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Aug 2018 · 542
Just a memory
Troy Aug 2018
As I gazed upon you standing on the deck ..the evening sun, setting casting your  Shadow till it steals your gaze from me. As the sun sets, now all  I see is your beautiful  Silhouette,walking towards me..
Jul 2018 · 398
I remember
Troy Jul 2018
Your lips so soft.
Your touch so soft.
Your eyes gazing softly.
Some things are intangible.
Jul 2018 · 5.4k
I see you
Troy Jul 2018
I see this beautiful mask that you wear.
and I see your fear of letting someone in...
I see such strength in you..
The tenderness in your eyes.
The kindness in your soft kiss...
I see the deeper beauty in you ....

I see every curve on your beautiful face.
I see where your teardrops filled with love and pain fall from your cheeks ....

the Gentle curves that guide some tears to your lips...
I see where every Tear helped make you this beautiful person you are..

I see you when you smile...

I see the kindness and love behind your smile ...
I feel the kindness and love in your gentle soft touch so soft..

I see through your beautiful blue eyes
I see through the mask you use to hide behind...
And Cheryl Percey I see the woman in front of me ..

I see what others have failed to see..

My eyes are wide open and

I see clearly the beauty in front of me...
Feb 2018 · 217
What is in a kiss
Troy Feb 2018
what is a kiss
What is this thing that brings to lips together
It stirs emotions deep in the soul.

I kiss you because I love
  I kiss you because Of my loathing for you
I kiss you because I care for you
I kiss you because you are gone
I kiss you because you are here
I kiss you because you are kind
I kiss you because I can
I kiss you because you draw me near.

what is this thing this kiss I cannot hold in my hand
something I cannot put to pen.

What is in a kiss
It can cost you your very soul and last only a moment in time.

Others will cost you nothing yet
last you a lifetime
I'm told.

Some will bring you happiness yet
some torture you throughout an Eternity.

Some will be forgotten never to be again
And yet some like the first can never be free from

What is this power that lies beneath A kiss so gentle and soft yet bearing on every press

What is A kiss that binds contracts Of love

And some leave you wanting

But yet it tears the heart from a lover as death takes the other With only One last kiss to give.

And What of a mother and her child who has scraped their knee
with a kiss upon the wound the pain is set free.

What is this power this thing a kiss

If Alone in this world without it
I tell you truthfully
it is the only thing you will miss
The gentleness
This thing
Feb 2018 · 418
Troy Feb 2018
Some things I can't unsee

A  Moment of times

The love I lost
The  Beauty in
My dreams

This thing
The beast that builds
In me

The guilt of your loss,
A Loss made by my

Some things I can't unsee

Time and time again
I wish it was me

You come to me in my dreams
As  Beautiful as I've ever seen
I'm Haunted
by what can never be

I beg you set me free

My love
That night
I beg you

This moment in time haunts
my dreams

Some things I can't unsee

My love
It should have been
Feb 2018 · 4.2k
Cruel color.
Troy Feb 2018
All i feel is time passing.
Just Moments ..
Blurred images..
Of my life..
Where did it go.  
Im Lost in a sea
Of  Turquois dream,
Waiting drowning
In its Color
Hopeless against it's
I'm constantly being
Pulled against the tide
Swimming to stay alive,,
My mind is not my own.
Like most
My heart ripped and torn.
In my
Moments of  Clarity
I See the beautifully  Cruel
Sculpted hand of God
In everything.
As I drift alone in my turquoise dream
Jan 2018 · 236
Love for a poet
Troy Jan 2018
Why is love for someone with a heart so hard to find.
Why do those with kindness
Always get used
And abused,
Where is love for the  Compassionate poet,
As we write about our broken hearts and those who have stolen it,
When do we get to be loved,
I call out for my love
Come to me
Take my heart
Set me
I am broken but it's your love that
Will heal me.
I just want to be loved
And it seems
I will never be.
Jan 2018 · 152
Where are you
Troy Jan 2018
My Words are like Petals on the Wind

When will you reach out and touch my soul,
And hold my hand.
all I get is
Cold winds.
Where are you my friend..
Time stands still,
I have something to say
Like petals on the wind
I see
My words float away
Jan 2018 · 2.3k
New god's
Troy Jan 2018
Welcome to the new age .
Where your new god is your T.V.
Like mindless blobs
You sit
Fixed on the  Misery of others
As its
Teaching our young to hate.
     Kneel down
Give praise to your new god
The TV.
as the news spreads hate and fear.
It's all washed in lies.
Come people stand in line .
It's black Friday
As you punch and trample over
Your mother  
For the low price
On your god the TV
Your kids are brain washed
Taught to hate
And taught to live in fear.
Your God in an instant spreads lies to the masses.
As you sit Hypnotize
Listing to lies.

People turn off your god
get up off your sofa and go out side
There's a beautiful world out there
Full of amazement and wonder
Listin to the river flowing
The birds singing
Smell the roses
In the soft wind blowing
Listing to the Laughter of the kids playing.
Remember when this was you.
Turn off your TV
Go out side
Be amazed
It's a
Beautiful world just
Open your eyes
Love cost nothing
And hurts no one.
Turn off your
Jan 2018 · 1.5k
Not forgotten
Troy Jan 2018
I'm alone in a world I don't understand.
Politicians line their pockets with the graves of our young women and men.
When will it all
My brother a  
Marine lies in a grave
As the rain washes it away
Just a number
Another body
For the politicians to line their pockets with.

A simple fact.

not one remembers
His name.
Jan 2018 · 103
Why care
Troy Jan 2018
Another years passed
and nothing has changed
people killing people and no one finds this strange.
What have we become when our kids fear their protectors.
It's no longer
A  Circle of life but
I circle of death
Over and over again.
The same old thing
We hide in our homes
Behind  Our television sets
Propaganda pasted across our
Another year has passed
As hate breeds hate
as our children  Silently scream.
Our lives go on
Without a  Purpose Or any direction.
We are quick to point the finger
But who's really too
Jan 2018 · 5.8k
Troy Jan 2018
A beauty to  Be had
His body with its chiseled curves His large hands
As I gazed upon him
I noticed his perfect form
And his very chiseled abs
Not a blemish to be had
As I touched his pale white body
So smooth
Almost soft to be exact
His hair so full and curls
A plenty
Who is this beautiful man
With perfect form
A work of art to be adored
Timeless in his form.
His name is
By  Michael Angelo.
One of the most stunning works of art j have ever seen...
Michael Angelo's sculpture of David is a must see..
Jan 2018 · 136
Troy Jan 2018
If I die
would I remember you at all
Do you remember me
Or is death the end of it all.
Life is so beautiful
And full
With your memories
In it
Even sad at times.
I would rather live with sad
Than die with no memorys of you.
Without my memories of you
I am truly
Jan 2018 · 155
Troy Jan 2018
Sometimes as i walk down life's road, and
You see my painted smile, it helps
Those tears inside, and sometimes
I cry.
Behind my smile sometimes..
lover lost a love that's gone.
I walk alone, with this painted smile
Up on my face.
Sometimes when I'm alone
And my smile is gone
I cry and
I think of you.
Even in death love does not rest.
Jan 2018 · 98
Rainy day
Troy Jan 2018
Oh how  I love the rain.. The thunder the lightning how I feel its pain. I hear it in the distance  
Flash! Bang!
Tears from heaven .
how I love the rain.
Jan 2018 · 159
Troy Jan 2018
it cost nothing, it is freely given and it is easily felt.
It transcends time and  Space,  

Love is like a faucet that can't  be turned off. Nor can it be erased. But it does grow , it has a life force all it's own.

It  Stirs are very soul.. It can make you  Laugh can make you Cry..

For love nations have gone to war.

Love need not be spoken and yet  it can be felt,.
through the touch of a hand ,
the look in your eyes.
And the tenderness of a kiss .

A simple  Gesture of kindness is all it takes.
If only this remember,,

love can't be faked.
A poem for my niece
Thank you for you kindness
Jan 2018 · 285
Troy Jan 2018
As we walked and spoke on that sunny day.
We talked about the things we loved,
the Lovers we once had,

we spoke of the wars he had Fought. And His battles with life.

when his face turned sad and he asked. have you heard from my son..
I miss him really bad.
I never see him anymore do you know where he's at.
we use to go fishing,
and I really miss that .. do you think he's mad.
He's all grown up now
It's been so long ..I can't remember his face.
do you know where he's at.
As the tears rolled down my face
I said yes,
I know where he's at
And no dad
I'm not mad..
It's so sad when your love ones have this..
They see you but cant remember
Who you are..breaks my heart..
Dec 2017 · 174
Just a thought
Troy Dec 2017
We love we hate we fear.
All hearts at one time are shattered to pieces .we hold close and dear some of these pieces from our life .they're what make us who we are there what causes us to fight.
Without this pain are we truly alive
Just  Emotionless ghost passing in time
Dec 2017 · 406
The vampires
Troy Dec 2017
I saw the vampires last night ...
Racing out ,
out into the midnight air..

I saw them last night under the Moonlight ..
Moonlight so bright  it pierced the mist of the night..

Darkness surrounds
There pale white skin so pale it shines with luster against the darkness,  and lacks any signs of life ..

The fast chatter from there lips I hear them speak ...
but  can't  understand..

just a faded shaded image blurring against the darkened painted pallet of nights life ...

As I hide in the shadows...
Hoping they not  see..

I saw the vampires
Come out last night.
Just hollowed shells of memories past.
They are Not the same people
Just blurred images
That Speak fast .

I saw the vampires come out last
After being gone from my home town for over 20years I come home to find most of the people i new back then. now on drugs like ****..
This is how I saw them ..
It broke my heart to see what this drug does to people..
Dec 2017 · 731
Stand tall
Troy Dec 2017
Stand Tall walk straight young man..
life's Road is long and hard ..enjoy these moments good and bad take them all in..
let them shape you and mould you a man of integrity.
When you stumble on lifes road....
Stand tall young man ....
Remember we all fall...
And I will be there to lift you up and dust you off.
  stand tall young man ...
Seek to be a man of
Integrity that never bends..
Stand tall young man and remember your dad loves you. always
Stand tall son ..
For my son's
I love you always
Dec 2017 · 355
I write
Troy Dec 2017
I write because you do not see..

those things I feel, those things inside of me..
I write because you cannot hear ..
the voices the ones I hear..

I wright because my heart has been freed..
I write because of the love i have for thee.

I write because I want you to see Me...
i write because you can not see...
Dec 2017 · 127
To Poe
Troy Dec 2017
In these moments of spoken verse..
I feel it less my nightly curse..
the pool of silence the call of death.
The tap, tap, and the Ravens breath.
Do you hear me Poe!!..
as I  lay me down to rest ..that knocking that tapping and the sound of the ravens breath ..
My ode to Edgar allen Poe.
One of my favorite writers.
When I write it seems my nightmares come less.. his poems have gotten me through a lot..
Dec 2017 · 53
Troy Dec 2017
The greatest illusion.
True love ..
Dec 2017 · 68
I see you
Troy Dec 2017
I saw you though my eyes were closed the smell of Jasmine and Honeysuckle Rose...
the sweet mist of the Desert Air I saw you though  you were not there....
the laughter in your voice  I hear it so clear .
I heard you but you were not there ...
I felt your soft kiss upon my lips like petals from a rose.
You spoke to me,, soft and slow.
I open my eyes but you where not there..
I closed my eyes again but you were not there..
Dec 2017 · 62
Behind my Lens
Troy Dec 2017
I  say it's like we are all shooting a movie of our life ...we are the camera person recording every thing through our view one sees what we do and the final cut has yet to be played out ..
our perception is our own View through the lens.  No one else sees the world as you do... perception is relative two your view of events. ..........
sometimes when it rains and the sun is out I see the colors of the suns  rays bouncing off the drops of rain, showering down a beautiful rainbow of colored rain..
If only for a moment I am amazed  at how beautiful life really is from behind my lens.
Dec 2017 · 57
The Darker side
Troy Dec 2017
you take the hearts and minds of that which I hold dear, and twist it with your hate and fear..
yes that love that innocence ..
and you tell your twisted lies ..
You twist it till it is darkened by you own guilt From your sins .

That  hate, that  fear of your sins you cannot escape. Your heart which breaks from your very mistakes,
your soul that darkens with ever light of day.

You hurt those I hold dear with your twisted lies and thoughts .you press this pain against my soul ..

hoping I will fall.
Not knowing it only builds my strength and fuels the very fire you try to extinguish.

I do not fear mortal men, i do not fear death after all it awaits us all..
I do not fear you or your sins..those are your demons that call to you in the night and wrestle with in the daylight.

I feel no pain of the flesh..  death is part of life.and comes to us all .I will welcome it when my time has arrived..
you think you know hora,pain and fear. Let me show you true pain of living

You have not known Hora till I have shown it to you ..and I shall, show it to you .
You have not felt pain till I have presented it to you on a chain ,with every link a moment you have taken from me ..
These things you have done to me I shall return 100 fold.I shall take your brightness day and make it your darkest night.
you will beg death to come for you. But I will not let it.

.I will take all from you that which you love and hold dear the very thing which you have done to me.
In a flash it will all disappear.

when you are standing among the Graves alone in this world.
.look back to this time and know ,it was your sins that brought you here. For they will never be forgiven and
shall never be for gotten.
. you will for ever be alone.
.if it's Hora you seek and pain you deal.
Just remember what you have done to me and a 100 fold I shall return to thee.
you will beg for death before your time comes,

To see true darkness you only need close you eyes and look in side and
remember it was you who drew first blood.
But It will be me who sees the last drop fall.
That knocking at your door is death calling once more..
Dec 2017 · 458
Behind these eyes
Troy Dec 2017
were i a beast..
waiting to snap.. a Jekyll and Hyde. They say ...Look ....look his eyes see the monster in side ...
quick get a stick....
poke him some more....
surely the monster will show...
Cage him and poke him ....
look at his eyes.....
see the monster inside...
What beast can shed a tear and cry.
Beast have no feelings so those tears are a lie ...
Look ....look.... see the tear in his eye..
This poem is about people who push, poke and tease others trying to make them mad or upset
Till they have had enough then decided fight back
Dec 2017 · 141
Passing in a dream
Troy Dec 2017
I saw you again last night passing in my dreams Whispering how much you love me with that gazing stare your skin so soft your lips so sweet two lovers lying cheek to cheek..its you in my dreams.......
memories like a waterfall

i wake to the sound of a scream
The taste of sweat on my lips .
It was your name i heard, and It was me screaming it.
Forever and always my love.
Dec 2017 · 160
Troy Dec 2017
If you ***** us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?". - (Act III, Scene I).

This above all: to thine own self be true". - (Act I, Scene III)
I will speak daggers to her, but use none". - (Act III, Scene I
All the world 's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts" - (Act II, Scene VII).
The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool". - (Act V, Scene I)
.Now is the winter of our discontent". - (Act I, Scene I)
Having nothing, nothing can he lose".- (Act III, Scene III).
"I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for birds to peck at". - (Act I, Scene I).

"Men of few words are the best men" . -
I was playing around while reading and got an idea to do this .. if you take away what scene and act it is .. then read it ..
Dec 2017 · 103
My little narcissist
Troy Dec 2017
after I trusted you And finally gave it to you.
You broke it.. my heart .
you pulled and pushed me till I was in pieces .
Then you complained that I was broken... but you forgot to tell the truth .
That it was you breaking me..
My little
Dec 2017 · 59
The sea
Troy Dec 2017
Like the rain that fills the rivers that flow to the sea ..we flow through life ever changing

Stopping on its shores..
if only for a moment ..
Dec 2017 · 63
Troy Dec 2017
Can't sleep the rain is nice .
Cars passing 4th floor window is open
A couple is drunk laughing as they fumble for their keys..the rain is nice
Dec 2017 · 48
Troy Dec 2017
I was broken and i stumbled  and i fell, all was taken in in a whisper, a moment in time never forgotten.
Only a story to tell...
Like a Phoenix born of the flames I rise above it to be released.
My life is new again in time the pain will end and memory's will cease.
life is strange that way. What more can I say .
take it all I will not fall.
my past you can have..
.I'm picking up the pieces from a broken mold..
tossing them in the flames to be reborn..
I choose a life I make for my self
And leave the shatterd pieces of my past to melt.
I am reborn stronger than before ..
amazed at my new world.
Eyes wide open, and the future knocking at my door....
I was broken once but not any more ..I choose me..
as I walk through life's  door.
My past is not my future.
.. I will not walk alone...
the world is new and beautiful without you in it .....

remember me ..

I shall not stumble I will not fall.
I spread my wings and soar above it all ..
in the end I choose not to be filled with hate .
I have stumbled and I have fell.
In the end love prevails...
Dec 2017 · 705
Our mask
Troy Dec 2017
Behind this smile, the mask I wear. Hides the scars where tears once fell..weighing me down i was drowning in a sea of pain...
.in the darkness Id hide my shame the tears, the pain ..
there was a time the mask had fell...
the tears and pain she saw .I thought had made me weak ..
she saw me that day tears and all...she sat with me as the last would fall...
she looked deep into my eyes with compassion to my surprise..
she saw me then a broken man. Though she did not know me she took my hand..
she stood by my side ..this angel bearing all watched me die inside ..
.her kindness and love i will never forget, her eyes so full of innocence.
This angel who knows me not...
sees me without my mask ..
she does not judge me but loves me as I am...
Friends Forever and always ,jazmin thank you..
Dec 2017 · 537
Dancer on the sand
Troy Dec 2017
Oh thy paradise of fear fraught with lasting woe,
did I request thee maker of clay to mould me man,

that i would know passion and love and hate by thy hands.

Only to stand against thy Hora,thy manipulation, as you tortured my soul..

demons in your shadows locked behind your doors,
we all have ours..

The fear of being broken and cracked , oh maker of clay...

Even in your cold  paradise so too is fear that waits..

Lost forever i might have been..

it was her light that saved me from your muse that dances on the sand..

— The End —