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Oskar Erikson Sep 29
calling a lost lover
to begin to head on over
this bedroom was only a boarding gate
and this bed your layover.
Oskar Erikson Sep 29
the window vibrates

overhead roar, unceasing rain

thunder oppressed sun.
My 500th Poem! Thanks for all your support x
Oskar Erikson Sep 24
You replied you were afraid.

“i didn’t ask for all of this love-
-and yet it’s still not enough.”
Oskar Erikson Aug 31
while scurrying in the underground
he walked like the caves connecting
the city was his birthright
like the current in the earth grounded him
the roaring trains
his adoring subjects

what a moment
brushing past a subterranean prince
glancing at granite jaw
his knowing smile
hands that could have carved a space
out of me.

i turned away as
to see the darkness of the tunnels
peering back at you on the platform
taunting you to jump
was not a commitment i could make.
Oskar Erikson Aug 28
as i went digging through the aisles
looking for my next haphazard meal
looking up from the sickly beige floor
two boys stood there smiling.

Brown floppy hair and freckled faces
the pair of them
greener eyes than the
basket at my feet
all lips and teeth grabbing themselves at the wrists.

to playfight in the pasta section is a pure
display of affection
to grin at another boy crouching down
like something famished
to learn that people can feed you
with nothing but love.
Oskar Erikson Aug 20
kiss me so the vines in my veins can snake out to hold you
Oskar Erikson Aug 18
i should have pleaded for a longer sentence
at least we’d be talking.
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