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They were opened,
Revealing a world in constant motion,
Colored and coated with this commotion,
Gripped and grabbed by the chosen,
Opened, but blinded,
Taken and tried, ignited,
A time before, I didn't mind it,
But now I mind it

I was better together and intact,
But now I wonder if I have even my own back,
Always feeling so stuck in this reality,
Confined, is this how it's supposed to be?

Feels like a day that lasts forever,
Losing time, guess erase the never,
Where did my mind go, lost my sanity,
Could I do anything to finally be free?

Could it be any better, I always ponder,
Maybe this is a test disguised as a taunter,
I feel it's getting harder to clearly even see,
Feelings confined in things that used to be normal to me...
Ever just feel stuck in reality, as if all options were thrown out of the window, leaving you trapped in your own mind...?
Curiosity is an oddity
To desire to know
A gift and a curse
One may willingly bestow
And to touch the knowledge of death
May it's satisfaction bring about life
May no mind in love with knowledge
Be killed off, in the name of strife
Curiosity, a game to behold as true
Authentic in its nature
But to be sure, that's not entirely true
Like a tree, like love, it has many branches
As each branch forms a full tree
Curiosity could be built on fear
Or the lust to unravel the mystery
And not always the one who is curious satisfied
Maybe they come out taller than they once were
A gem in itself, a miracle
Allowed a story untold before to occur
Quiet, he watches
And silently, he sings with the wind
As the sun kisses his face, sprawled over the comfort of a chair
What is it he's thinking
Not much crosses his mind these days
It may be my doing, but let him live
My familiar, protecting me softly
What a wonder, a creature you are
As I observe you, from a distance
I wonder, what is it that you see
Clipped by the cage you're confined in,
Dark and compliant, a conflicted life of air,
All faces remembered, those who are in debt to the raven's snare,
Inspired by shadows that lurk in the sun, the ones with many sins,
You have a story to tell, but one mustn't dwell,
You will sing your family's name, let it echo like a bell,

Caged raven...what is it you think?
EmperorMoth May 14
I've been thinking about you
Casually conversating about to-dos
Flashing images serenading me
You're a friend I wish I could see
But you only sing in my head
Out in the world, I'm never said
So I ponder alone, in a drugged-out dread
Laughing in a corner with my only friend
As the world falls over, and so does my bed
I'm in my head with my only begotten friend.
EmperorMoth Apr 28
It's the journey within that cracks open the shell without
Splitting open a sealed perfection only meant to be an accessory
More than that, it now became living art, a walking melody
But little it knows the bigger it's meaning, it picks at it's every crack
So miserable, so blinded, hard to keep something so broken intact
Walking mayhem, it blames the world, a shattered ID running amok
How must it ever see its beauty if it destroys the witnesses that look
A classical tell of a an art piece that made its own price
When if it accepted it's flawed, it would have been that, but twice
Now It knows not what it should, but what it assumes the world is
Forever trapped in its head, a place for the dead, art corpse-fed
And until there's nothing to destroy, it'll continue but then
It will see what a beautiful catastrophe it's made In the end.
Art that made art, painted with the anger of a misunderstanding
Art can't see that it's art, so it made art until it saw what it tore apart...
EmperorMoth Apr 28
I feel the words you cast aloud
A shank you made, crafted from mind
How bitter the ailment of one's self-hatred
Duel-bladed this act, a sacrifice
I wish you felt this pain for you
The love I wish you reflected
But I can only see you bruise
Your soul once knew you respected
Now as I watch you maim yourself
I pray your wounds erased away
May you become the one who loves
Even when all says dissipate.
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