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Well I know a sweet young thing
Thought she could fill my well
With milk and honey
Sitting by the fireside
And I’d keep me away from ****
But now she won’t return home
I’ve been calling all night long

I’ve been staring at the wall
Think I’ll drive to ‘Arkansaw’
Been staring at the wall
And doing it all night long
I know it’s far away to see
Where we’d all gone wrong

All down the line
We were never that fine
All down the line
We were never that fine
I’ll take my .38 all loaded up
And make the white room shine
With sunshine light, thundering might

Gonna make a special evening
And go mad when you don’t come
I’ll make a special evening
And go mad when you don’t come
Got me a sparking jolt jumping on
And it wouldn’t surprise me none

I’ve been staring at the wall
Think I’ll run down to ‘Arkansaw’
I’ve been staring at the wall
And doing it all night long
Think I need to get myself a blessing saint
I’m seeing figures in the paint

I see mained and framed
Silhouette in the shade
Need to clean my path and clear the rocks
So I can walk my blues off
The figure tries to fade
But is far too afraid
I see no sense in breaking down
I see the problem shown
That I couldn’t ever be alone
The paper pressed against my face
This will continue
I want nothing else
to escape in this uncharted sea of light
I pause and scream
So conflicted
I feel the steps are a-comin’
I shriek
They pass me by
Why do I feel attacked?
The echoes go through my head
Louder than the screams from behind
Those steps
Then the silence
The doorknob lowers
The closed space is filled with silence
A voice
A silence
I am afraid
Will it hurt?
Will it go away?
It never does
Thus should I endure?
But I can’t
I sink into myself
Terrorise myself
Hurt myself
Before he can
I am whom he wants me to be
To see is to find
To talk is to learn
To embody is to grow
To understand is to feel
To feel is to see
Will there ever be an ending?
Is it life?
Is failing to see death?

Would you like to run with your troubles on the milky river of everflowing ineptness?
Have you been born yet? Have you faced your wolf in the nest of its pups yet?
Am I dead? I want you to decide

Are you alive?
Have you lived?
Theater seats filled, crowd rushing in
Will it be good?
Strange ceilings
Silvery majesties
Can we escape this feverish dream?
Your hair flows like ripples in a lake
Your mind makes waves in frozen seas
With nothing to lose you are a praying bird
But you only exist for me

You push yourself and drill yourself
You sold your will for conditioned ****
Take a step back in a foggy cloud
Beneath a consuming well
Slithering snakes crawl over you like a blanked
But I’m sure you can already tell
There is no sympathy
For those who got tricked and fell
For what a ***** mind had to sell

You shook hands thinking it was a warm face with no surprise
But it was a slaver, looking for another slice
Of your corrupted mind, so rotten to the core of you
Not even your own mother will forgive what you are about to do

Sit down and close your eyes
Think what you think you see
A children’s playnest
Crowded by innocence in worldly fashion
Well before the known thieves of past
This is safety’s only bastion
Before it was rightly burned down to ashes
By one of your own matches
They passed the lake and passed the feathers
They passed the rocks and hunters and gatherers
To show them the ways of an aching mind
A mind of consciousness and define
Of hallucinations and shaman rituals left behind
Of Soaking Indian wet dreams
And of flying machines and witchcraft means with ****** on their mind

Religionists and turning tides
Atheists and commanders who couldn't pick a side
They, too, had ****** on their mind

They were seen as useless
Until they reached the earthly shatterings
Of a define liar
He was oozing with tales and wishes
For the best-known buyer

He took his knife and slit her mind
So it could be open to ideas
Ideas from the far east
She then dripped with western thoughts and minds
And formed a pool to be moulded by
It was the birth of the beast
It was the Lord of the Earth
It was a ****** scene, it was a gathering feast
Just a ******; don't mind the clutter
She can perform well under pressure
Even when clouded in her thoughts
She can ignore all her wishes
A masterful suppressor you see a lot
But don’t you know all that stabbing
Only makes the wounds all the fresher

Because she has got a disciplined mindset
She is a functioning marionette
A proudly marching cadet
But before you ask her how she’s feeling
She’ll lie and smile and say she’s oh so glad

She puts on her finest dress and hat
The only things she can afford
And gets the smile that she hides under the bed
She leaves her single room on time
Because she knows a good worker should never fall out of line

Well the busdriver knows her by name
Well he too is an example if I can claim
For how a fine worker should always behave
He, too, grins just the same
Twitching smiles and distant gazes all near her
You can feel contempt being a working class hero

When you’ve got a disciplined mindset
Like her, you’ll be a functioning marionette
A proudly marching cadet
But before you ask her how she’s feeling
She’ll lie and smile and say she’s oh so glad

Frantically she runs to the hallway
She can see her betters from faraway
Holding the door in a well-respected, conditioned way
She knows well there’s nothing you ought to say
Because she knows her place, down in the fat cat’s food chain

Through the labels and the prayers
Burnouts, gossiping neighbors
She is nailed stuck
Completely under the ceiling’s sway
Where she is safely conditioned and well expected to stay

She’s got a tamed mindset
She is a hopeless marionette
A saddened, fractionating cadet
And when you ask her how’s she’s doing
She’ll turn away her face like you’re someone she hasn’t met

So she took off her little mask with urgency
No blind one can stop he who can see
And when she stripped *****
She knew with certainty
As she jumped through the window with a dying leap
In her final seconds through the air
She weeped and cried of joy
Now I am finally free
Loneliness is bitterness
Loneliness is fear of not being able to be alone with oneself
It can be fear of confrontation
And a lack of distractions
Walking in the green fields after sunset
And hearing distant thunders shed their dying breaths
A breeze of freezing winds
Scraping its fingers against the attic’s only window
And seeing the glass become moist with dense fog
Speaking words with meaning
Against the wind, hearing the words not passed beyond yourself
Seeing the moonlight with no hand to hold
Until the sun gets out of bed, maybe
A brightly colored, red rose dangles and gently caresses the bitter dirt
Without giving any resistance
Looking back, minutes pass to hours
And hours into seasons
Until the passing of the last blue bird

An eternal echo, shaman dancing the raindance
In the pale moonlight
In the sunlight so bright

Arising on the floor
A gathering horde inside the head
Forgetfulness is on the mind
Open another can
It will stop the dizziness of the thoughts

Born to be alone
Born to pass away
When the winds are still
To enter the room
When the guests have stolen
All that they could steal
To feel the strings
Of an invisible gravity
Unnamed elements
Unborn child of a sadistic deity
All is in the moment
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