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 Nov 2019 EmperorMoth
Lilly F
starting to feel like "I like you"
is the same as "I'm sorry",
the more I hear it the less meaning it seems to have

© L.F.
words are growing boring
I sail alone on the hopeless sea
With just the stars to fill my view
You are a firework that lit up my sky
now the smoke is just the memory of you

In that moment, you gave me sight
But now it’s darker than before
My lonesome shadow adjusts in my eye
just me and the stars, forevermore
 Jul 2019 EmperorMoth
Mister J
 Jul 2019 EmperorMoth
Mister J
Heavy is a mind
That is chained to its past

Heavy is a soul
That knows no way forward

Heavy is a spirit
That keeps running around in circles

Heavy are the eyes
That never stopped shedding tears

Heavy are the ears
That remain slaves to your voice

Heavy are the hands
That knows no other feeling but you

Heavy is the heart
That is struggling to forget everything

Heavy is a person
That drags himself down
To memories that will never
Become a reality

Heavy are his dreams
If these dreams can never be
And will only be
The source of his nightmares

Heavy are the arms
That helplessly linger for yours
Constantly waiting for you
Though never to come back

No more

I've had enough
Midnight writing

Thanks for reading!

I am not a puppet on a string
I am not a dog on a leash
I am human I am me
I am my own person
With my own feelings
Please do not try
to control
My life
 Mar 2019 EmperorMoth
Behind every
"How are you?"
There is always
"I miss you."

Behind every
"I'll see you."
There is always
"I love you."
Behind every
There is always
 Feb 2019 EmperorMoth
One Day
 Feb 2019 EmperorMoth
One day someone will care.
One day someone will pick you.
One day you'll be happy.
One day.
One day.
One day.
I'm sick of waiting for one day.
When is it gonna come?
It could be a long time from now.....and waiting isn't fun.
 Oct 2018 EmperorMoth
Yatma Faye
Deep inside of me I have a feeling
So strong and gloomy unintentionally hided since a long time

Deep inside of me I have myriad of words
words of love, words of hatred, Words of an innocent convicted for loving

Deep inside of me I have been searching
a life-lasting partnership which I never found

Deep inside of me Love means misery and
Happiness is very scarce, yet hope keeps me alive

Deep inside of me I dream to be searched as I search, to be found as I find and to be loved as I love

Deep inside of me, Deep inside of me Deep inside of me
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 Oct 2018 EmperorMoth
 Oct 2018 EmperorMoth
you were in my dreams
then you leave me when I wake
up, why can't you stay?
 Oct 2018 EmperorMoth
Cara May
 Oct 2018 EmperorMoth
Cara May
I'm paralysed on a field of wilted roses and sunflowers.
weeping.. on the cold ground.
Have you painted my skies winter solstice.
merciless and intentionally..

I'm drowning,
gasping for air, I'm cold...
When you got played so hard by the one you loved... turns out i'm just a toy he played when he's bored.
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