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UA 3d
Maybe I'm just wishful
Pondering a concoction of questions
Desires dueling with my consciousness
Thinking maybe I'll do something out of routine today
I don't want to live in a way where I regret what I didn't do
push me
pull me
Often times I'm wishful at this time of night, a thought for actions
Nothing but me and a candle, my laptop, and the large lack of light
What a way to wonder what I could do rather than not do
Considering dreamt up realities perhaps
Maybe it's just thinking
UA 7d

Clinging onto the little things you once said
                                                            ­           I'll
                                                            ­         never
                                                           ­          leave
                                                           ­           you
                                                  ­                       .

But had you been more honest, we wouldn't be here...

Erasing memories to make up for sanity.
The things you said to me, why...?

No necessary reason to hold onto a false rope, made out of lies and false hope...

Am I being clingy?
For wanting to know why I feel like you've died?

Am I being stingy, for holding my tears so I wouldn't cry?
Why was it so tell me a story but not the end?
Why did I ever comment back, risking my heart by pushing send?

I can't say i've fallen, but I do need a helping hand...
Cause here I am feeling this way...
And now i'm sinking in quicksand.
UA Jul 13
I had no idea you'd try to **** me with the words you wrapped around my throat.

Whispering nothings that meant something, crushed my soul of any hope.
UA Jul 12
Never knew how important you'd be
Until I couldn't move you out of my mind.
Sickened by these feelings, see
you have to be one of a kind.
I rarely ever feel this way,
please make it stop and set me free.
I don't know what I want to say,
you're there, I'm here, split apart by the sea.
I can't even eat, barely think, what a world,
Is this love, is this like, I don't know, but I'm scared.
What if you don't feel the same, now I'm curled,
Will you find someone better, when would you lack the care?
I've never had such high hopes in a scenario least likely to happen,
So, my gut has been highjacked by anxiety, can you see why i'm acting weird?

Please, please...
I don't want to fall in love again.
Falling in love - Klahr Retouch
UA Jun 27
Lacking a voice to sink attention in, grasping souls in the millions,
he cowered away, calling out decay, sinking sourly solitary and silently.

Wishing a star could promise the truth, and bring about life and reality anew, she pondered the possibilities upon a pane, to some she's a child, to some she's insane.

The two built a tower to save the world if only people really cared when it's not over. Paid politely to destroy that very tower, to build a hotel and secure funds widely. The two went away and gave up on the same ones they wanted to save. Those fiends couldn't see that they plant their own doom till it's up in their faces and or afar going boom.

Drowning in silence, surrounded alone, wishing for quiet, even though no one's home. Stop yelling at me, don't glare at me as much, I wish you'd leave me alone, but it's only because you're not enough...Shattered mirrors reflecting perfect portraits, casually sinking into a gradual shortage. The silence is loud and the loud leaves me silent. No misfortune is as great as a life where love is having a shortage.

Spinning in circles, I'm back where I started, a merry-go-round, a path that is its target. Forgetting the path when it ends all again, never knowing the circle i've been spinning in.
UA Jun 17
There is a caterpillar inching his wee body across a leaf that fell, somewhere.

Gently existing, almost alone.

The winds could **** him.
The rain could **** him.
The dirt full of other bugs could **** him.

So many things, all around his wee little existence...
So very vulnerable, and nearly alone in a world full of life...

But that caterpillar inches his way through the leaf, eating and inching his way through his path.

Because his path will lead to a cacoon.
And a cacoon, though even more vulnerable, leads to transformation.

And when that caterpillar cracks through that cacoon, the shell that, although made him weak and easy to ****, stuck, and seemingly obsolete, it also caused him to shock the world.

He will become a butterfly.
And some will see him as unworthy, still.
Most, honestly.

But haven't you ever heard...
A butterfly can flap their fragile little, beautiful, wings and create a hurricane big enough to change thousands or millions of lives somewhere.

Setting in motion events that may not have happened if he weren't there. And in all events, something important is revealed; which ultimately makes him just as important.

So in conclusion, he may be small, weak, unappealing, vulnerable, boring, easy to ****, break, or bury...but he also has a transformation.

He is delicately dangerous, a gentle healer, and a permanent inspiration in many lives.

He was important as a caterpillar.
He is important as a butterfly.
UA Jun 14
Reflections reflecting on repeating patterns
A symbol of limbo and curses ever after
From calling and crashing a story to tell
Of a boy who was trapped inside of a hell
But the hope seems to flicker and this day it did shine
His year would be something, one of a kind
And there would be good days and some gloomy ones too
But the boy found some wisdom and interests that grew
So that boy that would never see this circle ever end
Had to hope somewhat harder so maybe he'd win
Though that story is moving, the end is away
Taking Time on vacation, but will come someday
When it does we will wonder and ponder with fear
May that boy have his passions and years be endeared.
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