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lil' Bee Jan 25
I'm staring at a blank space
Really I'm just trying to forget this place
Everywhere I turn you're not there
Even though I'm right here

I tried to realize what this is about
Then I started to realize my doubt
You left me to realize you were heartless
You abandoned me and figured it was harmless

I laid awake trying to forget that place
It just so seems that wasn't the case
I was trying to forget you
and all that you do

The story starts when it ends
Somewhere I tried to make amends
Finding someone better than you
I realized that she had the clue

A mother I can trust
even though she is a step
I find that she happens to be the best

So here it is the final clue

I'm done with you
I find now that I'm through
So to a heartless MOTHER
Here are the regards of your now thoughtless daughter
This is about my real mother who left me and my siblings for drugs and men.

— The End —