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Carpo 7d
What are you?
Are you happy now?
Feeling cold and blue.
Now's the time for you to blew.

A feeling of happiness that hurts,
A smile that always lurks.
Like a candle in the dark,
Slowly fading like a nark.
Carpo Apr 30
Isn't it lovely..
The way I accepted it truly
doesn't matters anymore when you're not here with me
It must be raining deep inside of me.
Carpo Apr 30
Imagine being the one..

The one who gets to be in a poem
The one who's a writers inspiration

A simple smile that a writer loves
Like an angel standing beside a dove

A heart that is calm and pure
A writers peace for their future

Be the one for the writer
Be the right one, my lover.
Carpo Apr 27
The sound of my phone ringing
An empty mind, a muffled hearing
Someone is calling, a person screaming
In the dark I close my eyes and keep on moving

Someone just called
Said "Keep it before it gets cold"
Confused on what he said
Now I'm full of regret

Suddenly heard your voice
Saying "hello.."
the weather was clear
but why is it raining indoor?

I look into your eyes
Saw a beautiful smile
That was the right call
For the person who I fell for
Carpo Apr 15
You came into my life in an instant
We were so close yet I feel distant

You give smile when we talk
But can we really walk the talk?

Finding you must be right
But the timing of today is not quite

No one is to blame
I'm just feeling sane
Carpo Apr 15
The joy your smile bring,
the happiness inside my soul.
You fill the missing parts on the hole.
Wishing one day I could touch your soul.

How do I tell you
I Love You
We're just that but I thought we could be more
More than that but the distance is making you colder.

Saying "I won't let go"
You're the reason why I grow
But you'll be the reason why I jump down the hole
In the darkness, into the unknown.
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