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 Jul 10 Kaya
Ciel Noir
a summer song you hummed to me
remembering the melody

I miss you

the wicked way you came to me
I'd best repress the memory

I want you

entangled in causality
and underneath the mystery

I know you

iniquitous soliloquy
and hidden in the litany

I love you
 May 27 Kaya
Ciel Noir
 May 27 Kaya
Ciel Noir
words are wanderers
where do they come from?
seeds on the wind
was there ever just one?

a spell of wisdom
madness and love
words cast no shadow
what are they made of?
 Mar 30 Kaya
Ali Hilout
O Love!
 Mar 30 Kaya
Ali Hilout
O, love! What have you done?
In the open air, sauntering alone
Thinking about you constantly
Looking at the blue sky
Talking to myself relentlessly
‘Where are you?’ asking forlornly
I crave you, your touch
Your breath, your skin
I am at sea undoubtedly
I yearn for your presence
My life became lightless
The blue sky responded joylessly
She is long gone abruptly
I replied optimistically
Your alluring love would never fade.
 Mar 30 Kaya
 Mar 30 Kaya
I wept into the wind
And the wind mocked my sadness
I wept into the ocean
And the salted water took in my tears
I wept into the soil
And new life sprung forward
I wept into your chest
And my tears dried.
 Mar 30 Kaya
Ciel Noir
our minds are on the timeline
fear in every breath we take

we barely even notice
when the Earth begins to wake

and as the mad world rushes by
wrapped up in doom and gloom

the forgotten spring
is bursting into bloom
 Dec 2019 Kaya
 Dec 2019 Kaya
Heaven or Hell?
I know of many that are sure to have fell.
I don’t fear falling.
My faith has fished me out of the great fiery cell and landed me in the forgiving hands of God.
Rather than groveling with the demons,
Set to rebel,
I’ll dance with the angels,
Whom I know quite well.
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