one sees the woe
A game of tag over the sea
Alone, because no one would show
They say loneliness can create
A second copy of your soul
But this one is much gloomier
And where a heart should be, a hole
Mar 17 · 60
BoringBoy Mar 17
I am choking on the present
Nothing really feels the same
Frozen in time, my soul said it
Drowning in eternal shame
But it ends when I turn back on
Start my day over again
Reappear and I respawn
I feel a sharp yet subtle pain
I wish my life was not by Dice
And I could be truly free
But like the game of cat and mice
The word for it is it's ******
Hope it won't be me that ends
With someone stepping on my neck
Maybe reality bends
To keep us from a fated wreck
Mar 17 · 366
Dolly Polly
BoringBoy Mar 17
Distant dolly
Dancing alone
Till she's falling
And she is gone
When she's spotted
The Game begins
Hear that calling
Don't let her in
Why's she crying
Do not be tricked
She is trying
To get you sicked
On by polly
Her teddy bear
He that pulls out all of your hair
Mar 17 · 57
BoringBoy Mar 17
oh im falling
faster faster
all again
the life i had started to dim
spinning spinning until i've said
its time for me to go to bed
when did time start to fly on by
causing my words to slur as i
cry in my hands and sink in sand
that leads no place better than land
a flock of a feather will die together
the wings they used to fly will teather
I lost my self blinded by tears
and fears
sheer till i drown in beer
im scared
i have no where
a soul drifting till it is gone
Mar 17 · 37
BoringBoy Mar 17
One kiss upon a star
Wrap my tune in a charm
I just want to feel whole
Please erase this twilight
No peace in this world
Cease this world of harm
Planet come down, please
Wonder when this hell will freeze
Mar 16 · 65
Two Faced
BoringBoy Mar 16
The dark smiles back
Because I am its friend,
Though silent I breathe
I am a deadly hand,
And just like the sea
That sits next to the land,
The weight I can make
Can crush your soul like sand,
But I'm no demon
So don't fear me as such,
Just heed my warnings
Don't get bold with your touch,
Cause you will just know
When I start to smile,
What you'd call normal
Will soon become wild.
The light smiles back
Because I know what's planned,
Yes, soundly I sing
I am just doing grand,
And just like a wing
The might want to expand,
I may have the flight
To fly to the dreamland,
But I'm no angel
So don't think me as such,
Hear what I'm saying
And it won't be too much,
Cause you will just know
When I start my singing,
The present you know
Will meet awakening
Mar 16 · 186
Deeper Meaning
BoringBoy Mar 16
Into the jungle
Out of the fire
Running in dungeons
No wonder I'm tired
Lacking a motive
Is breathing a value
My gloom's implosive
A contagious vacuum.
Is that a chest
Should I give it stress
I just want to rest
But looting is best
Now I've gotten out
And I even shout
Abruptly, I doubt
When was this a route?
A dream in a dream
Nothing's what it seems
I've fallen in a line
A circle, I mean
Maybe I've been trapped,
No, forward or back
Forever in time
I can't find the cracks
I guess it's the end
I'm lost in the wind
Well, isn't this sad
Guess I'll try again.
Mar 16 · 29
BoringBoy Mar 16
What kind of a guy
Would go out of his way
To climb a mountain of needles
And craft the things you'd say
Just to waste my time
And your own time too
All of those sacrifices we've made
Just for our hard work to be through
Mar 16 · 25
BoringBoy Mar 16
I didn't notice everything was falling
Until I hit the ground.
But, my, how exciting the rush I felt
When my world was coming down.
I pulled a wishbone from my pocket
to make a wish that might come true.
A realm of this feeling,
Sharing the winds tide to come and dance through.
How I utter the hope of energy
That gave me this ecstasy.
With my wish,
May this feeling make this realm no longer a fantasy.
Mar 14 · 36
BoringBoy Mar 14
Beautifully passionate as roses
Sweet and encouraging as ripened clementines
Warm and loyal as the sun
Whimsically protective as the crowns of the trees
Powerfully everlasting as the seas
Soothingly romantic as violets

Blinding as the truth
Sudden as the night
Mysterious as a storm

War drums with an ambition for love.
Mar 12 · 125
BoringBoy Mar 12
Building blocks come crashing down
Like my mood when no one's around
Can't decide to smile or frown
Sometimes It's like my lungs are bound
Now I am pleased, bundled some trees
Set them ablaze and scorched the leaves
Can't clear my name with petty deeds
Sacrifice so my soul is freed.
Mar 10 · 88
BoringBoy Mar 10
Don't pick
And Choose
Your words
Like Jenga
Or you
will reap
their brittle
Mar 9 · 47
BoringBoy Mar 9
Gripping on my soul as I look into the shadow
Morphing and dilating like a pupil in the night
Sending chills down my everlasting spine
Rushing winds flashing me signs
Held back by this giant man
Guarding me against this hellish plan
As the other attempts to pull me in this wake
Telling me that it's for my own sake
Gaze at my toes, drifting further away into the hole
Sinking as the time around simply froze
Left alone with this thing nobody knows
Mar 7 · 64
Solo Campaign
BoringBoy Mar 7
It's okay to smile alone because that smile is probably the most sincere smile you can give.
Mar 7 · 106
Internet Effect
BoringBoy Mar 7
Mar 7 · 120
Don't waste your words
BoringBoy Mar 7
Don't feed pigeons your soul, they won't be satisfied.

You can spin words over and over until they made a blanket to keep someone cozy, but if no one actually cares about your words, then you're left with a blanket you can't even use.

Save your words for someone who actually cares.

Even if you'll have to make a blanket that may one day work for you.
Mar 6 · 58
BoringBoy Mar 6
Have you ever got that giddy feeling
In your gut when everything for the first time felt okay
And then a chill up your spine
Because at some point it would all be thrown away
As if your feelings were controlled like the weather in the sky
And the fall of your whole mood could crash as intensely as that high

Ever got the feeling that you were being watched
From within this world and sometimes not
Like some entity was watching you like you watch the people on TV
Like this whole life you live is nothing more than virtual reality
Now that's a thought that can get really scary

I don't know where I was going with this
But I imagine so much, some pure crazy ****
And at times I find myself sinking deeper in this sand
Mar 6 · 170
BoringBoy Mar 6
Rest assured, confidently
This face you see is a mask irresponsive
Colden by previous wars, every wrinkle is a battle wound
The bigger the frown the heavier the wars
Pay more closely, your attention, to this strut
You see this walk, not burdened by this face
The elegant, inviting, nature of my posture
The swiveling of these hips
This face is just a mask irresponsive
Not even Satan himself is able to break it.
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