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Try Dec 2018
short and sweet,
same way i like my ladies,
is how i like my poetry,
it's a treat,
delightful and filling,
far from over whelming,
as we are already 5 rounds in,
preposterous to think of us together,
i am just not into long term,
nor into a long strung out read,
i need room to breath,
to remain feeling free,
not locked down,
becoming a light that slowly dims,
gotta fly free,
shine brightly,
tomorrow is not for certain,
gotta go all in,
for one night,
could be the night i am waiting for,
tho another day is another day,
stuck at the Drop In Center,
been at my Cross Roads,
for quite some time now,
still not sure which way to go tho,
its quite the weight on my chest,
more overwhelming then any mistress,
that i distrust getting caught being mischievous,
her chalice has yet to be balanced,
her charm wont keep her safe from Karma s wrath,
my trash bin is over flowing with lengthy writings,
phone numbers of old conquests,
my soul is consistently flowing Like Water,
short and sweet,
like the girls i had over last night,
they always got the biggest impact,
but you gotta choose your words wisely,
to take Control of the flow,
the audience reads it in.

© Try
short and sweet, are always very enjoyable reads,
overly long are tiresome,
then you get a medium and it can be quite interesting and captivating.
tho i enjoy mine short and sweet
  Dec 2018 Try
Jessica Stull
Fire, ice, spit, crackle, break into slice
Crimson, spirited scented perfumes
Aching fury, lonesome soul
Thou shalt know the torment raging below
Redolent though, the remindful memories we hold
©Jessica Stull
Most of my thoughts Brew in the captivity  of the workplace
  Dec 2018 Try
Dont talk to strangers
Broke my wings
So I couldn’t


So I stole his soul
So he couldn’t

Try Dec 2018
Am I asleep or wide awake
Everything seems to just blend
Am I nearing the end
Or a new beginning
Am I at my limit
Or is life truly limitless
This reality I cannot digest
Everything seems to penetrate
The Kevlar vest upon my chest
Only a tattered piece of equipment is left
Still breathing, deeply sleeping
As I take my next step
Towards a goal with in the unknown
is this where I find myself
The same place I lost myself

© Try
Try Dec 2018
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No time to stall out now,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Can not let the demons win,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
Every day is another day I gotta win,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Every moves gotta be precise,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No room for a single mistake,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
For today could be my final day,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No time to stall out now,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
The demons are coming full force,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
The darkness is coming for me,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Tho my light shall shine on thru,
Gotta go all out ,
Gotta go all in,
I will stand victorious!
Each day is not an easy one when facing depression suicidal thoughts tho we all gotta push on thru to the next day your dreams are worth fighting for don’t let your depression take that from you.
Try Dec 2018
as i read the words you write,
they feel like waves of emotions,
dancing across the page,
waves crashing into my shore,
craving more to wash up onto my shore,
it reaches deep into my core,
pulling tears from my eyes,
everything you write is so deep,
like the oceans in which we lose ourselves,
so continue to flow so freely,
let your pen dance freely along the pages,
equal to how you dance so freely in the mirror,
for every word you write digs deeper and deeper into me.
                                                 © Try
I've been reading some one who is new here, writings and i have been quite moved so this writing is a shout out to them, the Writer i am talking about is Jessica Stull.
her writings are very moving, you can honestly feel very emotion she is portraying in her writings, every line feels like a new wave crashing into you, yet the way she writes its like shes dancing on the page it self.
  Dec 2018 Try
Jessica Stull
Though today may be not sunny
I feel sunshine in my heart
I feel the sun and her warmth
As if only the sun gods could reach my heart today
Sending me many blessings though through small tokens and gestures from dawn of day
These clouds bear witness to how their mighty tricks and plots to scheme irony
Blocking though they may be my blessed sun from me
I see her shining freely lighting her way through the mighty fog of dismal days
©Jessica Stull
When I miss the sun, I try to remember she’s still there
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