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Carpo Mar 10
You're giving me pain
It's driving me insane
Make it go away
You won't last another day

From the bottom we scream
Our lungs empty up to the brim
Come and ask him
As our eyes go dim
Carpo Nov 2020
A Flower taught me to love myself,
It cheers me up while it stays on my shelf.
A flower that always blooms,
It gives hope when everything is being swept by a broom.
Carpo Mar 22
It's all the little things you do
You remind me when the sky is blue
The deep ocean that represents my love for you
The harsh reality that is very true
Carpo Jan 17
A new start is what we always say,
Start of a new life, so we just sway.
Before the year ends I want you to read this,
Whatever the situation if it's a warm start or a winter bliss.

The past few months have been very strange,
Another year with you but in a different mood,
Another chapter with you but a difficult stage,
Never the less I loved you even more.

I don't know if a short or a long one will do,
All I wanna see is see you smile without feeling blue.
Start a year with a smile,
A small inspiration for both of us to continue the line.

ILoveYouForever that's what I show,
ILoveYou is the word I would go,
ILoveYou like a diamond in a world full of dime
Carpo Nov 2020
Alone, just me on my own.
I hate this feeling it makes me wanna go home.
Standing near yet so unclear.
A great feeling of fear is standing near.
The danger is coming, can you hear the silence?
It looks like I'm about to take a sentence.
A strange shadow showing me terror.
A small move can cause a large error.

Who are you? What are you doing?
Helping me won't change a single thing.
"Trying things will make a change"
This is weird, something feels strange.
Thank you for being by my side.
A friend who offers a shoulder when I cried.
"Never give up on life."
"Don't end a chapter with a knife."
Carpo Jan 8
Snowflake eyes,
Ocean blue minds.
Falling as we go for another blow,
I always want to see you glow.
Carpo Dec 2020
Red is what I see,
Blue is what I feel.
Purple is our status,
Black is our future.
Carpo Nov 2020
Cold is the new you,
Never knew the last will do.
Last days of us,
A chapter with an end is a must.
Carpo Nov 2020
A girl is different when it's in a dress.
It's a woman that makes me wanna confess.
A boy turned into a man.
A woman only a man truly stan.
Carpo Feb 7
Rest is what we all need,
A time of silence in this pandemic.
Why is everyone acting so normal?
Do they even know how to act formal?
Everything was clear,
oh dear.
Carpo Nov 2020
Deep inside we got this,
But all we know is just a single piece.
A puzzle we cannot solve.
Full of mystery and story of untold.
Carpo Nov 2020
Learn, task, activity, oh how I envy.
Years of learning might not be friendly.
Never-ending work like I'm a Twenty,
Who knew such a thing would be trendy.

Not all can be in a suit within a flash.
years of education, even we feel like trash.
Not everyone has that kind of cash,
Risking all that I have for the clash.

A teacher lacking valuable items,
This is what the students frighten.
"How can you even teach in this kind of facilities?"
Even the parents discriminate against the committees.

Education is what we need,
do we have what we really need?
A third world country indeed.
All we want is to succeed.

Additional years of stress.
Two more years in this mess.
We are like playing chess,
One wrong move and we can't have success.

Additional years even we are in heat.
trying to keep up with the others while our people get beat.
Some of us need to repeat,
Just because of a single paper sheet.

Forcing everyone to keep up on what's new,
Leaving anyone who can't come through.
"Anything is possible, you can do it too"
What's the point if the person can't reach you.
Carpo Mar 14
Why did you suddenly bring up something I want to forget,
A feeling I've forgotten came back yet again,
The fear of letting go came crawling from the forgotten dome.
I just want you to be part of this home, but I guess It's just me day dreaming alone.
Carpo Apr 15
You came into my life in an instant
We were so close yet I feel distant

You give smile when we talk
But can we really walk the talk?

Finding you must be right
But the timing of today is not quite

No one is to blame
I'm just feeling sane
Carpo Nov 2020
Is this a show?
Looking for someone I know.
I saw you across the room.
My heart went boom.

Don't mind me here,
I'm far yet near.
Close to my heart,
Realized we're apart.

You shot me with an arrow.
I thought it's from a cupids bow.
Claming it was you,
You don't love me do you?
Carpo Nov 2020
Throw the pen.
water the paper.
lost like I'm ten.
I'm now a vapor.

Standing tall,
I think I'm gonna fall.
Eyes cold as snow,
Hits you like woah.

Hard like a stone,
This is what I know.
Love me like a bow,
You are my only goal.
Carpo Nov 2020
Hindi ako tanga para maghanap ng iba,
Hindi ako gago para ipagpalita ka.
Walang motibo mag hanap ang mga mata,
Hindi makikinig sa tukso ng kapwa.

Wag mo ako bigyang motibo para iwanan ka.
Hindi ako normal mag isip tulad ng iba.
Masakit makita na sumasaya ka na sa iba,
Hindi na nga pala ako ang dahilan ng iyong saya.

Nakakatuwa nga namang isipin na ngumingiti ka pa.
Nakakagaan sa pakiramdam malamang masaya ka.
Ngunit kamusta nga ba ang isa?
Sana dinadalaw at may halaga.
Carpo Jan 17
Ako lang may alam,
Isip ko'y umiiyak na.
Napupuno ang mga paalam,
Carpo Apr 30
Imagine being the one..

The one who gets to be in a poem
The one who's a writers inspiration

A simple smile that a writer loves
Like an angel standing beside a dove

A heart that is calm and pure
A writers peace for their future

Be the one for the writer
Be the right one, my lover.
Carpo Mar 20
I'm tired of holding back
The tears
The screams
My thoughts
My heart just want someone
My body just want a hug
I just want to be with you
Carpo Nov 2020
Give us lot's
You'll get double.
everything you give
will only cause you trouble.

we're stuck in a bubble,
hidden inside of trouble.
keeping us in prison,
can't talk, we're on a mission

hate what I'm doing,
more if it keeps coming.
no time for others,
books are keeping me in wonders.
Carpo Mar 20
Trying to forget you is hard
Everything around me is a meaning
A reason to have hope
A reason to wait
Everything is about you
Only you
Carpo Dec 2020
A shy flower under a deep slumber.
strong, free, loud as a rumble of thunder.
A soft, gentle, pure smile,
Can't wait to meet you and personally say "Hi!"

Not a long letter, but a short one instead
You've been inside my head.
Happy Birthday are words not to forget,
A special day for a Queen I get.

A cold heart at first, a warmer vibe when close.
A misunderstood fairy lurking in the forest deep,
Tired of looking, so wanted to be found in sleep.
A beauty within a true partner only see.
Carpo Nov 2020
Onti-onti na akong nawawalan ng pake sa mundo.
Onti-onti narin akong nawawalan ng gana maging buo.
Hindi malaman kung kaya ko pa ba maging ganito.
Isang mundo na kahit saan ipaparamdam sayo ang talo.

Pinikit ko ang aking mga mata.
Nag-babakasakaling may mag-iiba.
Isang tao ay aking nakita.
Si kamatayan ay nangangamusta.

Kinamusta ako at binati tulad ng dati.
Napaisip kung ano ang aking nasa labi.
Mga salitang hindi ko mailuwa.
Pilit nilalabas upang ito'y mawala.

Tuluyan ng nag paalam sa mundo.
Isang rosas nanaman ang kinuhang buo.
Pinatay ng sariling tinik.
Nagluha sa isang pitik.
Carpo Apr 3
Red like fine wine
A ruby that won't lie
The trust I gave
To your lips that hide
A promise that is broken
From your lips that is red
Like the drop of blood on my bed

A kiss that is true
the feelings were deep in blue
but a shed of red was coming through
A mark that will stay inside my heart
A red paint splashed like a work of art
Carpo Jan 25
"Talk less, Smile more"
Simple words that will help you for sho'
Four words that can be explained in a million words
Carpo May 1
What are you?
Are you happy now?
Feeling cold and blue.
Now's the time for you to blew.

A feeling of happiness that hurts,
A smile that always lurks.
Like a candle in the dark,
Slowly fading like a nark.
Carpo Jan 17
Before you start your day,
Smile and fly away,
Like a river that flow everyday,
Nobody knows when it will go someday.
Carpo Nov 2020
Look up in the sky,
the stars light up the night
Wondering how peter pan fly,
wishing I can win this fight.

It's been a while, how are you?
Reading me guessing you're alone too.
Cold as the wind blows,
We're apart yet so close.

Cold as ice,
I might need to pay the price.
Alone in the dark like a mouse.
I just want to feel rouse.
Carpo Jan 2
Our happy moment didn't last long,
We said our goodbyes just like so,
Hoping we have time to get along,
Your name caught my attention long ago.

A queen who smiles but a princess is a vibe,
Saw a smile, a million words can be described,
A pure heart I must say,
Stay jolly and happy and ignore what they say.

I only met you for a while,
A pink rose that shines is your style,
Like a book that I've read a million times,
But only met you in a glimpse of time.
Carpo Nov 2020
I don't need a reason.
A mood like four-season,
Whatever happens, it feels like winter.
A pain given by a thousand splinter.
Carpo May 17
I'll try, if it doesn't work, then I'll try again.
I'll wait day by day,
month after month,
year by year.
I promise you this, my love.
Until the day there is You and I.
But this is a lie,
So I wait for a new song to cry.
Until I finally found the answers to "why."
Carpo Mar 16
The rose that I love
The rose that has thorns I love
The risk I gave for you My love

The rose that left me without knowing I'm broken
The rose I Love still and will be
No matter how many splinters it may give
It will be the only one for me
Carpo Jan 17
Empty as it should be
My mind is blank from the people around me
Clear as the blue sky
Plain like an old line.
Carpo Mar 22
Once again I took the pen
Looking for a paper
Finding ways to write a new chapter

Found my inspiration in a new book
A new look? A new thing that got me hooked
What a coincidence we both like to cook.

Carpo Mar 22
We started it the way I wanted
But you decide to end it while I was at the moment

Agreed to something I will always regret
In exchange to keep those pretty smiles I'll get

Hoping for a "Third times a charm"
I don't wanna get wake up by the alarm
I want a dream with you to keep me away from harm.
Carpo Jan 13
You said avoid it,
You said it's bad for me,
but you're the reason I have it,
It's sticking into me like honey.

Swimming in whisky and lime,
Drunk in the back of the trunk,
You shine like a dime,
But troublesome like a punk.

Scenarios on repeat,
Come, take a seat,
Watch me,
look me in the eyes as I accept defeat.
Carpo Dec 2020
Ang nasa itaas ay magiging masaya.
Tayo'y buo at mag kakasama.
Nag-papasalamat sa isa't isa.
Walang katumbas ang binibigay na saya.
Maligayang pasko para sa ating kapwa.

Maligalig ang aking mga kasama,
Halina't sumabay sa tugtog ng guitara.
Ngayong taon ay kakaiba,
Maraming bago at na iiba.
Ngutin nakangiti dahil kasama parin ang pamilya.
Carpo Nov 2020
A small little square that I adore.
Us standing still near the shore.
A little glimpse from way back,
A smile I love to the moon and back.
Carpo Jan 17
I was too young to understand darkness,
I never knew someday I wanted this kind of madness.
A piano under the water,
Even Mozart can feel the deep slumber.
Carpo Nov 2020
I'll be a friend or a foe.
I will help you grow,
Or bring an end to your glow.
I am the cousin of snow.
This was a short poem I made when it was raining very heavy on our country and there wasn't any electricity. Personally, I love the rain cause it keeps me calm, but the rain back then was very strong at it didn't felt like a friend
Carpo Nov 2020
Sing a song,
a relationship that is strong.
Cry a rain,
Keeping to yourself all the pain.
Carpo Mar 21
She was just a phrase
that turned into a sentence
turned into a paragraph
Became a chapter
And now a book..
Carpo Mar 3
Mga mata na sa bituwin mo lang makikita,
Mga labi, na kasing kulay ng mga rubi.
Mali sa mata ng iba, ngunit tayo na ba?
Isang tingin sa iyong mata, ako'y nahuli.

Nakatingin sa ulap umaasang may ikaw,
Ikaw ang hinahanap sa ulan na umapaw.
Ngiti mo ang hinahanap sa pang araw-araw.
Nakita ko ang mata mo at ako'y natuklaw.

Isang Simponia na gawa ng Obra Maestra,
Maski si Paganini ay napapatulala,
Napapahanga si Beethoven sa iyong gawa.
Isang Simponia na gawa ng taong mahal ka.

Pangalan mo'y ginagawan ko ng isang tula.
Sumusulat sa araw at gabi na may kaba,
Isang tula patungkol sa tanong mahalaga.
Ikaw lang ang hinahanap kapag may problema.
Carpo Mar 20
I'll be here
I'll always be right here
Hoping for a return
Even if it's just a little turn
May our paths collide once again
I just wanna feel loved by you again
Carpo Feb 7
Soon I'll be with you
Soon we'll be forever
Soon it will be a new
Soon it will be a lover
Carpo Apr 14
Unexpectedly, you knock on the door
I was in tears, laying on the floor
You came into my life trying to restore
The broken pieces you truly adore

Suddenly there was you
You were the one who knew
A broken person that is feeling blue
You gave hope but suddenly withdrew.

Starring at the sunset thinking where did I go wrong
You were beside me now I'm singing a song
How we used to smile and play along,
I guess we just don't belong

Suddenly there was you
The person I wish to be with is you
but you left a note saying "I'll be leaving you"
I do not understand leaving me without a clue.
Carpo Apr 15
The joy your smile bring,
the happiness inside my soul.
You fill the missing parts on the hole.
Wishing one day I could touch your soul.

How do I tell you
I Love You
We're just that but I thought we could be more
More than that but the distance is making you colder.

Saying "I won't let go"
You're the reason why I grow
But you'll be the reason why I jump down the hole
In the darkness, into the unknown.
Carpo Nov 2020
A wave brings peace to our mind,
sometimes brings terror far and wide.
The irresistible force of nature never ends.
The great wave off Kanagawa is here to spend.

A beautiful piece of art presented to us,
they don't know it gives a fuss.
A strong wave will give people terror,
little did they know it gives me the carer.

Smooth sailing is what they want to see,
The great wave off Kanagawa is a guarantee.
Since its creation 184 years ago, it started a show.
A little poem for them to know.
Carpo Nov 2020
Roses are red
Violets are blue
This is a classic
How do you do?

Everything is fine it's just me and you,
Feeling blue as I always do.
The darkness in the east blue,
My mind is all over you.
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