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Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
the way to numb the pain.
love is the novocaine,
the laughing gas,
the painkillers.
the mind melters
it takes your greatest aches and lets them disintegrate.
once love leaves, it decimates.
it decimates
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
the pouring of acid into my skull,
the song of searing sadness
burns in a boastful boisterous blaze.
lonely leeches lavish my love
removing roses and riches,
and turning treasures into terror.
echoing emptiness etches erratic thoughts
and cremates the cool calmness.
wander, worthless worms
and dare to drift into a daunting dream.
all alone.
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
I’m a traveler of
your moonlight smile,
your oak tree eyes,
your warm wind voice.

The flicker of midnight forests
that light up your gaze
and reflect off your face
leave me in a daze.

I’m an explorer of
your alternative personality,
your shoreline attitude,
your sour citrus punchlines.

The melting aroma of black licorice
surrounds your being
and drifts from your hair
makes me feel at home.

you are
not my
if only i had a home
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
my family is an impasse,
captivity for self-growth.
like a chick without a nest,
i refuse to catch flight,
and leave our inevitable

my home is deadlocked
a battalion of misguidance
and an army of adversaries.
i refuse to fight
and flee from our explorable

my brain is a stalemate
a seemingly premeditated homicide
with terrific envisions of the future.
i refuse to reunite
and save my mind from its inescapable
_ impasse _
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
chastisement towards myself
for every time i falter or stutter,
for every time i can’t control
my cauldron of sizzling insanity.
i reprimand everything i ***** up
everything that do.
rebuke fills my body
whenever i wake up,
whenever i continue my worthless existence.
whenever i continue live
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
the shorter the poem,
the clearer my mind
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
poetic promises,
metaphorical truths,
and hypothetical honesty.

the wordsmiths easiest task.
turning lies into agreements,
and unfaithfulness into oaths.

the most sacred souls,
become unknowing hosts
to manipulative malicious varmit,

once the host is broken,
the devilish parasite moves onto another,
leaving the purest of people

deleterious demons
rip angelic dansels
to shreds.
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