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Remember that place?
Neverland of the New Age
Hidden in the garden of the strange
Full of wonder and grace
How the stars fall right where they belong
And the roses bloom
Twisted truths
From thickets of thorns and pain
How the shadows start to glow just when you look away...
...Now I see your face
In all the spaces between
In the silence and in my dreams
For a moment I feel free but it’s just a tease
With you I’m anything
Rearrange or replace me
Ill fill in the blanks
Of all the lines on our faces When it’s all long gone to ruin and waste
I can see it now
All around
Coming down on us
Lifting us up
To see up above
The pieces of the puzzle
Secrets we keep leak half asleep
Heartbeats bleed need
Bandaids and muzzles
War wounds weep
Sutured silver lines
You’re my goldmine
You shine divine
I was stuck in the static
Lost in the dream
Stuck in between
The unheard and the unseen
Seems so surreal
The way the waves weave us together like birds of a feather
Diving into the scattered sun
Drowning out
The doubt surrounding us
Smoke and mirrors
Pictures getting clearer
Crowns left shattered on the ground
And the dead are dancing upside down
Soulless and proud
Picking up the place
Picking up the pace
Picking it up before we put it back in it’s place
I was a spy
One dizzy dove disguised
Snakes skin, shape-shift, flew too high
Fed my confessions to a beast
Drenched in disease
A purchase steep, ****** feasts
Desert scene, squeezed between
Solarised then soaked release
Rain drips and flows from twisted tongues
Coming undone, midnight sun
The rose grows until it dozes
Secrets linger left exposed
Wilt away until the wind blows
Overflow, afterglow
Jumping jacks, candlesticks
Quiet and quick
Bound my limbs
Frail and thin
Began again
Sound so bright
Wound so tight
Frozen in fear
Become the sun
Wings inside
Stole your eye
Kept it as mine
You caught on in time
Our parallel lines
Became harder to define
Ran myself right off my mind
Though I know that I’ll get by
Wrapped up, rough edges, ripple and rise
Building bridges from me to you
I’ll find a way to make it through
My face will be seen
No hiding now
After falling so far down
When no ones looking,
No ones around
I won’t bow down
Backs against the wall
Nobody on call
Although sounds cascade around
I’m stronger now

It’s been said a thousand times
Written in the sand, disguised
And with every climb
I lose my mind somewhere behind

Flowing like the ocean tides
Thoughts rush through and light the eyes
War wounds weeping
Sutured silver lines

Ever since you came around
Simple is sacred now
How do you do that?
Break me down
Tyler Jones Mar 20
Take me, take me to August in the streets
The fair and the sea
Babies, ladies
Crying out at night
Take me, save me
Vampires feed the fright
Furnace burns so bright

I can’t stand this heat
I’m unfurling
Burning, turning
Salty winds and skies
I think I might die when I’m ON this high
Yearning, learning

I can see us every day
Standing in the way because cliques, control and counter bait
Can’t get stuck, cannot stay
Cannot wait
Rushing with the tidal waves
Here comes another get away
Pacing, racing

Lazer eyes and my dancing shoes
No bummers Summers, we got a lot to chew
Get it, got it, good gotta get this through because this ones for you
Won’t you tune in too
What will this turn in to?

Hells bells, show and tells
Noise, boys and tipping toys
Tick tacking from tide to tide
Now your spinning in my ditzy mind
Dizzy right?
Tyler Jones Mar 10
Time seems to stop when I let you go
The sun goes down
I lose control
Who do you think you are?
Covered in feather and tar
I see icy sparks in the dark
Between our hearts
Why do I always go too far?
We learn to take turns
Were webbed in our agony, our germs and our nerves
We slur our words and edges get blurred
Under london bridges sits my ladies urn
We never learn anything we never earn
Out here like deers
They can’t steer clear
Eyes wide, headlights
Side by side, making moons shine
On goes the rhythm and so goes the show
Still hear you singing easy come, easy go
Promise ill always cherish your soul
Ill be your Rumpelstiltskin
Spinning straw into gold
No expectations, no cheat codes
It’s never fun to let go of the things you love most
No matter how much we wish it weren’t so
Did I entertain?
Distract from the pain?
Did I catch you smiling as you turned away?
Im paused just press play
It aches anyways so I learn the hard way
My face it melts all over the place
No clothes without stains
Got skids on my skin I can never erase
Like the sun, I try to stay blazed
Drawing lines in the sand
Make myself a wave when the storm gets too great
You stand in their wake
Myopathies keep me awake
Got skids on my skin I can never erase
Sick smiles on my faces
As i sink sideways
Sometimes all I can do is stir up the place
Im tripping, slipping on my own shoe lace
Into the haze, into the waste, into your gaze
Will you stay in my way?
So naive and so unafraid
You want me to be here now so here I’ll wait
Shallow and strange
Mmwhatcha say?
Sometimes I lose my brakes
Blow by blow, we all crave
You already know what I’m going to say
Wanna go with the flow
Punch line to your joke
Every time I face palm
Feels like I ate ******
No doubt I’m turning inside out
Can’t get calm with no one to call
Hen in the pen
They all went
When hope fled
Fixated on the hero in the story
I zeroed in, oratory
And she told me
“This. Is. It.”
Tyler Jones Mar 9
I miss you
Your butterfly kisses too
The flowers bloom
And I dream of you
Pastel hues, rose glasses too
Side by side, compromised
And all the time that we spent
Walking on the gray pavement
The grass gets cut and petals fall
I want it all but that’s not true
I catch myself
Do you still too?
Tyler Jones Mar 9
Is this just a stage?
A sacred place?
A mirror in space?
A fall from grace?
Just another one of those days
Screaming into my pillowcase
As the hands of the clock
Orbit it’s face
When I feel concave
I forget how to behave
So I jump on the stage
Dream something better than this fate
“Take center and stay.” they say
Hurry up and wait
Feelings erased as I self replicate
Hazy days, fickle faces, freeways
Forget how loud it gets at this pace
Sinking slaves, slips and strays
Frequently a shadow I’ll find by my side
And technicolor behind my eyes
A quiver of some stirring air
A knot formed folorn in my very hair
A constellation that once untaught
Leeds me deep in a forest of thoughts
Where ghosts drone on and on and on
About lovers once come and gone
Comes on like a wave and leaves me wanting more
Absorbed and flailing for the nearest shore
In the storm, I perform, deformed and torn
Icy cold but slithers so warm
Everything except lukewarm, transform
In the middle I meet you
I’ve learned not to need you
Muses in pastel hues
Morning dew, thats my cue
Covers and Calvin’s
California canyons
Cannons and stallions
Cruise with companions
Forget the fear
With the wind we steer
You’ll make it there and I’ll make it clear
It keeps me sane
The fool, the ape
The prism, the cage
I’ll wait while you contemplate
Put on them all
Ill be your rag doll
It all flies off as i fall, curtain call
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