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UA 21h
Sometimes I can't help but smile when you come by.

Nonchalantly moving throughout your routine riddled day.

I ponder if I exist in your world; if I'm an important part of your story...
or just another piece in your background.

Who am i to you?

Who will I be, mystery man...?

                                            Often times I glance over, wondering if you'll ever desire to converse with me.

                                           Sometimes I lose myself in the forbidden realm of fantasy.

                                                  I don't want to wander into misfortune.

                                                    ­                        I don't want to like you...
but with every glance over, i find it harder to look away.

                                                       There are little longing lost thoughts  where i know my fear is wiser.

                                               I'll never be able to tell you these things... and you'll never know how compelling you are to me; a stranger in your world;

                                     Inviting you into mine.
7d · 28
UA 7d
Sometimes suddenly, I feel dejected.
Ejected from my previous emotion and rejected by any positive concoction.
Somehow, abruptly, I feel embedded in the thickest soot of sadness, heavy ashes of gloom suffocating my heart and all of its assets.

Sometimes I get bitten by a glumbug, and a blue sky could turn gray, I could be known to be the talker, but have nothing to say. My mind doesn't mind being a bully and having it's if my soul began to rapidly decay.

I'm glumbugged like spontaneously combusted, explosively sickened by this destructive construction. Depravity shaking and waving in motion, corrosive to my life and the future that's open.

Potent, its bite, the glumbug. Random, sudden, terrifying. Like the chilly wind that death carries, or a gut's intuition; like a sign of misfortune. What an awe-inducing contraption.
Aug 5 · 37
To My Soulmate
UA Aug 5
Dear Soulmate,
Wherever you are,

I hope to meet you, want you to meet me, hope you stay after what you see, hope we laugh, we go on an adventure, a voyage, a journey, wish life was simpler.

I ponder about you from time to time, wonder the journey you're upon. Who you are, what you like, if you'll see this, if we'll meet online, in a dream, or offline...

Hope to meet you one day, soulmate,
wherever you are
Aug 5 · 34
cαɴ'т reαcн yoυ
UA Aug 5
i can see you,
you aren't invisible and neither am i,
But you're like smoke, slipping through my fingers.
i can't reach you,
i can't hug you,
No matter how far i stretch for you,
No matter how loud i scream,
How hard i cry,
How big i smile,
you're like a work of fiction that i can't experience,
But i'd like to.
i do want you.

i'm overwhelmed that i'll wake up,
And we won't get to hold each other,
So filled with emotion,
i could turn into smoke.
Aug 5 · 30
ᑕᗩKE ᑭOᑭ
UA Aug 5
Plucked me from a pool of plenty,
Previewed perfect, sweet, and pretty,
Swallowed whole by a silhouette,
I'm not easy, but what a good guess,
Cracks upon the board you've set,
Not a pop of cake to digest,
Never was somebody's snack,
The addiction you've made because you're obsessed,
I am still a kind of treat,
Just not one that's sold, wrapped and made for your deceit.
Jul 31 · 45
Describing My Demon
UA Jul 31
Ever had the urge to sneeze but just when it was about to come out it doesn't?

Ever sneezed and it hurt because it was too hard, so sneezing wasn't as nice as it usually is?

Sometimes you ever eat something so good or do something so bad for the sake of "good" but regret it later?

Ever wanted to cry or scream or just....nvadjknajnvsknv, yet your body didn't seem to agree?

Ever looked in the mirror and realized the person you were looking at isn't the same person you once innocently acknowledged as you when you were younger?

Ever think about the fact that your reflection is looking back at someone else with far worse than any strangers judgment?

Ever smiled in someone's face when you wanted to die, just so that you wouldn't **** their mood?

Ever just chewed on food but didn't dare swallow because you were too fat to deserve to eat for the day?

Ever had them whispering in your ear how worthless, valueless, pointless and otiose you were?

Ever been so drugged up on depression that the only thing you held as truth was the poison you'd willingly swallow called mental abuse and pessimism?

Ever wanted to scrub your skin and erase its color, paint it darker, perm your hair straight no matter the chemicals, fry it to fro no matter the damage, hurt yourself with self-hatred, wanted to just cease to exist because you feel like at least your family for once would actually get along or care about someone if you were gone, because you're not what they got to control?

Ever just silently suffered and forgot?

Ever went through some traumatic experience and was forced to "let go" because no one else cared?

Felt any pain or discomfort reading this?

Well, that's my demon for you.
4:57 AM
Jul 28 · 22
Eight Circles
UA Jul 28
Sometimes my silence speaks louder than my screams
And I don't always know what that means
Listening for someone to balance my chaos
Assuming someone else is supposed to be my peace.

When did forests glow such green
As the sun may glimmer such bright beams
And the sky may shower many delicate streams
Things are beginning to look like a dedicated dream.

Often lost and filled up on alone
Why aren't I good on my own
Where is my wonderland that I could roam
I just want a place to call my home.

a                a
a                a

Way to contemplate life's meaning
Constantly comparing till we all agree on the singing
But some will always tune and tone different ringing
Yet there're strings that keep us attached, grant us our eyes 4 seeing.

Question the poet by the poem's intent
Or form your own story with the imagination pent,
It won't take long to build a fortress with descent
But be wary of what messages you've bent.

Pillage a tower and mangle its stories
Set a fire for disaster or to create some kind of glory
May a field bloom so brightly and it's life vitally strong
Because a life that goes on awhile is a life full of stories just as long.

The                       The
fin             .EnddnE.              fin
The                       The
Jul 27 · 34
UA Jul 27
I went on a journey
Jumping from one memory to the next
And then I forgot what I was doing
Backward, I went, looking for that answer
Where was I going
Why was I going
Grabbing and pulling for that special answer
It's gone
But it will find me
And when it does
I hope I'm not too late.
Jul 26 · 104
UA Jul 26
Just a moment ago I was smiling from ear to ear
Casually wondering what I could do to make it better
Wanting to share it with everyone, and you
Just to see it wither like life always does
So beautiful
and then

Unable to place the pieces into a clear picture
Incapable of understanding the message
You've sent me on a quest for a heart
that didn't exist...
And then blamed me for going.

When will you see that you were trusted
You were given real trust
Given a heart with real magic
A vessel with real actions
Just to deny it as real.

I'm discombobulated.
UA Jul 26
What a game this is,

To be put into a position in which one cannot control. Woven so intricately that the tiniest pattern is complex.

Set on a mission behind a thick wall of confrontation and confusion...

The Protagonist was created to suffer.

Built to live, set to think, gifted with creation, made to suffer.

Truly an unclear concoction.

To put it simply: Someone was put into a position in which they were stuck between actively disrupting the plan of life but could only solve such disruption by losing their being. In such a scenario where a character is set in a world destined to deny them peace, an existence made to deny them peace...and yet somehow, their creator set it into motion...

Where the protagonist of this story was created to suffer.
Jul 26 · 20
UA Jul 26
I may spin and spin
Casting shadows of energy
Twirling here, and then there
For everyone that can see
And I may sing what I can bring
Sell a hell of a show
But it always ends up pointless
Maybe I'm otiose.

I can do it for myself
But my heart had selfless wings
No, it wasn't perfect
But I never solo when I sing
Yet a ghost is a ghost and sadly that's me
Maybe i'm otiose.
Otiose = Have no real purpose
Jul 25 · 78
My Emotions Bully Me
UA Jul 25
Never really had a bully bigger and worse than my emotions.
Come as a friend, shift into a demon, pour so much sadness into me

                Such a scary enemy, my emotions can truly be. Playing tricks on I the kid?
Playing tricks on me.

Thinking thoughts that thwart the trail
Blocking bypaths because bullies behave brashly

All these puzzle pieces sinking my mood quickly uh-oh

Constant circle back to him, causing my fear oh no
No wonder I cower when my emotions bully me.
Jul 25 · 30
Feel my Thoughts
UA Jul 25
Fueled by the fiery finding of gold
Gushing through my fingers,
I have to have it.

Greedy for the find, what a steal,
It's mine,
I've got to have it!

Time seems to quicken, and my body suddenly stiffens
when the word love is mentioned...
Feelings bully my conscious.
That's a poem for later

What a game I'd never like to play
The edges on my thoughts are rather rough today
Jul 25 · 40
Mind my Feelings
UA Jul 25
Wistful feelings I felt while I was deceived by my heart
As I let him whisper hope into my ears I choked
Swallowing my words of disapproval
Smiling bitterly as I gave myself another gamble
And as the dice came dancing down at my feet
Waiting for a pair of even twins
I got two eyes.

I must mind my feelings
because sometimes he can be mischevious
and I can't afford to gamble again
no matter the potential prize
The risk can destroy me
Jul 24 · 33
UA Jul 24
I hope you got what you came for.
Now give your review.
I guess I'm a product right,
Hope you enjoyed me too.
Jul 24 · 18
UA Jul 24
Give me two weeks to reboot
Promise I'll be okay
I hope I'm numb
Lose myself in apathy
Because I can't regret
What I can't feel.

I want to be numb
Big hearts and honesty die here
I want to play the game too
Because I bet I'd win if I lost myself
An exchange for an exchange
I bet this world won't be so gray
Once I have it my way.
Less emotions losing devotion
Withering hope, say hello to destruction
Jul 24 · 19
UA Jul 24
Hold my tongue or speak my heart
A game, a match, war in the dark
Surrounded by people, ghosts led me alone
Shadowbanned, shadowbanned all on my own.

Whisper my feelings, paint them online,
Not always pretty, the original kind,
Not the best picture, not very talented,
Its raw,
it's true,
but I guess it has to be better
I can paint a pretty picture
I can lie for you
I hope people relate to these poems.
Jul 22 · 41
The One That Got Away
UA Jul 22
Told by many to leave you alone,
but I stayed.
My gut told me I would waste my time,
but I had hope.
I fought in a war I was bound to lose,
but I held faith.
Just for you to make it all feel like a waste.
I wanted you, but didn't you want me?
I cared about you, honestly.
It's hard to find people with my type of sincerity...
Guess I'm the one that got away.
I'd be a terrible actor, that's why I don't act.
I'm not a child, I don't need toys to play with.
I wasn't bored when I talked to you,
yet somehow we weren't on the same page.
I guess I wasted my time,
On another fairytale.
I gave my heart to someone that didn't love me...
You lost a heart that truly loved you.
I'll take it somewhere else.
I wish you the best.
Jul 22 · 21
UA Jul 22
There was once a feeling when talking to you
That held up my hope and gave me a smile
A feeling for you, where the gates of this world
The struggles it could provide couldn't touch me
Inspiration passively grew, fluttering it's little wings around my head
Ideas and desires fueling my day
You had a potency like no other
But that made you dangerous too.

You had a wrap on me like no other
Capable of captivating my mentality and sending me off
into depravity, silently sickened by the tragedy of losing me or you
What a world, where the same person that bought me joy could also play with my heart like a toy
Jul 19 · 69
Two Sides, Same Coin
UA Jul 19
Maybe I'm just wishful
Pondering a concoction of questions
Desires dueling with my consciousness
Thinking maybe I'll do something out of routine today
I don't want to live in a way where I regret what I didn't do
push me
pull me
Often times I'm wishful at this time of night, a thought for actions
Nothing but me and a candle, my laptop, and the large lack of light
What a way to wonder what I could do rather than not do
Considering dreamt up realities perhaps
Maybe it's just thinking
Jul 14 · 64
Cling to Shadows
UA Jul 14

Clinging onto the little things you once said
                                                            ­           I'll
                                                            ­         never
                                                           ­          leave
                                                           ­           you
                                                  ­                       .

But had you been more honest, we wouldn't be here...

Erasing memories to make up for sanity.
The things you said to me, why...?

No necessary reason to hold onto a false rope, made out of lies and false hope...

Am I being clingy?
For wanting to know why I feel like you've died?

Am I being stingy, for holding my tears so I wouldn't cry?
Why was it so tell me a story but not the end?
Why did I ever comment back, risking my heart by pushing send?

I can't say i've fallen, but I do need a helping hand...
Cause here I am feeling this way...
And now i'm sinking in quicksand.
Jul 13 · 28
Foreshadow Patterns
UA Jul 13
I had no idea you'd try to **** me with the words you wrapped around my throat.

Whispering nothings that meant something, crushed my soul of any hope.
Jul 12 · 86
UA Jul 12
Never knew how important you'd be
Until I couldn't move you out of my mind.
Sickened by these feelings, see
you have to be one of a kind.
I rarely ever feel this way,
please make it stop and set me free.
I don't know what I want to say,
you're there, I'm here, split apart by the sea.
I can't even eat, barely think, what a world,
Is this love, is this like, I don't know, but I'm scared.
What if you don't feel the same, now I'm curled,
Will you find someone better, when would you lack the care?
I've never had such high hopes in a scenario least likely to happen,
So, my gut has been highjacked by anxiety, can you see why i'm acting weird?

Please, please...
I don't want to fall in love again.
Falling in love - Klahr Retouch
Jun 27 · 54
UA Jun 27
Lacking a voice to sink attention in, grasping souls in the millions,
he cowered away, calling out decay, sinking sourly solitary and silently.

Wishing a star could promise the truth, and bring about life and reality anew, she pondered the possibilities upon a pane, to some she's a child, to some she's insane.

The two built a tower to save the world if only people really cared when it's not over. Paid politely to destroy that very tower, to build a hotel and secure funds widely. The two went away and gave up on the same ones they wanted to save. Those fiends couldn't see that they plant their own doom till it's up in their faces and or afar going boom.

Drowning in silence, surrounded alone, wishing for quiet, even though no one's home. Stop yelling at me, don't glare at me as much, I wish you'd leave me alone, but it's only because you're not enough...Shattered mirrors reflecting perfect portraits, casually sinking into a gradual shortage. The silence is loud and the loud leaves me silent. No misfortune is as great as a life where love is having a shortage.

Spinning in circles, I'm back where I started, a merry-go-round, a path that is its target. Forgetting the path when it ends all again, never knowing the circle i've been spinning in.
Jun 17 · 244
Caterpillar: Important
UA Jun 17
There is a caterpillar inching his wee body across a leaf that fell, somewhere.

Gently existing, almost alone.

The winds could **** him.
The rain could **** him.
The dirt full of other bugs could **** him.

So many things, all around his wee little existence...
So very vulnerable, and nearly alone in a world full of life...

But that caterpillar inches his way through the leaf, eating and inching his way through his path.

Because his path will lead to a cacoon.
And a cacoon, though even more vulnerable, leads to transformation.

And when that caterpillar cracks through that cacoon, the shell that, although made him weak and easy to ****, stuck, and seemingly obsolete, it also caused him to shock the world.

He will become a butterfly.
And some will see him as unworthy, still.
Most, honestly.

But haven't you ever heard...
A butterfly can flap their fragile little, beautiful, wings and create a hurricane big enough to change thousands or millions of lives somewhere.

Setting in motion events that may not have happened if he weren't there. And in all events, something important is revealed; which ultimately makes him just as important.

So in conclusion, he may be small, weak, unappealing, vulnerable, boring, easy to ****, break, or bury...but he also has a transformation.

He is delicately dangerous, a gentle healer, and a permanent inspiration in many lives.

He was important as a caterpillar.
He is important as a butterfly.
Jun 14 · 56
UA Jun 14
Reflections reflecting on repeating patterns
A symbol of limbo and curses ever after
From calling and crashing a story to tell
Of a boy who was trapped inside of a hell
But the hope seems to flicker and this day it did shine
His year would be something, one of a kind
And there would be good days and some gloomy ones too
But the boy found some wisdom and interests that grew
So that boy that would never see this circle ever end
Had to hope somewhat harder so maybe he'd win
Though that story is moving, the end is away
Taking Time on vacation, but will come someday
When it does we will wonder and ponder with fear
May that boy have his passions and years be endeared.
May 29 · 35
UA May 29
Sentenced to a fading vision
In this rippling madness consistently beating
Noises racing from here
and there
as it all starts to fade away
oh scared we are
this is it
this is real
Numb falling faster asleep
and the pain starts to wither, decay
Do i want to go
Do i want to stay
tears stream down my face
it gets hard to breathe
everything is shutting down
i'm scared
am i
i don't know
i see nothing
the sounds muffled
i see stars
its so cold
im gone
May 29 · 23
UA May 29
Genuinely speaking
i'm scared...
   that i'll lose the heart i've held onto for so long.
because of people who've already lost theirs.

A spotlight in the dark, as I hold my heart, in fear that no one will hear
     and that's what i'm scared of, carnage and casualty, where no one cares.
May 28 · 71
UA May 28
Falling goopy mess on the floor
It's painful as I walk
Carrying a broken smile, and stability that I've long ago lost
Venturing with a debt that's due
My reflection in the mirror shatters by the weight of my insecurity
Betrayed by the same smile I wear in crowds, but a bundle of water I bring home to slap across my other face.

You're ****
You're nothing
You're a ghost

The list is neverending

Ripping into my soul
Because I ****** my confidence just to stab him with lies i seep
I deserve this
I deserve this
I am worthless
I deserve this

Isolated by everyone
It feels like
When I often sit alone
Blaming everyone else
When I'm the one holding the gun

But it's not always me that is the one
This is true
I didn't craft the gun
Nor did I make the bullets to shoot

That was them
Those around me
Giving me the ammunition to bring about bitterness
Isolated and treated like i was hideous

Watching the world around me
Like a movie or commercials
Pretty this
Expensive this
Romantic that
Peace that

All of that crap dangled over my head as I lie in bed and pretend to be dead

Circular and rotating, like a hypnotic ring calling me to sleep..

and then my life repeats
over and over again
like flipping the big time glass of sand

and yet im somehow here still
moving like the wind, just floating by
cursed by something i can't see with my eyes
and by this thing, i should be crumbled and bitter
yet here I am, living, a little sad, but ok

I can feel my soul cracking by the weight of this world and of the realm extended beyond this

And I can't help but to notice the silently painful tears streaming
May 25 · 40
No Fairytale
UA May 25
If you want to truly consider the light, you'll have to experience the dark.

Watching people play who could have the hardest heart is like a bunch of minnows pretending to be sharks until their lives are ripped apart by a real shark.

This is not a game, not a fairytale, this is the reality.

And until people start to humbly accept and live in that, we will continue to grow in our casualties.
May 20 · 89
UA May 20
Incognito was my game,
until no one could remember my name.

Drama free all of the time,
until lacking attention became a crime.

Crushing on a star in my eyes,
until it came and broke my skies.

Wishing everything was well,
but left alone in a forgotten hell.

Shedding petals pretty in color,
defined in their detail,
make art as they hover..

No tie to each other,
although they're connected,
one moves, all move,
cause they all get affected.

A part of the tree living life as a family.

But some fall and go shedding the tree,
what a tragedy.
To time cometh their woe and to woe comes great wisdom.

Some petals great,
others harsh,
but all are a part of the kingdom.

I held on to the foreshadowed results of a life without fun,
but all it took to change my mind was the warm light kiss that came from the sun.

Sometimes I focus on perpetually inevitable doom,
but often the time that's stolen by the trees,
and life around me that may bloom.

So if my woes are petals,
then so are my joys,
which some may shift and change,
and sometimes appear coy.

Because life is a place plentiful of joys and woes,
like petals,
what comes will and eventually goes.
May 16 · 33
breaking down
UA May 16
Wearing my cloak
made of gloom
watching the clock in my old room
fighting the lack of my dear soul
to build willpower to live life whole
Hope I don't choke
on my own bones
i'm tired of being so **** alone

but here i am in a dark room
watching the doom coming in its bloom
neon green numbers filling my eyes
i start to cry as i question why
my life *****
life just *****
what the ****
why does life **** so much
but no one can tell me
cause no one knows
and that's why i'm on my lone on my own
cause no one knows

no one knows
here i go
oh my gosh my soul

it's in pain
lacking gain
gloom in one hand
the left, insane

broken frame
life's a game
but without a story, so it's a shame
and that's the theme
that life's a shame
but its all okay cause it's a dream

or a nightmare a night terror
May 16 · 61
UA May 16
I leave it open
but can't you tell
usually, I'd wonder
did i fail, to make you want to
to really care
trying to break borders
so we can sail
but we're off too far from the shore
hope we don't crash
and the waves come to attack the core
so we can't bother
it won't last

but i don't close it
I never will
wish i could but waters come and swell
they never fade they say
just move away
to come back and play with us
another day
And may being so open
won't hold much pain

i just don't want this to decay
it's open so come back to play, okay
May 4 · 24
UA May 4
All of the wars I have faced
Lone as a body in its case
Opened in regret and all alone
No one to love me that's known
Even the dead cry when there's no home

As lost as a deer in a forest
Don't shed a tear when my heart is gone
Not even the weeping of a chorus
There is not a vain word on my tongue
But the green can only find words that are ****
And I may sob till it hurts my lungs
But won't ask for any restart

For this tale ends not in my power
And when it'll end, I may not come to know
So my soul will never know to cower
Yet instead it will come to eventually glow.
UA May 1
I'm finding it hard to go to sleep
I lost my farm animals, i'm absent of sheep
Finding light is a gamble on a path coated in the night
A battle against the demons and mind, a war i'm forced to fight
Tears streaming down, silently waiting to die
Can't tell you why I sit here and uncontrollably cry
As the dirt comes from land to sink dust back in time
I lose to the curse and lose something so dear of mine...

..And now i'm in bed, sobbing, because...i'm not fine.
UA Apr 29
I've come to see that there are many realities
processed and programmed in our beings
leaving us all thinking so many things

As deep as the deep of the deepness of nothing
and as something full as the thoughts that are coming
in the vastness of ripples our thoughts craft in shuffles
Some as sweet and as a warm as a chocolate *** truffle

But what's deeper than this and even more of true bliss
something right to the gist and nearly like a kiss

It's love and that is always underestimated
It's the deepest thing needed and the more powerful thing rated.
Apr 24 · 127
UA Apr 24
Honestly, I don't know
Some dead and numb, and some left to sew
Cold sweats in this chaotic energy flow
I don't believe I've ever been in a place so low

Does the moon depress when the sun shines its light
When the tides collide like they're all ready to fight
In a darkened world coated by our human blight
There's no fixed star or light to guide me through this hellish night

When did reality start to feel like it became a game
Losing loved ones, like money, as if they both were the same
If bad luck gave attention, guess I'd be drowning in fame
Lacking grip to my sweating, can't tell if I'm really sane

I'm not well, i'm so lost, losing to this circle of hell,
A pattern stuck onto me, maybe i'm stuck to a spell
A world of hurt doesn't shock me, it's where I usually dwell
I wish I could provide better, but i'm broken, can't you tell
Apr 23 · 106
UA Apr 23
If hallow bones could make me fly I'd go so high,
I'd break the sky
But here I lie, upon my bed, staring so far inside my head,
wishing that I could just be dead,
hearing the things that I once said,
Rapidly falling into a sea, as black as coal and misery,
avoid me like I am the plague, I lack the energy to even beg.

I just want to go back in time, to give my mom a hug, in person and not in just in my mind.
Apr 20 · 81
She's in My Mind
UA Apr 20
Lost the moon that watched my world yesterday...

Now my world is turning gray.
The clouds won't go away.
The rain won't stop because I say.
I lost an important one in my life.

And because I resemble you so much...
I've lost myself too, in the night.

Rip, [mom]ma bear
Apr 17 · 37
UA Apr 17
Is it me la
Is it you la
What a world I wish I knew la

l al a lala la lal alallallaaaalllaallalcall

I peep a spy watching for clues
Follow me, am I dying
A want to grin but i'm crying
I feel myself getting so ill

Well what's the point of even trying
Hahaha shun you all
Green to blue to black and all
From pink to green to red to blue to black to clear to weird and fall

I feel like where I go I solo
who wonders what that is that wallows
Apr 17 · 294
UA Apr 17
I don' like this feeling filling, festering inside of me.
A boiling juice of jaded envy, too much of it to really see.
I've not a home where I exist but call me crazy, you'll insist,
I feel alone in all of this, but when I share, I'm just dismissed.
Black cat in a field of gold, my lore is just a timid gist.
Apr 15 · 32
UA Apr 15
I had a dream that impending doom was right around the corner.
Waiting to ****** up my mortal life.
And no one would notice I disappeared.

What a world we live in...that I could experience that and not feel shocked.
Apr 8 · 61
UA Apr 8
The day was going so well until I got smacked in the face by a soccer ball...

And what makes it worse is that I felt it coming.

yeah, that's my life.
Apr 8 · 38
UA Apr 8
A cascade of moods flush my seemingly eternal slumber,
Reminding me that I am, in fact, alive.
Although, I don't feel very alive, latched to cumber.
A battle where winning is something to strive.
A game of trials where I battle alone.
No amount of pleading will change me my fate.
Something's hunting for my soul until it is gone.
It's hard to walk humbly in a world full of hate.

I'm watched by bystanders who relate but hide.
To make me feel alone, excuse it with pride.
You must have people, so for that, you are wrong.
They tell themselves this 'til I've broke and I've died.
I question their motives, now that I'm a ghost.
How could someone love so **** selfishly cruel?
You love for some people, yet in that, you boast.
They're hypocrites, and I love like a fool.
Apr 7 · 136
Black Sheep.
UA Apr 7
If I'm deep but raw, i'm not heard at all.
If i'm shallow and disguised, i'm neither loved or despised.
If I'm like everyone else, I don't feel better when I'm my self.
Because I live in a world that rejects me.
I feel like a robot, stuck behind a glass screen.
Apr 6 · 70
Story of Osten
UA Apr 6
I saw it look at me,
And, then fled,
Something, as scary, as they all said,
So I followed it into the woods,
Cause if you had a brain, you would.

I gently, tip-toed, over the stuff,
A branch, some boulders, some weak, some tough,
Until I saw a shadow nearby,
I knew they would never tell a lie.

They said it would eat me if I am near,
Take me captive so no one would hear,
And they all had a play in all this,
Now here I am in the woods with it.

It noticed me and then it stretched out,
Laid on its stomach, a friend, no doubt,
To let me pet it and without fear,
So that's what I did when I got near.

Now when I visit, I call its name,
"Osten" for ostensible, the same,
My friend, my ally, my companion,
Who would have known it'd be a dragon?
Apr 6 · 40
UA Apr 6
Silent widow dancing down the street

Lucid weather warmer than the heat

Cheerful mornings gently play like dreams

It's a haunting, scarier than the sea

If stars may fall let them drown us

A light pool of hope and of trust

A story of a wonderful delight

Something we all want to indulge in the night.
UA Apr 6
Hey over there, with the wild unruly hair.
Do you ever wonder why this world is so very unfair?
Is it's clearness so foggy and it's foundation soggy?
Does your hope make you groggy when the ground feels so boggy?

Listen here, my sweet and fragile dear.
Even a bird of hollow bones can sense that aura of fear.
But it is okay, for this is why you are so sane.
A world that was fair would just ruin this game.

Have you ever felt good, when you conquered a challenge?
When everyone else seemed to have found their allonge?
Yet you had to go further to leap over the hurdle.
And when you leaped out they all soon turned into turtles.

It's a game my dear, but a game of what's there.
When did the game master ever say that this game was fair?
Now put on your shoes, and make this your campaign.
And you will never ever look at the game the same.
Apr 5 · 34
Selfish Ears
UA Apr 5
You can tell someone
Your whole

And all they heard was the mistakes you made and who was involved in it.

You can tell someone that you loved them, and all they hear is the regrets they feel about their past.
Apr 5 · 33
Judged By Your Title
UA Apr 5
If you're reading this
It's because of the title
And I wonder if you'll type anything
Or scroll away
And move on
With nothing to say
Because maybe you were looking for something
Something to relate to or make you feel good
Well, maybe this would:

You don't have to be a poet to express yourself
But if it helps, good.
Just remember, some people make poems public
because they notice people care
but the risk is that some people
can make you feel like you were never there
So stay strong
Look in that mirror
At your eyes
And remember
If bad comes, so does good.
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