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All the pressure,
all my fear,
always seems to start here,
in the classroom,
when I teach,
little things about demonology.
I hear the banging on my door,
I hear the screaming in my head,
I see the awful pictures in my head,
and the awful videos on repeat,
and it makes me wish that I was dead.
I never expected you to be like this.
I never thought you'd act this way.
You are a living replica of the devil.
But don't worry... I love it.
So never go away...
I love the idea of letting all my problems and feelings go,
but I am afraid to die,
I feel like I am lost in a void and am numb, and I wish I didn't,
but then again, I am afraid of feeling things, and if I feel more than I do now...
people will wish I didn't.
Why can't I just be happy with one?
Why couldn't I have just fallen in love?
I wish I could say,
let's start over,
but truly I will never forget,
the time that you were my lover,
the time were we used to laugh together,
run around, send memes and make jokes together.

I cannot forget the risks we took,
and honestly,
I don't want to look,
at any other guy, girl, or human,
because what we had,
made me feel superhuman.

I remember the rough road we went down,
but we always always figured our problems out,
we were always together, never apart,
until the day,
our conversation had no laugh.

You had your reason to end us,
and it was a good reason,
I just wish you knew how to focus in class,
because we could still be together,
and the relationship could last.
Tylese Bennett Dec 2018
The shadows follow me,
everywhere I go,
into every void of unknown,
and through all the battles,
they'll follow.
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