Ella Nov 3
there's a whining in my chest
a fridge unhooked
there's a dancing in my chest
a tapping foot
there's a throbbing in my chest
a grazed knee
there's a flutter in my chest
a buzzing bee

there's a hurt
there's a hurt in me
Ella Nov 3
I always thought that heart ache was poppycock.

I was wrong
very wrong
Ella Oct 28
Smiling into the sun
and the kiss
Because the morning has just begun
and the sun is on my lips
Ella Oct 21
It smells of coldness masked by futile central heating
And there is the stereotypical worn out carpet that way too many feet have scuffed along
Oh and the carpet is red
Of course
And the china is bestrewn along narrow ledges because obviously that is the safest place to keep them
But it was probably china from charity shops that had lived in many a house similar to this very one
And the stairs are warped from countless feet lumbering (or in some cases waddling) up them
Don't forget that any possible space on a window ledge or wooden beam is prime positioning for the four year old granddaughters artwork
Or some tribal totem pole that was bought from a souvenir shop in that zoo
And there are dog hairs everywhere
But who doesn't love dogs?
  Oct 21 Ella
Street lamps play
As they have before
Dim walkway
Leading to a door

Careful steps
Strewn leaves
Breathe between gaps
Skulking like thieves

Rustling trees
Otherwise nothing
Mind at ease
Heart rapidly beating

Usually stops here
Usually I'd stir
But still in slumber
I drew closer

Eyes on door
Familiar scene
Stood here before
This dream I've been

Up the patio
Door was ajar
Accompanied by my shadow
Stretched far

Tunnel vision
Dripping eave
Door handle beckons
Hand raised to receive

Usually stops here
Usually I'd rouse
Allowed to enter
This time... This house

Handle I seize
Door seemed light
It did not freeze
Hinges did not fight

Revealed the insides
Scanned surroundings
Unlit lights
Stairs climbing

Footsteps I heard
Coming my way
Sounds absurd
But yet I stay

Usually stops here
Usually dream is done
But still was clear
It only had begun

Darkened figure
Descending on bare feet
Beauty light as feather
Ever did I meet

She did not see me
Planted at the doorway
Impossible it may be
Nothing did she say

Walked right by
My eyes followed
Seconds fly
In eternity they burrowed

Usually stops here
Usually I'd wake
Yet still I'm here
Chance I'd take

Stood at the fridge
Back towards me
Under siege
My mind set a flurry

Fridge was opened
Light casted her silhouette
Her back darkened
Curiosity grew fat

Illuminating beams
Accentuated her hair
Like golden streams
Flowing with flair

Usually stops here
Usually I'd startle
Connection did not sever
Continue I was able

Spellbound I gawked
Rooted like a tree
Wide-eyed I stalked
This siren before me

She drank
Not knowing I was there
Stiff as a plank
I was locked in a stare

Finally broke free
Shifted my weight
She turned to me
And then said...

Then it ceased
Then I awaken
Surprisingly pleased
Slice of heaven

Who was she?
Silhouetted face
Mysterious grace

Foreign albeit familiar
Strange but true
Now rings clear...

It is you...
Based on a dream I had.
Ella Oct 21
That's when I realised;

I'm not very good at writing dramatic single sentences.
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