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Tuana Jul 2016
I think of Istanbul
Diary recalls beautiful memories
May peace prevail

I feel for Istanbul
breathe in a cup of cay
May happiness spread

Istanbul Magic
how many times it warmed me
My hope is with you
Tuana May 2016
old postcard:
failed to travel
preserves my feelings
  Apr 2016 Tuana
Soph T
The time will come,
When with hardship,
You will prevail.
At your lowest point,
you'll stand up.
And each will look at you,
And admire you.

You will not give up.
Try harder, be stronger, act tougher.
Whatever happens to you,
In your heart,
Things will get better.
Who knows,
Maybe it will be as if it never happened.

Take down the fear,
The pain,
The strife.
Show your true self.
You'll make it through.
There's always a rainbow after rain.
Tuana Apr 2016
melting my secret
inside of me
  Apr 2016 Tuana
I'm learning

learning to be free
learning to love myself
learning to live

I'm living

living my life
living without you
living with love

I'm loving

loving my life
loving myself
loving you
The last few months have been tough but I am learning, living and loving!  I am accepting my mistakes, my choices and beginning my life again
Tuana Apr 2016
I hear the wave
to discover one
beneath my skin
Tuana Apr 2016
self introduction:
trying to remember
who I was
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