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Mr. Prevalent is struggling at the Corner of a speechless Wood

For  heaven's sake please stop bending on one Side
and please remember the Core of the Vertical Truth!

Convexity Chest with no radial Volition
stiffened Guts with no Oxygen Refrain
pointed Needles with no Mercy of Return

'Cause I do not share but I oppress
'Cause I do not gather but I  ravage
'Cause I do not ask but I order.

Full Turn to the right, half Nod to the left, asymmetrical Politic of unilateral Thoughts

But please Mr. Prevalent do not plead for your guilty Needs
and do not cheat for the million Seeds, you will never meet !

' Cause Mistakes do not fly away
' Cause Justice does not accept delay
'Cause Love will not obey
The more comfortable you feel,
the less Space you need
kelsang Metog Dec 2019
What if a Stone could silent a War

What if a Mother's Call could break a Wall

What if a Mankind Prayer would amend unfaithful Gods

What if a Building's Roof would kiss an unpaved Floor

What if I could recycle my Breath

                                                  - FOREVER -
kelsang Metog Nov 2019
I tread It down

I let It spread into my Body

through insisting Pathways of soundless Carving

towards empty Spaces of Self-rewarding

Please roll the Blanket back, but let me step Ahead
kelsang Metog Nov 2019
mostly Light, sometimes Strong

bridging the edge of the Up/Down world

lying on her shining Wall

Floating in the Breath of a rounded Space

because she is........

mostly Light, sometimes Strong

— The End —