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UA Jun 14
Reflections reflecting on repeating patterns
A symbol of limbo and curses ever after
From calling and crashing a story to tell
Of a boy who was trapped inside of a hell
But the hope seems to flicker and this day it did shine
His year would be something, one of a kind
And there would be good days and some gloomy ones too
But the boy found some wisdom and interests that grew
So that boy that would never see this circle ever end
Had to hope somewhat harder so maybe he'd win
Though that story is moving, the end is away
Taking Time on vacation, but will come someday
When it does we will wonder and ponder with fear
May that boy have his passions and years be endeared.
UA May 29
Sentenced to a fading vision
In this rippling madness consistently beating
Noises racing from here
and there
as it all starts to fade away
oh scared we are
this is it
this is real
Numb falling faster asleep
and the pain starts to wither, decay
Do i want to go
Do i want to stay
tears stream down my face
it gets hard to breathe
everything is shutting down
i'm scared
am i
i don't know
i see nothing
the sounds muffled
i see stars
its so cold
im gone
UA May 29
Genuinely speaking
i'm scared...
   that i'll lose the heart i've held onto for so long.
because of people who've already lost theirs.

A spotlight in the dark, as I hold my heart, in fear that no one will hear
     and that's what i'm scared of, carnage and casualty, where no one cares.
UA May 28
Falling goopy mess on the floor
It's painful as I walk
Carrying a broken smile, and stability that I've long ago lost
Venturing with a debt that's due
My reflection in the mirror shatters by the weight of my insecurity
Betrayed by the same smile I wear in crowds, but a bundle of water I bring home to slap across my other face.

You're ****
You're nothing
You're a ghost

The list is neverending

Ripping into my soul
Because I ****** my confidence just to stab him with lies i seep
I deserve this
I deserve this
I am worthless
I deserve this

Isolated by everyone
It feels like
When I often sit alone
Blaming everyone else
When I'm the one holding the gun

But it's not always me that is the one
This is true
I didn't craft the gun
Nor did I make the bullets to shoot

That was them
Those around me
Giving me the ammunition to bring about bitterness
Isolated and treated like i was hideous

Watching the world around me
Like a movie or commercials
Pretty this
Expensive this
Romantic that
Peace that

All of that crap dangled over my head as I lie in bed and pretend to be dead

Circular and rotating, like a hypnotic ring calling me to sleep..

and then my life repeats
over and over again
like flipping the big time glass of sand

and yet im somehow here still
moving like the wind, just floating by
cursed by something i can't see with my eyes
and by this thing, i should be crumbled and bitter
yet here I am, living, a little sad, but ok

I can feel my soul cracking by the weight of this world and of the realm extended beyond this

And I can't help but to notice the silently painful tears streaming
UA May 25
If you want to truly consider the light, you'll have to experience the dark.

Watching people play who could have the hardest heart is like a bunch of minnows pretending to be sharks until their lives are ripped apart by a real shark.

This is not a game, not a fairytale, this is the reality.

And until people start to humbly accept and live in that, we will continue to grow in our casualties.
  May 20 UA
Tony Anderson
I am not a puppet on a string
I am not a dog on a leash
I am human I am me
I am my own person
With my own feelings
Please do not try
to control
My life
UA May 20
Incognito was my game,
until no one could remember my name.

Drama free all of the time,
until lacking attention became a crime.

Crushing on a star in my eyes,
until it came and broke my skies.

Wishing everything was well,
but left alone in a forgotten hell.

Shedding petals pretty in color,
defined in their detail,
make art as they hover..

No tie to each other,
although they're connected,
one moves, all move,
cause they all get affected.

A part of the tree living life as a family.

But some fall and go shedding the tree,
what a tragedy.
To time cometh their woe and to woe comes great wisdom.

Some petals great,
others harsh,
but all are a part of the kingdom.

I held on to the foreshadowed results of a life without fun,
but all it took to change my mind was the warm light kiss that came from the sun.

Sometimes I focus on perpetually inevitable doom,
but often the time that's stolen by the trees,
and life around me that may bloom.

So if my woes are petals,
then so are my joys,
which some may shift and change,
and sometimes appear coy.

Because life is a place plentiful of joys and woes,
like petals,
what comes will and eventually goes.
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