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You begin to wonder who you're talking to when the ghosts wander through you and it feels like it's you that doesn't exist,
their echoes persist in reminding me of words that I may have missed.

Reading Troilus and Criseyde but only because I need a distraction,

Chaucer 1 .... Shakespeare 0
the match goes on.
  Jul 2022 Traveler
Zara rain
All those little trinkets,
bracelets, rings and even a boombox,
that he had others bring to me,
They were all stolen goods that vexed people would come and claim back time after time.
I never had the heart to tell him to stop.
He reminded me too much of a stray cat who’d finally found a temporary home,
where he would bring tributes to
his mistress feet.

When I asked him what he was doing sleeping outside
my front door.
He blushed and mumbled,
that he would protect me from bad guys who could break in
and steal me away.
How crazy and scary of a notion was that?
And yet....
He made me think of a dancing bear who finally could scent freedom without chains.

The day
when they came to take him away.
I tried to tell them that he would never hurt me.
That he merely collected broken shards of scattered treasures
that deep inside him spoke about who he really was,
before the drugs castrated his future self.
When going through the rubble he left behind,
I found the glimmer of a hauberk
forged for an Avalonian knight.
I'm a "soul whisperer" meaning that I'd rather speak with people whom I can identify some kind of sincerity from. Some broken spirits I have met in life, I do strongly believe they were the voices of Heaven.
Traveler Jul 2022
I was turned on by a Toaster, she tanned my bread to gold
In time she ejected me, it was her natural Toaster role...
I fell for her sister, a Deep Fryer in despair, my lust began to boil
I had to come up for some air...
I ran off with a Can Opener, she could even sharpen knives,
She opened up a can of *** whip, she could never be my wife!
I met a **** Freezer, but her heart was cold as ice, I was bitten by her frosty ways
Once bitten, never twice...
I made my way across the tile to an Oven quite unique
All her features were well displayed, on this EZ Baking Freak!
She cooked me on the surface, yet burnt me deep within
I guess my culinary skills were lacking in the end...
So now I date a Spatula safely from the heat
She flips a mean burger and french fries by the heap!
Truth is I'm a Poet
Who simply likes to eat!
  Jun 2022 Traveler
Maria Mitea
it is the smallest thing on earth

smaller than an ant or a louse,
smaller than a fungus,
so small that when it passes by you can't see it,
you can't feel it, because it's the tiniest thing on earth hiding sometimes in a tear, othertimes in an outstretched hand,

we want her for us, but she's always by our side,
with the mastery of the philosopher, it leads us by the nose to where considers,
lures us like a gravedigger disguised in a goddess,
it does not fall on your lap, not even in  your mouth like a riped pear,
because it is the most ordinary thing on earth hidden in your warmth,

we all run after her like after a  bridal veil blown by the wind
Traveler Apr 2022
Oh hear me now
dear world at odds…
Bare witness individual ethnic mobs…
Take my words both mythic and literal,
your walls of Eden are hardly impenetrable
Open up your heart my long lost friends,
give peace and love a new way in…
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