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 Aug 2020 Michael
Misty Eyed
My heart
Has moved on
Once already.

My heart
Must move on
Once more.

My heart
Aches for you,
But cannot go back
To what it moved on from.

I will never forget us.
 Aug 2020 Michael
Misty Eyed
 Aug 2020 Michael
Misty Eyed
What am I,
When you don’t look at me?

What am I,
When you stare straight through me?

What am I,
When you turn away from me?

I am a sigh,
A tear,
A shout,
Away from being nothing.

 Aug 2020 Michael
 Aug 2020 Michael
Absolute silence
Has a purity like gold
But is much rarer
I was woken up by chickens
 Aug 2020 Michael
Misty Eyed
 Aug 2020 Michael
Misty Eyed
There is
No timetable
For grief.
It comes.
It goes.
No rhyme.
No reason.

 Aug 2020 Michael
 Aug 2020 Michael
it was flashes of light
rebounding off of the various mirrors
blinding me, and making me reach towards you.
you were a tall sunflower,
guiding me through the messy roads
mixing your bright pigment with my navy blue
and creating a safe harbour—
a world of colour I never knew.
and we were together in harmony
 Aug 2020 Michael
 Aug 2020 Michael
it's been some time since you've realized
green was just not for you.
yet we've been mixed together for so long,
you don’t know if you'd rather let me go.

we were beautiful, you and I.

but I've realized that I've always been blue
and your yellow was always just for you.
so just like this our green fades away-
but just as I am blue, I'll never forget you.
our green turned to jealousy and I slowly faded back to blue. and that's okay.

part 3 (final)
 Jul 2020 Michael
 Jul 2020 Michael
your love will not wither
for your soul
emanates warmth
and a little bit of drizzle.
memoirs never cease
to tickle every bit of me —
for you are the goddess
i adore and worship;
and i would never dare
 Jul 2020 Michael
Imran Islam
Today, in this heavy monsoon rain
I've walked with you in the green grove,
In solitude,
I couldn't restrain my gaze
from your walking in the rain.

The monsoon rain has touched
upon your beautiful face
How do I tie my drunk mind
after looking into your rainy eyes
I've lost myself in monsoon floods.

Your clothes have soaked
and eye polish has washed
In these heavy monsoon rains
You're walking along a long path
What's wrong if I follow your steps!

Stop monsoon rain, please!
My darling has wet through
and she's melting with shyness
Maybe there's still a long way to go
and my happiness is to win her heart!
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