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Ella Feb 20
Cats eyes of illuminated dust scan the walls of the dark
If you’re lucky
Maybe cars will mumble and murmur outside longer this time
If you’re lucky
And possibly the street lamp will stand like a spotlight through the window
If you’re lucky
Fingers of wood could become impatient on the glasses
If you’re lucky.
But if you are unlucky
There will be the deafening hiss of silence.
Ella Feb 19
I just want to scream and cry and scream and cry
Into your arms
but I can't
and I guess that wouldn't make a very good poem.
Ella Feb 12
a river of lights disperse dappled
dots on the window  
Static splattered
Spikes of neon beaming into the dark
countless lady birds
pass countless moths
and beat of tarmac below my feet
shake tired heels and toes
The moon smiles as it follows me through the night
and deep voices flow through my socks.
Ella Jan 29
Stillness takes time
To ooze through the gaps of meaning
Doesn't come
Until the horses have stopped hurtling towards the
Ella Jan 26
the sand timer ran out.
Ella Jan 4
Pick out my poison frogs and shear my tears to feed your hungry wolves
It asked why i sabotage my being
And i said it was because the most beautiful things
Are not there for you
Beauty is by chance.
Like rain and love
And pain.
Ella Jan 4
I love you like autumn in the springtime and February in June
I don't love you
No, love is overused and annoyingly underpowering
Love is not a word
Love is the stupendous urge to show others how much a human could mean to oneself
And, supposed love cannot be put into a word
Love is not a word
The feeling could never fit into small characters that we have devised to satisfy our need of passing on information
Of understanding
Love was never meant to be confined to black ink and paper
Love is not an "emotion" per say
It is a squirming eel that lies just above the stomach, not quite in the heart, that send worms vaulting in your stomach, yelling
Not need, not want, not love
When you met your first love did you ever realise how much they would shape you?
Of course you didn't
Because love surprises you like the pop of breakfast toast because you are late for work again
Because you spent all night thinking up a better word for the writhing feeling that won't leave
(Which, naturally, I have not)
I'm in love with her.
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