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Sam Feb 2
I don’t want to sugarcoat it
I don’t want to say it in a subtle way
I don’t want to drop any hints
In the future, I really hope I don’t have the urge to **** myself.
I don’t know if I need help or not.
Who is to tell my future.
atm I don’t think I’m suicidal
Sam Dec 2019
I don't think I'm enough for her
I don't think I meet her expectations
It's like walking a path blindfolded
I don't know where this is going and I don't even think I'm on the right path
I really just want to make her happy
And I will see again
Sam Dec 2019
I'd rather go nilhistic than numb because at least I'd get a thrill out of not caring

Slowly creeping up from toes to head
Decaying vessel, I am dead
Sam Dec 2019
In the morning, I wear my happy face
Applied like makeup to mask the truth
Sometimes I wear it to bed, for it helps me sleep
How can something so false provide so much comfort?
Behind my mask lies my true self
Like a deep cut; it's only healing is but a bandaid
Take off my mask, rip off my bandaid, wash away the makeup
But it hurts too much
In the morning I wear my happy face
Sam Nov 2019
Before life, we were souls waiting for a physical form to call our own

Shapeless phantoms floating about the universe, marveling at gaseous clouds

No mind, no body, all connected

The immortal soul bending and weaving through all of us attached

Before life, there was us
Just a guess :p
Sam Nov 2019
Is this the first stage to something great?
Or the first stage to a long, dark road
Am I waiting for a response to these questions
Or do I already know
Sam Nov 2019
Find what you are passionate about
Find what makes you happy
Life is what you make it
So make it a good one

Find your discovery of meaning
Find your addiction
Life is what you make it
So go out and get it
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