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Mahima khatun Jan 10
When I'm cold,
I need your warmth.
When I'm thirsty,
I need your kiss.
When I'm broken,
I need your soul.
When happy,
I need your laugh.
When I cry,
I need your shoulder.
All I ever need is you.
When I'm alive,
All I need is you.
Mahima khatun Apr 2021
A beautiful world
So many colors
Beautiful places
Nice people
Sweet hearts
Everywhere a sweet smell of love
Here people don't argue
Here people don't cheat
Here people don't lie
Here people don't fight
They don't listen to their mind
They always listen what theirs heart say
Here's a magic in the air
The magic of love
They give respect to others
They don't think before they fall in love
They always smile
They are always happy with what they have
They are thankful
They has clean mind and pure heart
They are helpful
They are worthy of happiness
They like to sing ,dance and laugh
They never hurt anyone
They are innocent
They are beautiful
They have beautiful heart
That's a beautiful world
And we aren't allowed to go there
Mahima khatun Mar 2021
Look outside,
It's a beautiful morning
The sun is shining so bright
Birds singing so sweet
Flowers blooming so beautiful
Butterflies flying so colorful.
Take a deep breath,
Put a smile on your face
Think how blessed you are.
You'll never have this day again.
Start this day with a new hope.
Leave every bad memories behind,
Live this day like its your last.
Make it incredible as far as you can
Smile, enjoy this least you can try.
And don't wait for a better tomorrow
Let's make a better today
Mahima khatun Mar 2021
She had a dream ,where she can fly ,where she can go anywhere
Where she can talk with nature, with beautiful nature
So she wrote a poetry on a red little diary.
She was broken, had a heavy heart
Her eye's were shining with the drops of tear
She were looking still beautiful
However she was going through the pain which is known by no one.
So she wrote a poetry on that red little diary.

She fell in love with a boy ,she got a new hope ,she got new dreams
She got a feeling of happiness and love was glowing on her face.
So she wrote a poetry, a poetry of love
On that red little diary.
She kissed by him,her heart was beating fast
He hold her hands,pulled her closer and took the taste of her lips
Her first love ,her first kiss.
So she wrote a poetry on that old little diary.

She got married, she got pregnant, she gave birth to a baby.
A baby girl, a sweet little beautiful baby girl,looks like an angel
So she wrote another poetry,a poetry of an angel,
You know it where,on that same old diary.
Her whole life was a poetry
Her happiness, sadness, dreams, hopes ,love
Her everything has written in poetry on a red little diary, isn't it .......?
Sometimes our life really seems like a poetry, it may not read by anyone or known by anyone.its just a poetry, sometimes happy and sometimes a sad one .............
Mahima khatun Mar 2021
It's a sweet melody, starts when you came
And this song will end with me ,beside your name❤
Mahima khatun Mar 2021
He's such a bother
Such a very mess
Has no work
The worsted one as.
He's hated
The most irritated
Who Care's
Even if he dies
Who Care's
If tears fall from his eye's.
He's nothing
Like a **** stone
Kicked from a road side
He's nothing
Like a **** owl
Hidden from the sun shine.
He's a prisoner
Has no rights
He's a prisoner
With a meaningless life.
Mahima khatun Mar 2021
Sometimes the only escape is to fall asleep ,,maybe for sometimes or for a lifetime
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