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T daniels Apr 2020
The old landmarks
turned hazel and brittle,
in air, pollen and grasshoppers
the color of corn.

My fire dies tonight
and emmbers rise
touching eastern crowns,
as ragged men sleep on ground.

we speak in whispers-
as moonlight flows,
the shifting darkness
a web and crow.
T daniels Feb 2020
Trembling at soft sounds,
only the white gull,
only the demolished fragrant woodland;
there! in my electric mirror.

Midwinter storms sweep away thy own path.
straw mats with angel faced eyes the color Danube,
marble cliffs and multicolored flowers,
a dream within a somnium.

My dear,
hide those salty tears;
for he who holds the earth upright is hidden
and the vibration you feel
have no human traces.
T daniels Feb 2020
The sun is now behind trees
and the trees hide behind the powerlines.

My tree, small as it might be still blooms each spring.
I have only ghost who listen to my shoulder pain,
men dont cry but purchase graves.
T daniels Oct 2019
He had a romantic curiosity
being simple as summers on the farm.
innocence with this pathological fear of loneliness;
living under the weight of imperial iron.

The pulse of time eats at his sullen heart,
pregnant with the city
that comes alive
in the dark.

lower latitudes
and winter nights,
heavenwide a spark of light.

He can still see his mother
stuck in the foothills,
she had safe-passage tonight
and he was meant to remember
T daniels Oct 2019
Let blossoms calm my nervous hands
Let clouds divide the sky,
oh angel,
heal this mans waking mind.

Let the cows graze
as the dogs bark and howl,
Let his poems rise again
and make them smile.

Let the woodland vistas
shine in ease,
as the valleys below
echo in peace.
T daniels Oct 2019
My soul changing into god,
i know of gravitys authority,
a black hole, paradise.

All worlds end.
all here still spontaeous,
raident eletrons going inward,
I urge you.

The kings seat
remains empty-
the first voice with intention,
graced us a milennia ago
T daniels Oct 2019
Going back home.
the terminal funneling me forward.

fleeting days,
flat land like a mosaic.

the unalterable effigy following,
together toward frozen new england lakes,

at days end where the sea
meets the river,
you shall find me
singing the december snow.
i get this feeling while waiting in that lonely bus station.
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